Drip Campaigns


A text message drip campaign is a great way to keep someone engaged with your brand. Drip Campaigns Overview are easy to set up and use in our text marketing platform. To start, you will first go to the ”More Tools” link on the top menu and select Drip Campaigns from the drop down menu. Click the “+ New Drip” button on the top right. Name your campaign and click “Create”

Next you will simply start adding messages to the campaign by clicking the “+ Message” button on the top right. Each message has a name for your reference. You can populate the message with a template if you have created any, or you can just type one out. Add attachments or links as needed.

Next you will set the timing for this message. The first message in the campaign will go out however many days you specify after the triggering event that starts the campaign. You also need to set a time of day you want the message delivered. You can keep going and add an infinite number of drips to a campaign. Please note that the timing that you set for each message is relative to the message that is sent prior to it.

Drip campaigns can be triggered to a contact in several places. The main place is when someone engages one of your keyword campaigns. You can also trigger a drip campaign to a contact or remove one from the Personal Details page of a contact. You can also select a group of contacts and add or remove a drip campaign to them in bulk. Please note that drip campaigns will only activate on contacts that you opted in.

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