How to use Text Message Keywords with TextSanity

TextSanity Video Ad 2: Text Message Keywords

Learn how you can tap in to the power of text message keywords using TextSanity’s mass texting app, and start gathering information for your text marketing database the easy way.


00:00 Text Message Keywords

TextSanity’s text message keywords are the most memorable way to create calls to action! They instantly send offers and targeted info to customer’s phones. Text message keywords deliver trackable engagement from ads. 

00:10 Trigger Text Message Responses, Instantly

TextSanity’s text message keywords trigger instant text message responses. You set them up ahead of time for any campaign.

This provides engaging content as soon as contacts respond, so they can act fast, too.

You can then automatically follow up with messages and offers in drip campaigns over the following hours, days, and weeks. Whether you’re running a business Community organization or any other large group, mass text messaging is a time and money saving must-have.

00:37 Schedule your Text Messages

With TextSanity, you can schedule your text messages so you can never forget to send them. Plus, you can segment your contact list, meaning messages only get sent to the people you choose!

00:47 Webforms

TextSanity webforms make it really simple to opt in people to your text messaging list online. Once they’re in your text database, we make it easy to organize and tag each contact. With TextSanity, you can maximize messaging to everyone. To set up your TextSanity account, simply text “demo” to 50505.

Yep! It really is that simple! That’s “D-E-M-O” to 50505.