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Implementing a Text Message Template for SMS Marketing

Marketing is the process a business uses to create and communicate messages. Developing a relationship with customers, clients, colleagues, and society at large is essential to the process. Therefore, it’s important for every business to engage in marketing. The first step is understanding marketing and the second is implementing it in an effective way.

Because of digital marketing, businesses must adjust their overall marketing strategies. One digital marketing method is text messaging.

Texting isn’t just for friends and family. It’s a popular way to connect with customers, colleagues, and potential clients. As texting becomes more popular, customers expect it from companies. Incorporating texting into your overall marketing strategy gives you an advantage over your competition.

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Texting for your business

Smartphone users broaden their social networks, or enable users to communicate and receive communication from their favorite businesses and brands.

In order to capitalize on this, learn to market using text messages. No matter what type of business or organization, there’s potential in text message marketing. Almost 40% of businesses already text their customers. Your company should too!

Text message marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. In addition, easy and quick metrics track texting’s effectiveness. Use this to Implement changes to your text message marketing.

Once you identify your marketing strategy, incorporate text marketing. With TextSanity, you use webforms and text message keywords to get more opt-ins for your text marketing campaigns. Once you develop your database, you’re ready to send mass texts.

Incorporating text templates

With such a high open-rate, a well-timed text facilitates fast and effective results. Implementing text message templates helps free up valuable time. Let text marketing do its job while you focus on other aspects of your work.

Text message templates are pre-written texts for common messages you send over and over again. Text message templates come in handy for common messages such as:

  • Welcome texts

  • Recurring sales events

  • Automated texts

  • Loyalty rewards programs

  • Appointment reminders

  • Order confirmations

Benefits of text templates

It’s important to remember to not come off as robotic or impersonal while using text message templates. Prioritize tone in your templates to improve brand image.

There are three benefits to text message templates to keep in mind. Have the confidence to implement them in your SMS marketing.

  • Quick replies: One of the best things about texting is how quickly messages arrive. Don’t lose time or customers because it takes a while to answer each question. Templates for common questions quickly and efficiently answer customer questions freeing you up to help them in other ways.
  • Consistent messaging: Tone is really important. Achieving a consistent tone across your team can be challenging. Templates allow you to set text message tone and keep your team on-brand.
  • Informed team members: Even the newest member of your team can stay informed and learn the best responses to common questions when they have templates to learn from.

Remember, as you develop your text templates, to follow the rules and tips for creating business texts. Because they’ll be used repeatedly, pay close attention to the details as you develop the messaging of your templates.

Text template creation

TextSanity makes creating message templates easy, but if you’re new to the process, here’s a short guide on how to create your first new template and get started using them.

Step 1: Login to your TextSanity account

This is probably the most obvious step, but it’s a necessary one. Before you can work on your text message template, login to your TextSanity account. If you haven’t set up a TextSanity account yet, you should visit the user registration page. Once you’re registered and logged in, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2: Find the “More Tools” tab at the top of the page

After you log in to your TextSanity account, locate the “More Tools” tab at the top of the page. Click the drop arrow to the right of “More Tools”, and you are ready to proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Select “Templates” from the list

Select “Templates” from the “More Tools” list. This process is likely to feel similar to other user friendly programs you’re familiar with. You may have even navigated this far on your own with considerable ease. Now you’re ready to get into the thick of creating the template you want to implement.

Step 4: Click “+New Template”

An intuitive next step is to choose “+ New Template” to begin working on your new template. This will take you to the steps of filling in your new template.

Step 5: Fill in the Name section for your template

To keep your templates separate and organized, name your template. Only you will see the name of your template, so feel free to name it something that helps you to know what it is at a glance. Anything that makes it faster and easier for you to choose the right template is going to save you time and energy.

Now you’re ready for the body of the template. This is the most important step in the new template process.

Step 6: Fill in the Message section

After you start creating your new template and give it a name, you are ready to begin filling in the Message section of your text message template. This is where you’ll design your text.

You’ll want to make sure to add any links, and you’ll want to make sure your links are correct at this stage. You can also use the “Add Attachment” button to add any attachments you need to send with your text message.

Remember to check your message section for spelling and grammar errors. Regardless of your audience, everyone appreciates a correctly written text.

As you proofread your message section, read through it as if you’re the recipient. Check for readability, and remember that line breaks are helpful in text messages. Just be sure that your line breaks and spacing doesn’t interrupt a link’s address. And if you use TextSanity to host your link, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

When you’re satisfied with your message, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 7: Click “Save”

As with any writing you do in a digital format, it is important to save your work. In that old familiar save process you have been doing for years, when you’re done with the message section of your text template, click the “Save” button.

You’re done with making your new template, and your template is ready to use. You’re all set for the last step.

Step 8: Send a text message using your new template

Now that you’ve created a new template and have it saved in your TextSanity account, your template is ready to use in a text message. When you want to add your template to your text message, choose “Add Template” in the message set up section.

Adding your template works similarly to adding a signature in an email. This feature will help save you time and energy as you create new messages in the future.


It’s important to understand the steps of developing a new template. When you have developed your templates, you can quickly send texts to your audience.

Just like any business can benefit from using text messages to market, businesses can also use text message templates to save them time and energy in common responses they need to send to their clients and colleagues.

Don’t wait to start using templates. Learning it now can help you assist your customers quickly and get back to focusing on other areas of improving your business.