A message credit is any message sent or received that’s under 160 characters with no links, attachments, special characters, or emoji’s. For example, if you have a group of 50 contacts you send a message to that’s under 160 with none of the above, you’ll be charged 50 message credits.

The amount per message credit you’re charged if you exceed your plan’s message credits. TextSanity doesn’t automatically upgrade your account if you exceed your plan’s message credits, you are simply charged the additional message credit rate for the plan. If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your plan, you can do that in the account settings. Unused credits do not roll over to the next month.

We have eight competitive pricing plans for either monthly or annual billing. For more detailed pricing information, visit textsanity.com/pricing.

To sign up for a TextSanity account, go to app.textsanity.com/register. There you’ll be prompted to create a username and password, choose a plan and phone number, and pay for your first month of messages. Overages are charged on the following month’s statement. You must enter a valid credit card number.

  • Text message keyword campaigns: Best for client-led interactions where you create a campaign on your TextSanity account and advertise it to your customer base. “Text DEMO to 50505 to set up a demo of TextSanity” is an example of a text message keyword campaign. When someone texts a keyword “DEMO” to your TextSanity phone number (in this case 50505), your campaign automatically replies with a message flow you’ve previously set-up.
  • Mass text messaging (aka broadcasting): Best for texting groups or individuals at a particular date and time who are already opted-in to your text marketing messages. Schedule these messages in advance or send them right away.
  • Online text message opt-in webforms: Opt-in customers to your text marketing list through a customizable webform. Place the webform various places online such as social media, a link in a blog post, or even link on your main website. Direct traffic to your webform’s custom URL and start text marketing.
  • Text message drip campaigns: Text message market to your customers using these campaigns. Send text messages on a particular schedule (i.e. 1 day after initial opt-in, 3 days after the first drip text message, etc). These are great to keep customers engaged with your product or service.
  • Text message payments: Collect subscriptions, donations, or item payments via text message. Simply connect your existing TextSanity account to the payments tool and start collecting payments from customers and clients. Set up a payments text message keyword, which allows customers to text and receive a link to your payments page.

For a quick tutorial with written step-by-step instructions, visit https://textsanity.com/campaigns/.

For a quick tutorial with written step-by-step instructions, visit  https://textsanity.com/broadcasts/

For a quick tutorial with written step-by-step instructions, visit  https://textsanity.com/webforms/

For a quick tutorial with written step-by-step instructions, visit  https://textsanity.com/drips/

For a quick tutorial with written step-by-step instructions, visit  https://textsanity.com/text-message-marketing/textsanity-payments-feature/

Tags are how your contact list is organized in your account. Customize tags based on your text marketing needs. Sort contacts into groups based on your needs. Tags is also how you determine who to send mass text messages to. Contacts can have as many or as few tags as you want and need. Learn all about tags here: https://textsanity.com/text-message-marketing/why-tags-are-the-best-way-to-organize-your-data/

We offer an integration with Zapier, WordPress, and an API.  https://textsanity.com/integrations/

  • Car Dealerships: Convert potential car buyers into leads. Car buyers get the car information they’re looking for while you get their contact information. Text message marketing for car dealerships is great for lot walkers, past customers, and online leads.
  • LawyersEngage potential new clients and efficiently work with current clients by texting appointment reminders, links to online access, and other essential information. Advertise your business using text message keywords in print and online sources.
  • ChurchesConnect with your congregation. Engage visitors, message your entire congregation at once, and increase attendance at events and church meetings.
  • RealtorsConnect with potential buyers. Potential buyers text a keyword and receive information about a property.
  • Network MarketersSimplify communication with current and potential network marketing team members. Grow your down line by creating text message templates, scheduling messages, personalizing texts, and tagging hosts and guests. Keep track of all your contacts information in one contact database.
  • SchoolsSend texts to students, faculty, and parents. Reach any segment of your school with ease. Use opt-in keywords and tags to separate different audiences.
  • HotelsSimplify hotel processes and guest service interactions such as guest check out, in-room requests, staff communication, and marketing. Use keywords specific to rooms or from your website to opt in and tag to different audiences.
  • RestaurantsSend out mass text messages to segmented customer groups, staff, or other community members. Use keywords to opt them in and tag them into different audiences.
  • Political CampaignsUse text messaging for your political campaign to send voting day reminders, engage potential supporters, and conduct text message surveys.
  • Small BusinessesCommunicate quickly and directly by sending company-wide text messages. Improve office communication between supervisors and staff.
  • MomsSchedule text messages for later. They go out at the perfect time when you’re busy with other things.
  • InfluencersText affiliate sale links directly to followers’ phones to ensure they are the first ones to get the deal. Opt-in followers via a webform link or text message keyword campaign.
  • Sports CoachesMessage the whole team at once, just parents, just athletes, or even individual athletes. Text message practice reminders, photos from the game, and links to picture day.

Your TextSanity account comes with a fully functional contact database centralized around sending text messages. With your contact database, you can download your contacts into a CSV file and automatically collect the contact information from individuals who participate in text message keyword campaigns or fill out a text marketing webform. To learn more about this topic, visit textsanity.com/contacts

If you need an unlimited number of message credits a month, simply select the 100,000 message credit plan. You will be charged at a rate of $0.01 per message after 100,000 message credits are used. At this send rate, you should consider a short code, which allows more efficient text messaging. See “What’s the process for getting a dedicated short code?” on this page.

A short code is a 5-6 digit number that you rent from the National Short Code Registry and must go through an application process to be approved to send text messages with the major US carriers. The message send rate is extremely good. To learn more about getting a short code, see “What’s the process for getting a dedicated short code?” on this page.

A toll-free number is a 10-digit number starting with an 8. These numbers are nationally recognized and are beneficial to national companies and businesses. To get a toll-free number with your TextSanity account, simply select it during setup, or upgrade to it in your account settings. A toll-free number is an additional $5 a month on top of your plan. The message send rate with these numbers is very good.

A local area code number, or 10DLC, is a number that has a specific 3-digit area code at the beginning associated with a specific part of the US. These numbers are great for local, small businesses whose primary client is regionally specific. Your TextSanity plan comes with a 10DLC which you choose during account setup. There is no additional cost. The message send rate with these numbers is good.

Learn more about the difference between each: https://textsanity.com/mass-text-messaging/long-code-toll-free-and-short-code-phone-numbers-whats-the-difference/

Here’s the process to get your own dedicated short code with TextSanity:

  1. Set up a TextSanity account. Choose a toll free number. Select your plan.
  2. Rent your short code through The National Short Code Registry. Cost starts at $500/month paid to the registry depending on the type of code you choose. Send your receipt to our customer service team.
  3. When we receive your receipt for your short code, we will bill you a one-time $1500 fee. Once paid, we submit and pay for an application to each of the major US carriers to send traffic on your short code.
  4. Once your short code is secured and the application approved by each of the carriers, we connect your short code with your existing TextSanity account.

Text SHORT CODE to 50505 to set up a meeting with a customer service representative about getting a dedicated short code for your business.

  1. Log into your account. (Or make an account.)
  2. Go to Account at the top right side of the page.
  3. Click on Subscription.
  4. Click on Update Subscription.
  5. Choose a new plan.

To reach our customer service team 24/7, text CONTACT to 50505. A member of our team will respond via text within 24 hours of your text. During normal business hours (Monday through Friday 9am-5pm PST), you can call (877) 217-9004 for assistance.

No, TextSanity doesn’t offer a trial period or refunds.

Since TextSanity is a subscription service, you’re charged each month for your TextSanity plan. In order to determine the amount of messages you’ll send and receive each month to choose a plan that’s right for you, start by asking yourself the following:

  1. How many contacts will I upload to my account each month?
  2. How many contacts will interact with my text message keyword each month?
  3. How many mass text messages (broadcasts) will I send each month to how many contacts?
  4. How many contacts will be on automated text message drip campaigns?

Remember to upgrade or downgrade your monthly plan based on your needs month over month.

To access your invoice, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your TextSanity account
  2. Click on Account (in the top right side of the screen)
  3. Select Subscription (on the left side of the screen)
  4. Scroll down to Billing and click on View History
  5. For a more detailed invoice view, click the three dots to the right of any given month
  6. Print the detailed view for your records