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Text Message Marketing for Musicians & Artists

Although there are nearly 7000 known unique languages spoken on Earth, humanity speaks with one voice through music and the arts. Throughout our shared history, mankind has always written the chapters of our species’ story through music and artistic expression. 

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As an artist, you play an important role in society. What you create can be therapy to a person in pain, a joy to a person celebrating a milestone, or comforting to a person struggling with a personal loss. Your art is needed, and marketing yourself is paramount to getting it out into the world.

What are SMS services?

There are many different marketing mediums available to you as an artist. From radio and television advertisements to email and SMS services, marketing is an important element to your success, regardless of the quality of your talent. You could be the greatest painter our world has seen since Picasso, but your art must be seen and heard to be impactful.

SMS services are simply mass business text message marketing services used by artists and companies from all types of industries. SMS services are proven to be the most effective marketing tool in reaching the most people and garnering the highest degree of interaction and engagement.

Why is text message marketing important for musicians and artists?

Your art in and of itself is a form of marketing. For instance, hearing one of our favorite songs from our youth has the power to bring on sensations of nostalgia unrivaled by any other trigger. Pairing this with affordable and efficient marketing can make all the difference in your success story. 


  • Community building
  • Convenient and cost-effectiveness
  • It gets results

Community building

Text message marketing gives you unmatched power to build your fan base and community. As an artist, you want to stay in touch with your community, and fans, like a company, want to remain in contact with its customers.

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Building fan loyalty is similar to how a company seeks to build brand loyalty. As an artist, your art is your brand, and approaching it that way will get what you create in front of more and more people.

Current events often influence art and music in the communities the artist belongs to. The art born from those events becomes a permanent staple of the moment all of the time. With SMS texting, you can provide your fanbase with an easy way to stay in touch with you and provide you with valuable fan data. Building this data gives you an easy and automated way to send information about new releases, public appearances, and more. 

Convenient and cost-effective

One of the best parts of SMS services is how easy and simple they are to use and how affordable they are to implement. Our TextSanity subscription service starts at under $30 a month. 

Our platform provides you with automated tools that aid you in marketing your art. If you know how to text and use a computer, you’re already a pro with our online platform! 

It gets results

Research indicates that text messages have a 98% open rate compared to the less than 20% open rate of email marketing, with 75% of consumers preferring it over any other medium. Over half of the people in America say they have never gone longer than 24 hours without their phone, nearly 75% refuse to leave it at home, and 6 out of 10 have texted someone in the same room.

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How to use text message marketing for musicians and artists 

Now that you know what SMS services are and why they would benefit you as an artist let’s look at some ways you can put text message marketing into practice.


  • Forming relationships with promoters
  • Merch
  • New music announcements and rollout
  • Performance reminders, updates, and information

Forming relationships with promoters

There have been many great performers, painters, singers, comedians, magicians, and creators from whom none have ever heard. Why? Because they never found a way to get their art out into the world.

Promoters help get your brand of art out into the world. Without promoters, names like Garth Brooks, Eminem, Taylor Swift, and Stephen King would mean nothing. With SMS marketing, you can reach out and find those willing to give you and what you create a shot. 


Before hitting it big, most artists make their money by selling their art and merch. Merch is a tried and proven way to make the most profit with the lowest up-front investment. Whether you are an independent artist, indie musician, or the number one hit on Spotify, merch helps increase your revenue and build your fanbase loyalty. 

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Whenever you drop a new merch item, using SMS marketing to create and distribute an SMS campaign to build excitement for it will increase your profits exponentially. For example, if you created a new t-shirt for a new album you are about to release, you can use a keyword campaign to send out to fans who have opted in to receive SMS messages from you. These keywords encourage engagement, directing them to your eCommerce site to purchase the new product.

New music announcements and rollout

One of the best benefits of having a record deal as a musician is that the record label does a lot of the leg work for your marketing. However, you are responsible for your marketing as an independent artist or indie musician.

Advancements in at-home recording technologies have given artists an unprecedented ability to roll out new music on streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. SMS marketing allows you to send new music announcements out to your fanbase quickly and easily, capitalizing on the extremely high open rate and engagement rate unique only to SMS texting

Performance reminders, updates, and information

Keeping your name and art in front of your fans and the community is the key to consistent growth. With SMS text marketing, you can ensure all of your fans, or for unique performances, specific fans, are notified and updated about your upcoming events. 

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For example, TextSanity’s platform allows you to create tags to organize your fans into subcategories. Let’s say you have certain fans who show up to every gig and promote you on their social media well. You can create a tag labeled “Roadies” for each one of these fans. Whenever you’re looking to build hype around an upcoming performance, you can send a message out to all of your Roadies without having to select each fan individually. The options are endless.

What to do next  

Call, text, or chat with us today to learn more about why TextSanity is the right partner for you and the art you create for our communities and world. We offer affordable and simple solutions to elevate your marketing, build your brand, and get your artistic expression in front of as many people as possible.