TextSanity Video Ad 1: The Amazing Mystico

The Amazing Mystico Shows Us Why You Need TextSanity

Video Transcript

Being ‘The Amazing Mystico’ is a lot tougher than you’d think. It’s not all gorgeous assistants and cute bunnies. 

Morning my Love!

I’ve got a business to run just like any other lawyer, dentist, or car dealership.

I’ve got staff that rely on me for their living. Products to promote. Advertising to run. Customers to keep happy.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Amazing Mystico, surely if you’re magic you can juggle more than anyone.”

And to that I say – even Mystico has his limits. Juggling swords is easy compared to keeping my business’ balls in the air. 

At least with a sword I know the end will be quick and painless. Which is nothing compared to my booking agent Shirley’s temper… Luckily I’ve found a new trick to make sure I’m not chained to my desk all day anymore. Which means that Shirley’s actually happy.

Escaping my desk has been one of my greatest tricks!

And I couldn’t have done it without TextSanity’s SMS marketing. It’s the ace up my sleeve. It means I can literally reach thousands of customers with the touch of a single button. I can send out reminders to my staff and crew’s phones, all scheduled ahead of time, so it doesn’t matter if I’m tied up at a crucial moment. 

Or I can alert my fans of breaking news with a broadcast message.

SHIRLEY! Shirley!

I know they’re going to see them fast because 90% of text messages are opened within 4 minutes of being recieved. So everytime I’ve got a sale going on I let everyone know with an automated mass text message.

Customers get sent as many promotion reminders as I want, and the best part is I don’t have to lift a finger after it’s set up.

What’s more, my text message keyword campaign results amaze even me. 

Which is something. Because ‘Amazing’ is literally my middle name… ‘The’ is obviously my first. 

I’m going to show you just how simple TextSanity is to use.

First, TextSanity makes it magnificently easy for you to collect the phone numbers of potential customers or contacts. Which is crucial because as you well know not even Mystico can conjure up customer contacts out of thin air. 

With TextSanity customer acquisition is easier than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Using a customized text message keyword or a simple webform, it takes just a minute or two.

Then you write the messages that’ll be sent out in your text message keyword campaigns, scheduled, or one-time mass text messages. 

Text messages are short, so you don’t even need to pay a copywriter. And if you want to attach documents or links you can do that too. I usually link to a signed photo. It’s what the people want! Obviously.

Next you simply schedule when you want the messages to be sent. I like to call this my ‘time travelling trick’.

Or the campaign is triggered when someone texts a word you’ve advertised to your biz number. You just need to put that word and phone number on your billboards, advertisements, and social media posts. It becomes your easy to use call to action.

Basically anywhere you advertize, you can collect new customers instantly. And the most amazing thing about TextSanity is the insane engagement it gets.

These days everybody has a phone with them 24 hours a day. And on average, they’re checking their phones 5 times every hour. Even though email is completely overflowing with spam, social media is absolutely full of adverts, and who even checks their mailbox anymore these days?

But… And this is a big but: everybody still checks their text messages, even Shirley.

It’s an amazingly personal way to connect with staff, fans, and customers.

Even when you’re connecting with thousands and thousands of people at a time. And it only takes a minute or two to set up. So you’ve got more time for the really important things in business, and in life!

How was your day, Love?

TextSanity is real magic for business owners! To set up your TextSanity account, simply text DEMO to 50505!