300+ Guest Posting Sites (Free and Paid)
Use the following guest posting sites to amp up your online authority.

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300+ Guest Posting Sites (Free and Paid)

Guest posting is an important way to build a solid online presence. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. Finding guest posting sites is an often long, drawn out process that takes months, even years to pay off. And that’s okay!

What about website authority?

The process is simply about setting yourself or your brand up for SEO success! In order to rank higher on search engines, you need what’s called “website authority”. A site’s authority is determined by a lot of factors, but one of the most important is how many other sites cite you as an authority on specific topics relevant to your field.

Basically if enough sites direct to yours, search engines rank you higher because of your site’s authority on specific topics. Therefore, you must ensure the content you create for guest posting is of the same if not higher quality than your own site. You want to ensure that the site’s you guest post for are impressed.

Now, not every site is going to be applicable for you to guest post on, but there are many that are. And some sites are general enough to where guest posts can be on any number of topics and be applicable to the site.

Paying the piper

A word on the financial part of guest posting. Some sites publish guest posts for free, others prefer a link exchange between sites, and some sites charge a fee to publish guest posts. You’re going to want to decide on whether and how much money you want to put into guest posting.

If your site already ranks pretty well and you find guest posting sites that are in your field that publish for free – go ahead and do that. Paid guest posting isn’t always better. Sometimes the free sites just win out.

And finally, a couple words of caution. Make sure to follow guest posting guidelines if a site has them, never exchange money before your guest post is actually posted, and make sure that both you and the other site understand any financial obligation clearly.

Some, not all, sites allow you to go through the entire process of guest posting without mentioning the financial obligation. Then, when the post is published, they’ll send you an invoice. Obviously, this type of behavior is extremely shady. So, just make sure that everyone is on the same page from the get-go.

500+ Guest posting sites


1) Sites are listed in no particular order other than free and paid. 

2) Since SEO changes periodically for each site, go ahead and use a website authority tracker tool to check where a site is at to ensure the site is still worth your time to guest post on. There are countless of these all over the internet. 

3) All sites listed are for your perusal, we don’t have partnerships with sites. 

4) TextSanity is not liable for any information on the following sites or your interactions with them.

Free guest posting sites

Paid guest posting sites

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