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Take advantage of a great way to collect subscriptions, donations, or item payments without the hassle of setting up or directing customers to another payment processor using TextSanity’s payment processor.

Connect your

payout account

Navigate to “More Tools” at the top of the main menu options. Click the drop down menu and select “Payments”. This will automatically open the payment feature of TextSanity.

Once you’re in the payment feature, click “Create Account”. This will take you to the setup page, you’ll need to fill out a few details so you can start getting paid. You’ll be asked to provide a number, which we will text to verify the account. Then, you’ll enter your email. You can provide the same email address as your TextSanity account or another email address if needed.

Once your phone number is verified, you’ll be asked to answer some questions that will give us a bit more information about your business. After completion, you’ll enter a few personal and business details.

Finally, select an account for payouts. A payout is the transfer of funds from Stripe to your bank account. You can either enter a bank account or credit card. After reviewing the information, click “Submit”. You’ll be redirected to the Payments feature of your TextSanity account.

Set up a


To set up a payment for your customers, business, or product, click “New Payment Item” at the top right hand side of the page. When you do, you’ll be asked to select the type of payment you want to create. You have three choices: donation, product, and subscription.

The set up process is essentially the same for all types of payments. The first thing you will do is select the type of payment (either donation, product, or subscription) and then click next. You’ll be prompted to give your payment item a name, keyword, and url that will help you keep track and manage it going forward.

Please note: if you set up a product payment, you’ll need to enter an “Item Price”. If you’re setting up a subscription payment, you’ll need to enter an “Item Price” and choose a “Subscription Interval”.

Then, click “Save”. You will be taken to your payment page for that specific product, donation, or subscription to customize it. For example, you can upload images that’ll appear on your page (up to 10), a title, description, and thank you message.

You can also change other details such as the status of the payment type – turning it on or off. Set up notifications to an email or phone number.

You can also view the type of payment, keyword, and initial message you set up. All of this can be changed by clicking the writing icon at the top right of this section.

View transactions and

manage your account

Once you start receiving payments for donations or products, you can view the transactions. Or if you are receiving payments for subscriptions, you can view the list of subscribers.

Remember, you can always manage your payment account by clicking “View Payouts/Manage Connection”. This will take you to a separate page that lists all transactions as well as the account your payouts are currently connected to.

Overall, TextSanity’s new payments processor feature is a great way to receive money from customers, followers, patrons, and subscribers.

As always, TextSanity customer support is here to help you with any questions you may have. You can even set up a 10-15 minute customized demo of our service by texting DEMO to 50505.

Check out our other how-to videos here.

This page updated as of 10/18/2022.

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