Send Texts to Individuals or
Any Large Group with
Mass Text Messaging

Easily communicate with any size group by text message.
Ideal for businesses, influencers, or any other kind of organization
that needs to communicate with individuals.
Send texts to any U.S. phone number from anywhere in the world.

Mass Text Messaging


Perfect for marketing, business communications, schools, churches, or any other large group. Send/schedule a mass text in seconds to any segment of your contacts.

Text Message Keywords


People can text a keyword to your phone number and you can set auto responses with links and other info. You also get their phone number and other info.

Send Text Message from Computer or PC


The robust inbox can be used to send text messages from your computer. Attach files, schedule messages, use templates, etc...

Text Message Opt-in Webform


Webforms can opt people in to your text messaging lists. Great for businesses , brands, and influencers.

Schedule Mass Text Messages in Advance


Schedule messages in advance! Send mass messages or just a single message just at the right moment. Ideal for personal reminders.

Text Message Marketing


Enable people to fill out applications, RSVPs, registrations, or take a simple survey through text message.

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Per month

500 Message

4.5¢ / Additional Message Credit


Per month

1,000 Message Credits

4¢ / Additional Message Credit


Per month

2,000 Message Credits

3.5¢ / Additional Message Credit


Per month

3,000 Message Credits

3¢ / Additional Message Credit


Per month

7,500 Message

2¢ / Additional Message Credit


Per month

25,000 Message Credits

1.5¢ / Additional Message Credit


Per month

50,000 Message Credits

1.25¢ / Additional Message Credit


Per month

100,000 Message

1¢ / Additional
Message Credit

Want to use a shortcode with your TextSanity account?
We can easily set that up for you!

*Message credit use will vary based on message length and use of special characters*

Local phone numbers have a 14,000 message credit queue limit and a 1 message credit / second send rate.

Toll-free phone numbers have a 44,000 message credit queue limit and a 3 message credit / second send rate.

Short code phone numbers have a 1,400,000 message credit queue limit and a 100 message credit / second send rate. 

  • Example: Text the word ROCCOS to 505-305-1113 to get our weekly pizza specials. 
  • These are great to use on traditional offline marketing (print ads, billboards, radio, TV, direct mail, etc…) because it is an easy way to get potential traffic into digital marketing channels.
  • Easily engage potential customers with targeted offers or deliver information straight to their mobile device via text message.
  • Keyword campaigns can trigger an automated message flow which will gather multiple points of information through text message. The responses to your campaign questions will go into spreadsheet form. This is great for job applications, surveys, getting detailed RSVP info, giving out map links or documents, and so on.
  • Because each keyword campaign can auto-tag contacts, this is a great way to track offline marketing attribution from various marketing campaigns running at the same time.
Text Message CRM

Contact Database

Import or export contacts. People who engage keyword campaigns or webforms automatically go into your contact database. Use custom tags to organize text message marketing contacts. Send mass SMS messages to marketing contacts with assigned tags,

Send Text Message From Computer with our Mass Text App

Robust Inbox

Schedule future text messages straight from your computer. This is very useful to remind yourself or others about important things just at the right time.  Attach files to text messages, no matter how large. They will send as a link so there will be no additional download time.

Drip Campaigns for Text Message Marketing

Drip Campaigns

Automatically enroll contacts from keyword campaigns, webforms, or imports. Plan  message content and timing to nurture prospects through your marketing funnel. Get a much higher open rate than email marketing.

  • Use Webforms to opt-in people to your contact database.
  • Easily set up a webform in your TextSanity account.
  • Post your Webform online  using social media, a link in a blog post, or even direct from your main website.
  • Direct traffic to your Webform’s custom URL, opt-in your audience, and start Broadcasting to opted-in contacts immediately.

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