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The 3 big problems with “group” messaging

We’ve all had negative experiences with group messaging. Once you are in one, it can feel like there’s no way out. Receiving replies all at the same time, or consecutively, can feel never-ending. You just end up feeling like your phone is blowing up.

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Group messaging problems

There’s no privacy. Everyone can see exactly what the other contacts are being messaged, and their responses. If it’s not being done with a very small group of people who need to see all responses, it’s not a good system; especially if you are group messaging people that don’t know, or don’t need to know one another. Giving out personal information, even just a phone number can be a huge problem for people’s privacy.

Also, there’s a discrepancy between group messages and group iMessages. If everyone on a group message is on an iPhone then iMessage presents some benefits like faster message speed and preloaded extras. However, the problem rears its ugly head when not everyone on the group message is using an iPhone. Because if just one person isn’t using an iPhone, then iMessage is no longer available. This can be extremely frustrating and even put people off of using group messaging.

An illustration showing one of the problems of group text messaging.

As you can see, just at face value, group messaging presents some serious issues. Below are the three major problems with group messaging and how you can fix them.

1. Privacy

When you are on a group message, your replies and phone number are not private. Everyone can see your replies. It doesn’t matter if you want them to or not. This can be a hassle especially if you have a response that you want kept private. You have to first read the message and then text the person you want to give the response to one-on-one. Although this may seem like a good solution, it doesn’t save you time or the inconvenience.

2. Replies

Speaking of replies to group messaging, these can be annoying at best and aggravating at worst. We’ve all fallen victim to our phone blowing up due to a group message. You have to sit there and endure the back and forth replies whether you want to or not. This can especially be the case if you know there’s information you need that will come up in a response.

A man has just received a large amount of unread messages in a short period of time due to group text messaging.

3. Opting out

Sometimes the group message doesn’t even seem relevant to us. But it’s often difficult to opt out of a group message. Most people don’t even know how. And when you do finally figure out how to block a group message if there’s critical information shared that comes up later, you don’t know about it. So the choice you have to make is to be out of the loop or annoyed. Neither of which seem like very good options.

The Solution

The best way to handle larger group messages – at least when you are the instigator – is by using a text messaging platform built for this kind of communication. This kind of text messaging platforms are an easy way to organize a group message. They are usually an online platform that you log into on a computer but some have apps for your phone as well. They are a very good way to control the chaos that can ensue when group messaging. And they can fix all of the above problems that arise when group messaging – iMessages, privacy, replies, and opting out.

An illustration showing that you can avoid many problems with group texting by using a mass texting platform like TextSanity.

iMessages and Privacy

In order to avoid the problems with iMessages, text messaging platforms provide the same tools and abilities for all users regardless of what kind of phone each person in the group message has. It’s just the way platforms are built. As for privacy, text messaging platforms can provide a streamlined way where you can message everyone you need to at the same time without breaching someone’s privacy, or your own. You see, by using a real text messaging platform, you can message everyone that you need to at the same time, but everyone is messaged individually, as if they were the only one messaged in the first place.

With a real text messaging platform like TextSanity, you can message everyone that you need to at the same time, but everyone is messaged individually.

Replies and Opting-out

Replies with text messaging platforms are one-on-one. If someone replies to a message, then only the person that sent the message receives it. Plus, instead of your phone blowing up with responses, text messaging platforms can organize responses for you. Making your group messages convenient, rather than a headache. And finally text messaging platforms provide a simple way for people to opt-out, but still get the information they need if they are messaged one on one. And the platform will provide a list of these people, so they too can receive the critical information they need.

Text Messaging Platforms

There are a lot of text messaging platforms to choose from. A simple Google search for text messaging platforms will give you many options to choose from. Some platforms are industry specific and others are meant for anyone. They can handle personal as well as business use. We recommend TextSanity. It’s an easy-to-use platform that was designed for personal and business use.

A simple solution is to use a text messaging platform like TextSanity.

In the end, using a text messaging platform to handle group messaging will save you time and a headache. But you may still have one lingering question. And that is, what about the other people, family, friends, co-workers, even my workplace that include me in group messages? How do I deal with that? Simple, once you find the right text messaging platform for you, tell your circle of influence. Tell your family, friends, co-workers, and even workplace to use a text messaging platform too. That way everyone wins!