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Drip Text: What Are Text Message Drip Campaigns?

Marketers use drip campaigns all the time to reel customers into a sale. All drip campaigns, no matter the platform, are essentially the same.

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You put potential customers on a list that allows a preset series of messages to be sent that are triggered when someone engages a campaign.

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Each message has a specific number of days until the next message is sent. Typically a message is sent on day 1 after initial contact, day 3, day 5, and so on. You get the idea.

Traditional Drip Campaigns

In the past, drip campaigns came through the mail. A company sent a letter to your home on a preset schedule, trying to entice you to buy a product or service. Now, in the internet era, most drip campaigns are sent via email. However, email drip campaigns raise some serious questions and create drawbacks.

Email Drip Campaigns

Email drip campaigns completed through companies such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and others are supposed to have the express permission of consumers. In other words, in order to email a consumer, the company needs their permission. However, consumers are often added to an email list regardless of whether they gave permission or not.

A modern-day business owner uses email drip campaigns rather than sending letters and offers through the mail.

There is a law, the CAN-SPAM Act, which is supposed to enforce the permissions of emails, but it’s rarely followed or enforced. Basically creating a free-for-all system. Unfortunately as a consumer, in order to get off a company’s list, you must navigate to their site and choose your email preferences.

However, even after you’ve told a company you no longer want their emails, it can take up to two weeks before that’s fully realized. And it doesn’t protect your email from being put on other company’s email marketing lists.

Text Message Drip Campaigns

Text message drip campaigns alleviates the concerns raised with email drip campaigns. First, text message marketing is better regulated and enforced than email marketing. The FCC and TCPA make sure of that.

Second, text message marketing provides a strict opt-in and opt-out policy. In order for a customer to be opted-in, you need their express consent to do so. The phone number has to expressly agree to opt-in by actively replying.

A business owner using a drip text campaign to reach their opted-in customers.

Even after express consent is reached, an opt-in confirmation is sent as well as directions on how to opt-out. Speaking of which, opting-out is a synch. By simply replying STOP, a customer is opted-out of text message marketing.

Third, text message marketing is almost instant. Almost as soon as you click send, the message is received. Therefore, by extension, text message drip campaigns are a dynamite way to get people to remember your product, and find enough value in it that they decide to purchase the product or service.

How to Set Up a Text Message Drip Campaign using TextSanity

It’s incredibly easy to set up and use a text message drip campaign using TextSanity. The first thing you want to do is sign up for a TextSanity account. You’ll have access to TextSanity’s suite of tools without even having to enter your credit card number.

Once your registration is complete, navigate to Drip Campaigns on your TextSanity account. Here you’ll find a page dedicated to sending text message drip campaigns. You create and run as many drip campaigns as you need and want at the same time.

Add Messages to Your Text Message Drip Campaign

First, name you campaign. Second, add messages to it. Each message has a name for your reference. Messages are completely customizable. Use a message template, if you’ve created any, or just type a message out. Links and attachments can be added as needed.

Third, set the timing for your message. The first text message in your drip campaign will go out however many days you specify after the triggering event that starts the campaign. Someone engaging with a keyword campaign, manually adding a contact to a specific drip campaign on the Personal Details page of a contact, and selecting a group of contacts to add to a drip campaign in bulk are all triggering events for a drip campaign.

Add Timing to Your Text Message Drip Campaign

Fourth, set a time of day you want the message delivered. You can choose anytime between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00pm in order to comply with TCPA guidelines. Fifth, keep going! You can add an infinite number of drips to a campaign. In other words, you can add a limitless number of messages on a specific schedule to be sent. It’s important to realize that the timing set for each message is relative to the message sent prior.

Links and attachments can be added to your drip text campaign.

Now you see how incredibly easy it is to set up a drip campaign using TextSanity. All of your text message drip campaigns need to conform to the behavior of a consumer. So, when a potential customer engages with a keyword campaign, but fails to follow through with an actual sale, you set this as a triggering event allowing you to put these potential customers on a text message drip campaign.

Give Customers What They Want

In the end, your goal is simple. Create a path for potential customers to purchase your product or service. Do so in such a way where they enjoy the process and aren’t annoyed with it.