10DLC, otherwise known as 10 digit long code phone number, is probably your best option for text message marketing. Learn more about 10DLC and how you can get one today!

Types of short codes 10 DLC is built-in to your TextSanity account

There are two types of short codes in the text marketing industry – shared and dedicated. Shared short codes are shared by many companies. Dedicated short codes are only approved for one company or organization to use. Short codes are set up to send texts (called traffic) to hundreds of thousands of customers multiple times a day. Meaning their “message send rate” is extremely high. 

Choose a 10DLC or Toll-free number instead

If you’re looking for a memorable number for your customers to text and planning on sending hundreds or thousands of texts per month, a 10DLC or a toll-free number are a much better option for you since they’re less expensive and send rate is unaffected. 

Our page on 10DLC numbers

Our page on Toll-free numbers

TextSanity only supports dedicated short codes and here’s why

Over the past few years, the majority of the major US cellular carriers have stopped traffic on shared short codes. Why? Because shared short codes are, unfortunately, extremely vulnerable to spam. For example, if just one company, out of the hundreds that may use a shared short code, spams customers, the carriers shut the shared short code down at the expense of all the other companies who were using the shared short code to protect their customers. 

How to get a dedicated short code for your business

Still think a short code is right for you?

The following steps will guide you through purchasing, completing the application process, and finally sending texts using your dedicated short code. 

1. Set up a TextSanity account.

Register for an account by going to app.textsanity.com/register. Choose your plan level and a toll-free phone number. Toll-free phone numbers incur a charge of $5 per month.

2. Rent your short code through The National Short Code Registry.

The cost to rent a short code is $500-1000 a month depending on the type of code choose. Pay your first payment to the Short Code Registry and send your receipt to us.

3. Contact our sales team to get your application started.

Once we receive your receipt for your short code rental, we will bill you a one-time $1200 fee. Once paid, we will submit an application to each of the US cellular carriers so you can send messages on your short code.

A note on applications: Each US cellular carrier has different requirements and application process for approving dedicated short codes, therefore the time from application submission to approval varies widely. The average time for approval through all carriers is 2-8 months depending on the type of business. Essentially the carriers want to determine if you or your business is reputable and if you are at risk for sending spam using your dedicated short code. 

4. Connect your dedicated short code to your TextSanity account.

Once your short code is secured and applications approved, our team will connect your short code to your existing TextSanity account.

To talk to our customer service team about setting up a dedicated short code, text CONTACT to 505-305-1113 or

call (702) 209-0209.