Featured image for advice on building a multiple-channel marketing strategy.

Advice on Building a Multiple-Channels Marketing Strategy

Marketing through one channel is complex enough. Now, you’ve been asked to give advice o...
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Featured image for 5 sms marketing tips for a successful campaign.

5 SMS Marketing Tips for a Successful Campaign

The first text message ever sent was on December 3, 1992, and it said simply, “Merry Chr...
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Featured image for leveraging external communication in your marketing campaigns.

Leveraging External Communication in Your Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that growing a successful business is kind of hard? No, really. For starter...
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Featured image for sending out textable coupons via sms to your customers.

Sending Out Textable Coupons for Your Store

Who doesn’t love a good sale? You see those four letters in all caps, and your interest ...
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Featured image for sms campaigns and conversion marketing.

SMS Campaigns and Conversion Marketing

What is SMS marketing? SMS stands for short message service. Most people know this more...
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Featured image for how much your startup should spend on marketing.

How Much Should Your Startup Spend on Marketing?

So, you’re a startup company, and you realize a need for marketing. Now what? Many start...
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Featured image for marketing message examples and creating the perfect marketing campaign with sms.

Marketing Message Examples: How to Create the Perfect Marketing Campaign with SMS

There are over 7.6 billion people in the world. It is currently estimated that over 5.25...
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Featured image for digital marketing analytics and measuring campaign success.

Digital Marketing Analytics: Measuring Your Campaign’s Success

If you’ve ever been to a marketing analysis meeting, you’re probably familiar with at le...
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Featured image for using text sms to boost your marketing audience.

How to Use Text SMS to Boost Your Marketing Audience

SMS or short message service, more commonly referred to as texting, may not have crossed...
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Featured image for using promotional SMS to boost your events.

Using Promotional SMS to Boost Your Events

The lifeblood of a truly great event is event promotion. If you don’t promote your event...
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Featured image for using cross channel marketing to your advantage.

How to Use Cross Channel Marketing to Your Advantage

What is cross channel marketing? Cross-channel marketing is a digital marketing techniq...
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Featured image for creating internal communication strategies for your organization.

How to Create Internal Communication Strategies for Your Organization

Want to start a text message conversation with our customer servic...
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