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The Importance of a Business Texting App in Times of Urgency

Since the dawn of the modern era, businesses around the world have struggled to stay connected. Making sure employees as well as customers stay connected to your business is so important, especially in times of urgency. The ability to get a message out, and out quickly, is vital for a business. That’s why you need a business-level text message platform.

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During difficult times, many businesses and organizations need their community to stay connected. They need their employees and customers to understand the actions that the business is taking and what they can expect. Communication is indispensable for staying on top of ever-changing situations. It’s the difference between being able to act quickly and in an organized fashion or simply trying to hold back chaos.

Stay Connected with a Business-level Text Message Platform

Obviously every business would prefer to be proactive and organized, rather than reactive and chaotic. So, what is the best way to stay connected to your business and community during times of urgency? The answer is simple: use a mass text messaging platform.

In times of emergencies, a mass texting platform like TextSanity is the best way to stay connected.

For example, TextSanity’s mass text messaging platform can help you stay connected to your community. Instead of struggling to communicate with employees and customers when difficult times hit, communicate directly and without delay. With a business level text message platform you can do the following.

1. Send out a mass text message

Mass text messages can be sent to your organization in order to communicate with employees. Or mass text messages can be sent to thousands of your community at once, namely your customers. This way it’s easy to keep both your organization and your community updated on a changing situation.

2. Opt-in your community

With text message keywords and TextSanity online webforms, you can let the community choose to communicate with you. Afterall, there may be community members who are interested in your communication who may not already be connected with you. Plan for their participation by setting up visible keyword campaigns and online webforms.

3. Text your community special deals

A customer receiving an urgent business text message.

One way to bring in business during difficult times is to simply let your community know you are available. Get the message out quickly using text message. Even better when you use a business level text message platform, you can build-in extras to your text messages such as links and images.

4. Set up a text message drip campaign

During periods of quarantine, you may need to keep your business’ name in the back of your customers mind. One way to do that effectively is with a text message drip campaign. The drip campaign sends text messages to those that are opted-in on a specific timetable. Especially if you are just starting out, you don’t want the momentum that you’ve built to fizzle out. Keep the momentum going by reminding customers of what they love most about you.

Urgent Communication

An employee acting promptly after receiving an urgent business-related text message.

In the end, you need to ensure that you can communicate with two groups. Your employees and your customers. The communication with employees needs to be quick and efficient. The communication with customers needs to be timely and informative. Ensure that you can communicate with both groups by using a business level text message platform.