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The Versatility of a Text Message Sales Funnel

Updated 11/1/2022

Traditional Sales Funnel

Traditional sales funnels are a series of steps that a company puts in place to guide a potential customer to a purchase. For instance, a customer sees a magazine ad, billboard, or hears a radio commercial and either calls the company to find out more or goes to the store. Now-a-days, automated digital sales funnels are all the rave.

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The top of a digital sales funnel starts with an initial ad that engages a potential customer, then follow up is completed through email and other types of retargeting. The initial digital ads can be social media ads, banner ads, or google search ads, or basically an ad that can be clicked on to send people to a landing page. But no matter where the ad is, it has to be online, or it doesn’t exist.

The top of the sales funnel is where most customers begin their engagement with your brand.

Text Message Sales Funnel

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a new way to merge the traditional marketing methods with the new digital strategies. Marketers and advertisers could simply use text messaging sales funnels which allow traditional non-digital ads to instantly guide customers into a digital funnel which is far superior and includes automated follow up.

The initial engagement of a text message sales funnel can go anywhere. Seriously anywhere. With text messaging, the initial ad can start with any of the traditional online places, or the ad can be on any print media. What’s even better, a text message sales funnel can have automated follow up by text message, or email, or both.

Check out this diagram of the steps of a very basic text message sales funnel.

An infographic showing how keyword campaigns, webforms, drip campaigns and SMS marketing as a whole fits into the sales funnel.

Keyword Campaigns

How do I get started, you ask? Simple; through keyword campaigns. Keyword campaigns are something you can easily set up where a keyword that you choose can be texted to a specific number, which initiates a certain message flow with a customer. Try one out right now.

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These keywords and accompanying phone numbers can be anywhere. Literally! Anywhere in the world can be the top of your sales funnel.

Here’s our short list of where you can put a keyword campaign. (The full list is really endless!)

  • Billboards

  • Newspapers

  • On-site signage

  • Magazines

  • Product labelling

  • Books – authors can put them in books

  • Programs or bulletins

  • Any kind of presentation – especially where there’s nothing to actually click on since you’re live – click funnel during your presentation

  • In the sky (written by an airplane)

  • On cars

  • T-shirts

  • Grocery stores

  • Gas pumps

  • Radio ads

  • TV commercials

With text message, you can take anything that’s announced over a loudspeaker, the radio, TV, basically any non-digital media and digitally catalog it. This digital catalog can categorize anyone and everyone who engages with your keyword campaign. And is especially nice if they complete the opt-in, which allows you to engage with them via mass text message (which is not the same as group text message).

Mass Texting

Mass texting is great for, the second step in your sales funnels, the follow up. Once a person engages the keyword campaign there is no chance they are going to be lost from the funnel because you get their phone number without even having to ask for it. Now, instead of losing out on customers that you would lose contact with in a regular digital sales funnel (if they click the ad, but then navigate away from the page), you can access every single person that texts your keyword campaign because they are now in your contact database and tagged how you want.

Text Message Drip Campaign

So when customers engage with the keyword campaign and are sent to the landing page, if they fail to engage with the page, you still have their cell number. You can put these potential customers on a text message drip campaign which will allow a preset series of messages to be sent that are triggered when someone engages a campaign. Each message has a specific number of days until the next text message is sent. Therefore, you could have a text message on day 1, day 3, day 5, and so on.

Email Versus Text Message

And if they go through the opt-in process, you can verify a potential customer’s email too! Now you have two ways of contacting a potential customer. So, you can follow up with them either way. However, it is important to note that text message is so much more effective than email. Just think about it. If you get an email from a company that’s not in your email contacts, you either delete it or it ends up in your spam folder. To avoid this, simply text message your potential customer. They are much more likely to respond.

Text Message Platforms

In order to capitalize on all of this, you are going to need a good text messaging platform. Your text messaging platform is critical to further engaging your potential customers when they engage with you via your keyword campaign. You’re going to need a text message platform that can do it all. One that can not only provide you with access to set up and run keyword campaigns, but one that can also send mass text messages (or broadcasts), catalog potential customers information (cell phone and email), send individualized text messages to potential customers, run drip campaigns, and so on.


That is a lot to ask one text message platform to provide. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place. TextSanity offers all of these tools and more. We help you create the best text message sales funnels. In addition to providing all of the capabilities listed in the previous paragraph, we allow you to tag your potential customers (useful to know where they are in the text message sales funnel and where they came from – which method they used to engage with your keyword) and create webforms (which is just another way to help you find and engage with potential customers).

TextSanity is the most versatile text message platform. It was built with you in mind. It’s user-friendly, web-based, and completely self-sustaining. So why not start building more effective text message sales funnels today? So go ahead and check us out!