Featured image for creating trust in the workplace using SMS and text messaging.

How to Create Trust in the Workplace using Text Message

Learning how to create trust is very important in today’s work environment. If people do...
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Featured image for how business owners can use small business text marketing to boost their bottom line.

How Business Owners can use Small Business Text Marketing

It is often and rightly said that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Both...
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Featured image for your site's bottom line with these 5 off-site ecommerce tips.

Ecommerce Tips: 5 Off-Site Tips to Boost Your Site’s Bottom Line

Ecommerce’s share of the retail market has steadily grown over the past decade. The coro...
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Featured image for maximizing customer relationships.

How to Maximize Customer Relationships

Ensuring customers are well taken care of is one of the greatest assets that a company c...
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Featured image for setting up and using text message surveys.

How to Set Up and Use Text Messaging Surveys

Text messages are a great way to reach people where they are. This is especially useful ...
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Featured image for automation in the near future.

Automation in the Near Future

Technology is rapidly changing. The ever-evolving landscape of technology and automation...
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Featured image for texting keywords to short phone numbers.

What’s Up with Texting Keywords to Short Phone Numbers?

Chances are you’ve seen a keyword campaign. Basically, any advertisement asking you to t...
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Featured image for text message keyword campaigns for instagram advertising.

How to Use a Text Message Keyword Campaign for Instagram Advertising

Social media is an important advertising tool in our day and age. Many people use social...
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Featured image for making and using webforms with TextSanity.

How to Make and Use a TextSanity Webform

A great way to opt contacts in to your TextSanity contact database is through a webform....
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Featured image for restaurants using text messaging to get more business.

5 Ways a Restaurant Can Use Text Messaging to Get More Business

Text messaging is ubiquitous in our culture. Everywhere you look, you see people texting...
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Featured image for making a texting SMS chatbot.

Text Bots: How to Make a Text Messaging Chatbot

Chatbots are all over the internet now. When you go to a site, it’s almost inevitable th...
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Featured image for what it means to have grit.

What it Means to have Grit

Grit is at the very center of success. It’s the greatest determining factor of achieveme...
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