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What to Include in an Appointment Confirmation Text Message

When you take the time to schedule an appointment, whether it’s for a haircut, a doctor’s visit, or anything else, you expect to have your appointment time when you show up. However, when you get your appointment details on a card, it’s easy to misplace.

If you’ve ever listened to someone tell you something and thought writing it down wasn’t necessary, you’re probably familiar with just how big that lie we tell ourselves can be. We are human. We forget, or we misremember details. Without a way to confirm the details, it’s easy to show up on the wrong day, at the wrong time, or not show up at all for an appointment.

No one likes missing appointments. It’s frustrating when you have to reschedule. If only there were a way to get the appointment information to you in a format that was easy to keep up with or remind you to put it in your calendar.

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Businesses benefit from confirming appointments as well. Confirming an appointment cuts down on the risk of double-booking and improves engagement. It also helps prevent missed appointments.

Here’s why you should send an appointment confirmation text message.

Why send appointment confirmation text messages?

Have you ever walked away from a conversation wondering if you and the other person were talking about the same thing? For example, if you have in your mind “Thursday, April 25,” and your customer is thinking “Wednesday, April 25,” you’ve both been talking about two different things without even realizing it.

There’s only one April 25. Sending an appointment confirmation eliminates confusion.

Here are the other reasons you should send an appointment confirmation text message as soon as you make the appointment.

It’s efficient

Sending an appointment confirmation text message puts the information in your customer’s hands almost immediately. A confirmation makes it easier for them to store the appointment information in the digital calendar on their smartphone. The reminder text you send before their appointment might just help them remember to keep their appointment.

Kept appointments makes everyone happier.

It’s easy for customers to respond

Customers are more likely to read a text message, and text messages are easy to interact with or respond to for just about anyone. When you send an appointment confirmation text message, it prompts the customer to confirm the information you’ve sent. If you or the receiver have any known conflicts with the appointment, a text will help them realize they need to reschedule.

It reduces no-shows

Confirmation of appointment dates reduces the number of people who forget to show up. No-shows aren’t good for your bottom line. They disrupt the flow of a productive day. Simple steps, like sending an appointment confirmation text message, pay off when attendance rates increase.

What should I include in an appointment confirmation text message?

Appointment confirmation text messages are an important part of the process.

If you and I both agree to meet at a certain date and time, we should share the same facts about that meeting time. When you send a confirmation text, you are reaffirming those facts.

Here’s what you should include when you send out an appointment confirmation.

Customer names

Customers need to see their own names to distinguish an appointment confirmation from receiving someone else’s confirmation in error. It confirms the appointment is definitely for them.

If your customer sees someone else’s name, they’ll know immediately to contact you to confirm an error, saving you the hassle of sorting out the mess at a later time.

Appointment details

Instead of receiving some random “be there or be square” text, you should confirm the appointment details. If there will be a fee for being a no-show, now is the time to disclose that information.

Sending a confirmation of the type of appointment or service you’re providing will help your client confirm in their own mind what to expect and if the information is correct.

For example, if you send an appointment confirmation for a cut and color when the customer only wants to schedule a cut, they’ll know that the services listed are incorrect. With that kind of information, you spend less time on that customer and free yourself up for additional appointments.

Contact information

For this part, send your customer your contact information. It’s a good idea to let them know that you’re there for them and willing to help if they have questions before their appointment.

Suppose there was an error with the appointment. In that case, some customers prefer to make changes over the phone. It’s helpful to have contact information close at hand when referencing the appointment details.

Confirmation and cancellation options

Barring any unforeseen events, the person needing the appointment typically has the final say about keeping, canceling, or rescheduling the appointment. Include text options in the message to make confirmations, cancellations, and rescheduling easier for your client.

For example, ask the appointment holder to text back the letter “C” to confirm, or call to reschedule or cancel the appointment. Making it simple to respond increases feedback from customers.

The ability to unsubscribe

If customers don’t wish to receive appointment confirmation text messages, they can always opt out. Asking not to receive a text message is essentially as easy as receiving one in the first place. If your customer feels confident that they have the details they need, they can choose not to participate.

If clients choose to unsubscribe, you may want to remind them that appointment reminder text messages may not arrive as well.

How to set up an appointment confirmation text message with TextSanity

Sending appointment confirmation text messages every time someone schedules an appointment keeps the person in charge of appointments pretty busy. Not to mention it increases the chance for errors. However, there’s a way to send appointment confirmation text messages quickly and easily.

TextSanity is the solution.

Tag individual contacts

With TextSanity, create tags for individual contacts. When your clients come up for appointment confirmation, TextSanity uses tags to send your confirmation text messages quickly and easily every time.

Schedule broadcasts to customers

If you need to confirm an appointment for a large group of people, you want to make sure everyone knows. TextSanity helps you schedule texts in advance to keep everyone updated.

TextSanity also offers mass text messaging, so reaching large groups with a simple text is seamless.


Appointments are crucial for maintaining business flow and ensuring both parties know when and where to be. If you don’t confirm the information, details get lost or forgotten.

Sending an appointment confirmation text is quick and easy. It saves everyone hassle. Thankfully, there’s a way to make it easier for you and your client.