How to Use Contact Management with TextSanity

Contacts Page Tutorial

Your TextSanity account comes with a fully functional contact database centralized around sending text messages. With your contact database, you can upload a CSV file of contacts, download your contacts into a CSV file, manually add contact info, or automatically collect the contact information from individuals who participate in a SMS Keyword Campaign or a webform.


Each contact can be assigned one or more tags. Please note, when you send a mass text message you choose who the message goes to by the tags with which the contacts are tagged with, therefore it’s important to correctly categorize each contact in your database with one or more tags.

Adding contacts

You can add contacts individually by clicking on the “+ Add Contact” button at the top-right of your screen. Fill in the contact details and click “Save.”  

Another way to add contacts is by uploading a spreadsheet with as many or as few contacts as necessary. Please note, when uploading a spreadsheet, you will need to create a CSV file with at least one of the following column headers: phone, name, or email. During this process you can add additional information such as birthdays, predetermined tags, and notes.

To add contacts via a CSV spreadsheet, click on the “Import” button at the top-right of your screen. Read the instructions for uploading and click “Next.” Choose the CSV file to upload and then click “Submit.” The contacts details will then be entered into the database.

The final method of adding contacts to your database is through opt-in. People can do this themselves when they participate in one of your SMS Keyword Campaigns^ or one of your TextSanity Webforms.

Messaging from the Contacts page

You can select up to 10 contacts, whether they are opted-in or not, and send a mass text message to them. Please note, the mass SMS message will not send as a group text, rather it will be sent to each contact individually. This means that 10 separate conversations in each contacts Inbox will be started.

If you want to send a mass text message to more than 10 contacts, you will need to go to the Broadcasts page. In Broadcasts, you can send a mass SMS message to thousands of contacts. Please note, if you choose to schedule mass text messages, those mass SMS messages will only send to contacts that are opted-in.

Search and filters

Your contact database can be filtered or searched two ways. First, you can use the search bar above to search out people based on the contacts name, email, or phone number.^ The second way is by filtering based on the tags. Simply click on the “Filter by Tags” button to the right of the search bar and select which tags you want to show. 

In addition, the “Name,” “Created,” and “Opt-in” columns can be reordered by clicking the triangles next to each of the column headers. 

Below the “Import” button, there are three numbers with either a green, yellow, or red person icon next to them. This is where you see how many contacts are opted-in (green), not opted-in (yellow), or opted-out (red) for the current filter of contacts.

Bulk actions such as sending an opt-in request^^, adding or removing tags^^, sending a text message^^, or even deleting selected contacts is available when a selection via filter or search is in effect.

Contact details

From the details page for an individual contact, you can edit any information, add notes, change tags or delete the contact.

In the Scheduled Messages section, you can send a contact an individual opt in request, if they are not already opted in. With all manual opt in messages, the legal requirements are pre-populated but you can also add a few words of your own.^ This section will also show any broadcast messages that this contact is scheduled to receive.  

You can also send a text message to the contact by clicking on “Send Message” at the lower-right hand corner of the screen which will take you to the message thread in the Inbox for this contact.