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Sending Your Team Good Luck Text Messages for Sports

When you hear the word “teamwork,” you probably think of sports. Almost every sport requires some amount of teamwork. As any coach knows, understanding the dynamics of good teamwork is required to understand how a team communicates best. Sending your team good luck text messages for sports is important to boost the morale of players.

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Why send your team good luck text messages

Teamwork means each team member does their part without promoting themselves higher than others to achieve a common goal. That’s why you always hear the phrase, “There’s no “I” in team.” An effective team needs to work as one toward the same result.

Take football, for example: A quarterback can’t just decide to work on his pass completion ratio. He has to take the team and their shared goal of winning to make the best decisions to play his position effectively for the circumstances. There’s something to learn there about teamwork. The teamwork process requires:

  1. Assessing the situation
  2. Making a plan
  3. Communicating the plan
  4. Adjusting the plan as needed if the situation changes
  5. Implementing the plan
  6. Each person doing their job within the team’s plan to completion

No matter what sport you play or coach, this process is the same. For this process to work, your team must work together. One of the winningest coaches of all-time in college football, Nick Saban, has said, “You can’t win together if you don’t work together.”

Regardless of how well you take a loss, the end goal for every team is to win. So, if you take Coach Saban’s words to heart, you can’t reach your goals if you don’t learn to work together. If you want to work together, you must master one of the fundamentals of any relationship: communication.

How texting improves team communication

Communication is important to teamwork because communication creates awareness, learning, and understanding. It promotes positivity, cohesion, and makes a team stick together. Even a mediocre team achieves great things if they communicate well. Conversely, a great team fails if they communicate poorly.

Think about how you communicate with people every day. One of the ways you probably communicate the most is with your cell phone with text messaging. That’s true for most people.

This common form of communication develops your team’s teamwork and unites them. Text your whole team using text message marketing to improve your team’s communication. So, how do you improve communication on your team through text?

How to have good communication on your team through text

1. Initiate an open-door policy

An open-door policy is when every coach keeps their door open to show a willingness to listen to team members. It encourages communication and feedback. It also helps build trust, making people feel like their contributions are valuable.

One of the easiest ways to support an open-door policy is to make it easy for your team to text you and your team leadership. You’ll want to have them opt-in to your team text database, and when you send a mass text to your team, members reply to you in confidence without anyone else seeing their messages.

Additionally, an open-door policy encourages feedback. When you’re open to feedback, you’re open to change. Being open to change and feedback gives your team confidence you’re listening and doing what’s necessary for your team’s success.

2. Be clear in assigning tasks

It’s hard to know if you’re doing a good job or not if no one makes it clear what your job is. To promote confidence and communication with your team, be clear as you assign tasks.

Keep communicating with team members to check their progress, ask questions, and address concerns or questions. Texting periodically helps ensure everyone stays on track and knows their responsibilities.

For example, a quick check-in to remind everyone to complete their daily exercises means your team is better conditioned than the competition. Even when you’re not physically together, it doesn’t mean you can’t work together.

3. Have fun together

Training is hard work. When all you do with your team is work, it can make being together feel tedious and actually damage your team’s camaraderie. In order to restore mutual trust and friendship, have some fun together.

Fun is subjective; choose what works for your team. One way to have fun with your team is through text. Take a vote on fun activities through text, or send funny memes.

Injecting a little fun between practices is just as beneficial as a get-away retreat. Help your team feel refreshed and ready through simple, fun interactions. Don’t dismiss your efforts. Small things often make the most difference.

4. Understand diversity issues

It’s important to be aware of your team’s diversity. Diversity is one of the most important aspects of teamwork. If we’re all the same, how to perform all the various, different tasks needed to reach a shared goal? Diversity is makes it possible to fulfill each role on a team.

Diversity awareness is all about respect and acceptance. When you show your team respect and promote respect for each other, your team is stronger and better. Let your open-door policy lead the way to address any problems that arise or need to be discussed.

When it comes to text, remember it’s important to be mindful of your audience. Be respectful and professional at all times, and make your expectations known.

5. Be encouraging and share your praise

It feels good to do a good job, but it also feels good to know someone else noticed. Send praise to your team when they do a good job. This increases how valued your team feels, and a team that feels valued will rise to the occasion.

Giving shoutouts to people on your team for various accomplishments helps to build leaders on your team. Good leaders help get other team members on board with your team goals and mindset.

A shout-out over text is an excellent way to recognize your leaders. It reminds your team you’re thinking about them.

6. Good luck and well-wishes

Ask anyone that’s ever been in a relationship—a “good morning” text is one of the best feelings in the world. You know that the other person thought of you and wanted you to have a good start to your day.

On the morning of a competition, it’s easy for your team to wake up with fear, anxiety, and concern for what lies ahead. A well-timed text received during breakfast helps you fight unknown forces of your team’s mentality. Encourage them and remind them about all the preparation they’ve put in.

You may need inspiration for your motivational messages, but a little effort on your part impacts your team’s performance. You don’t want your team to show up dehydrated. In the same way, don’t let them show up discouraged. Send a good luck message.

The beautiful thing about good luck texts is scheduling them in advance is a breeze. Schedule the text delivery for the day your team needs to hear it. For example, send a good luck text right before a big game to boost morale.


Teamwork is the key to success in sports. And communication is at the heart of that. As with most communication, it’s going digital.

Communicate with your team using text. Improve their communication with each other too. Set a good example of communication through an open-door policy, diversity awareness, and being clear on team assignments.

It’s not all work and no play. Use text to have fun with your team. Encourage them during tough times. And send good luck texts before a competition. With the right attitude and implementation improving your team’s cohesion ensures they’re ready for anything.