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What is an SMS Keyword Campaign?

Updated 11/1/2022

The rubber really hits the road in text message marketing with keyword campaigns. In fact, 97% of people text at least once a day. Reach people when they use their phone with text message marketing, and namely keyword campaigns.

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It’s important to note that, keyword campaigns have high engagement rates with 45% of people completing the requested action in a text message.

A woman texting a keyword to the phone number she saw from a marketing billboard.
Keyword campaigns can be used across many mediums, such as on billboards.

Keyword campaigns easily engage potential customers with targeted offers and delivers information straight to their mobile device via mass text messaging. Thus, the popularity of keyword campaigns continues to increase. Take advantage of this rise in popularity with TextSanity’s brand new web application.

How to get started using keyword campaigns

Choose a relevant word to begin a keyword campaign. Make sure your word makes sense in your advertising. For example, a pizzeria business named Roccos Pizza chooses the word ‘ROCCOS1’. Therefore, their advertisement reads: “Text ROCCOS1 to 505-465-8108”. Go ahead and text that keyword to see this keyword campaign in action. (It won’t actually opt you into this business’ text messages.)

A screenshot of text messages to show how keyword campaigns can help get your audience opted-in.
Try texting ROCCOS1 to 505-465-8101 to see how it works.

Once texted, TextSanity starts an automated message flow. (Which you design on your TextSanity Campaigns page.) The message flow can be as simple as opting them in and telling them thanks. However, it can be as big as a 100 question survey. Your contact database contains all information collected through a keyword campaign. Also, it’s available in a downloadable spreadsheet.

A woman going through the automated message flow from a keyword campaign that was set up using TextSanity.

Applications for using keyword campaigns

Keyword campaigns work in all sorts of industries, internally or externally. Keep employees and stakeholders aware of critical information by using internal campaigns. Communicate with a desired audience and build a list of contacts to market to by using external campaigns.

Internal keyword campaign example

Here’s a campaign that’s focused on updating employees about an upcoming company blood drive.

A screenshot of a keyword campaign that’s focused on updating employees about an upcoming company blood drive.

External keyword campaign example

Here’s a campaign that’s focused on communicating with customers for a customer service inquiry.

A screenshot of a keyword campaign that’s focused on communicating with customers for a customer service inquiry.

Details about text message opt-in

Opted-in contacts make up the bread and butter of keyword campaigns. With TextSanity, you choose between several options for an opt-in message. Choosing “reply with YES” collects only the customer’s phone number.

Another option, “reply with NAME” collects their name and phone number. Finally, “reply with EMAIL” collects their email and phone number. (Keep in mind that gathering more information from an opted-in customer through the automated message flow is always available.)

Mass text messaging

Another TextSanity tool is sending mass text messages. You send these to groups of contacts, under specific tags. The contacts come from previous keyword campaigns. Schedule and send a mass text message at any future date and time without the hassle of group texting. Mass text messaging creates a great way for businesses to engage with patrons and communicate efficiently within their organization. The broadcasts page in TextSanity is where you mass text message.

A calendar of scheduled messages automatically populates upon creation of a mass text message. To schedule a message, first, compose your message. Second, set a date. Third, set a time. And finally, edit mass text messages any time before they send.

The point of keyword campaigns

Efficiently market to potential customers by text message with keyword campaigns. Keep the line of communication open by sending mass text messages. At the heart of any great mass text messaging strategy lies keyword campaigns which help both internal and external audiences.

Increase your reach and efficiently market to potential customers via text with keyword campaigns.

Get started text message marketing using TextSanity’s unique CRM. Make keyword campaigns a cinch by using our easy-to-use platform. Schedule, group, tag, and communicate with your contacts quickly and efficiently. Get your desired audience to opt-in and start your targeted text marketing efforts today.