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Text Message Delivery Reports & Checking on Your SMS Status

The text message delivery report is a great tool to help your marketing team monitor the success of your SMS services. Delivery reports give you insight into message delivery data, such as which messages have been delivered, how many customers you have lost to attrition, and undelivered messages.

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SMS business texting is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers, increase revenues, and collect invaluable data for future marketing efforts. Few other marketing options are available to you that provide the same value as SMS marketing

What is a text message delivery report

When you send a message, a text delivery report notifies you if the message was delivered and received. The beauty of SMS is that it is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Therefore, whether the recipient has the latest iPhone or a Samsung S22 Ultra, you will be provided with delivery confirmations

This information is vital to your long-term marketing strategy planning. Understanding how your messages are being delivered and to who is a crucial piece of information that aids your marketing team’s SMS campaign building and planning. 

Learn how to use a text message delivery report

For instance, if you start receiving higher than normal opt-out reports, there may be an issue with your messaging or the timing and frequency. You have invested time and resources to build your customer database and find new customers. Delivery information reports help you get ahead of potential rising attrition patterns.

Different SMS statuses in delivery reports 

TextSanity’s platform provides your business with SMS delivery reports that include the following:

  1. Delivered
  2. Opted-out
  3. Undelivered 


The delivered report tops our list of information you receive on your text messages because it is the foundation of delivery status reports. The delivered report notifies you that the other device received your marketing message.

With most texting subscription services, you pay for the number of text messages you want to send each month. Once you reach your cap, you begin paying a per-text fee. Delivery reports help you not waste money.

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The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a federal regulation that requires companies to give customers the option to opt-in or opt-out of receiving SMS messages. Aside from the TCPA, showing your customers that you respect their wishes and privacy goes a long way in building brand loyalty. 

With that in mind, offering your customers clear guidance on how to avoid receiving future messages is an excellent way to build this trust and loyalty. Opt-out reports provide data on how many customers are choosing to stop hearing your message. 

As we mentioned, if you start observing a trend of increasing opt-out rates, you may need to make some marketing changes.

Undelivered (soft bounce)

Another great benefit of delivery reports is understanding your messages’ soft or hard bounces. 

Soft bounces mean the message has reached the intended phone, but an error prevents the message from delivering. If you’re not familiar with the difference, we’ll break it down for you.

If you get a soft bounce delivery report, you should try to resend the message at a later time. The message will continue trying to deliver, and if not able to after a set amount of time, will cease attempts. The cause of this prevention could be that the phone has no signal or is turned off.

The excellent news with soft bounces is that it doesn’t mean the user has blocked you from contacting them, as with a hard bounce. 

Undelivered (hard bounce)

Unlike soft bounces, a hard bounce means that the device or number you are sending your message to has blocked you from being able to communicate with it. 

Learn more about a hard bounce in text messaging.

In the event of a hard bounce, you do not need to continue attempts to deliver the message. The hard bounce report means that the recipient is no longer interested in receiving messages from you.

Like customer attrition and opt-out messages, hard bounce trends give insight into how your customers receive your marketing message. 

Growing hard bounce reports and opt-out reports indicate a need for you to change your marketing practices.

Why text message delivery reports are important

The delivery reports give you valuable data to strategize your future marketing efforts. If something isn’t working, you need to know what’s broken. In this case, you’ll find TextSanity’s platform is important for sustaining ROI and revenue growth.

Below are three important benefits of message delivery reports:

  • Confirms your message sent
  • You can keep track of weak and strong points
  • Helps you manage your SMS platform subscription

Confirms your message actually sent

What good is a message without a successful delivery? We know it sounds obvious, but you need to know that your customers are receiving your message to be successful. Otherwise, your ROI and growth will suffer. 

Learn more about how to confirm your sent text messages.

Delivery messages with texting give you this valuable confirmation. With this knowledge, you can move forward confidently, knowing that your message is not lost due to delivery failure.

What would it be like for your strategy development workshops if you didn’t have this information? It would be like a coach having a game plan designed to defeat the opponents but never telling the team what the goal is. What good is a plan if you don’t know it is executed? 

Helps you keep track of weak and strong points

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Even the most successful companies lack somewhere, and the most decisive people also have drawbacks. Take Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for instance. As big and strong as he is, he still has fears. Specifically, he has a fear of choking. 

It’s okay to know you are weak at something; it’s helpful. Knowing what is broken can help you understand what to fix. Knowing where you are inadequate can guide you to where you need to focus on growing more robust.

With delivery reports and SMS texting, you can identify potential weak points that need to be changed, supported, or enhanced. Conversely, you also can see where you are most vital. Armed with this knowledge, you can reinforce where you excel in ensuring you remain consistent in that area.

Helps you manage your SMS platform subscription

Lastly, having these delivery reports helps you better your platform subscription. Why pay more for additional messages due to having messages never delivered? We mean that if messages aren’t being delivered yet, you are paying for them and wasting your money.

Learn more about how to manage your SMS platform subscription.

You can see how many of your messages are delivered with delivery reports. You may be able to reduce your subscription and save money by eliminating undeliverable phones from your contact list.

Hey, saving money is fantastic all the time! 

What to do next

TextSanity provides you with all the benefits of delivery reports listed here and more. Our core competency is to help you learn how to communicate better with your customers and provide you with the tools to make it easy.

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