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Text to Pay: How SMS Services Help Provide Easier Payments

Text to pay is the most convenient way your customers can pay for your product or service. SMS payment services give your business a wide array of benefits, including reducing your operating costs. Other than the computer you own, there are no added equipment costs like you would find with other POS technologies.

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As an added benefit, your customers want the option to text their payments because texting provides them with a superior customer experience over older traditional methods.

What is text to pay?

What is text to pay? It’s quite simple to implement. Instead of waiting on a check or in line to pay, your customers can use a unique link to their cell phones to pay for your products and services.

The majority of people around the world have adopted SMS texting as their preferred method of communication. From business communications and transactions to personal ones, texting has become the king of simplified yet efficient two-way communication.

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SMS services have been around for a while. However, the expansion of mobile networks and widespread adoption of cell phones by a large majority of the world, coupled with unlimited texting plans, has blown the roof off of the powerful potential of SMS services for businesses from every industry.

Five benefits of text to pay

  1. Contactless payment
  2. Customers want text to pay
  3. Invoicing is simpler
  4. Replaces costly POS technology
  5. Supports multiple payment types

Contactless payment

The COVID pandemic has elevated contactless payments to a scope not ever seen before. Companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung have been promoting contactless payment for many years. Still, fears of contracting the virus have caused the usage of contactless payment to double in a short amount of time.

Although many POS terminals have been upgraded to accommodate contactless payments through NFC technologies, they still often require physical touch. For instance, if customers use their debit card from their digital wallet, they are still required to enter their PIN physically.

With SMS payments and text to pay, your customers can provide payment with zero contact with potentially contaminated high-traffic surfaces. Mastercard found in a recent survey that 79% of users preferred or desired to use contactless payment due to health and safety concerns. Therefore, offering SMS payment solutions enhances the customer experience.

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Customers want text to pay

Your customers want text to pay, plain and simple. Have you ever been to a restaurant, finished your meal, and had to wait 10 minutes to get the check? It’s frustrating. With text to pay, you can pay your bill as soon as you are ready without the wait.

We mentioned that texting is the preferred method of communication among most users around the world. One of the reasons for this is how easy it is to do and the fact that most people can’t be found away from home without their iPhone or Android phone.

The first step in building customer loyalty is offering a quality product or service. The second step is showing them how much you appreciate them. This appreciation is accomplished by enhancing the customer’s experience with your company. Offering SMS payment solutions helps you achieve this goal.

Invoicing is simpler

Invoicing can be daunting. There are records to keep track of, due dates, late payments, processed payments, customer data, etc. Doing this the old-fashioned way requires a dedicated employee to keep track of everything.

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With SMS services many of these mundane tasks are automated. From data collection to payment recording, our automated SMS platform helps simplify invoicing from data collection to payment recording. Customer data is collected more efficiently and is fully customizable to your needs.

Replaces costly POS technology

POS technology is expensive. Depending on your needs, the equipment alone can cost 10s of thousands of dollars. Add subscription and training expenses and you soon realize just how expensive collecting money can be.

With SMS payment solutions, your customers foot the bill for the hardware technology, and you only have to manage your online SMS services subscription, which is only a fraction of the cost compared to POS technology.

Supports multiple payment types

SMS payment solutions offer your customers multiple payment options. They can pay with their card of choice, a checking account, PayPal, etc. Essentially, any payment method they want can be used to make payment when linked with the Text to Pay link.

Once again this creates a greater customer experience and simplifies the transactional relationship with your company.

How does text to pay work?

Implementing and using text to pay is easy, and you and your customers already have experience doing it. With our easy-to-use online platform, you can create a link to send to your customer’s phone. Clicking the link brings them to a payment processing site where they enter their customer details and payment information.

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Once submitted, the payment is processed, your team is notified, and in addition to getting paid quickly and easily, you have also collected invaluable customer data for future marketing. It’s never been easier, or cheaper, to get paid.

How sending exclusive offers via SMS increases revenue

We’ve been discussing data collection a lot in this article. If you don’t know already, collecting data on your customers is instrumental in increasing the effectiveness of your marketing. With tags, you can organize your customers based on predetermined parameters. This categorizes your customers into groups that you can target with tailored marketing, such as exclusive offers.

Exclusive offers encourage your customers to engage with your SMS marketing and help solidify customer loyalty. Well-timed exclusive offer text messages can get a previous customer back on your website or inside your doors to spend more money.

Should you add text to pay to your business arsenal?

If it isn’t apparent, we believe you should most definitely add text to pay to your business’ arsenal. With benefits that include cost reduction, enhanced customer experiences, customer data collection, increased health and safety mitigation, and increased sales, it’s easy to see why.

What’s more, with TextSanity, the cost to get started is only a fraction of the cost of more traditional POS systems. You love to text, your employees love to text, and your customers love to text. With so much love going around, it’s no wonder that text-to-pay payment solutions should be added to your business’ arsenal.

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What to do next

TextSanity’s SMS services are great for businesses from all types of industries. Our clients include restaurants, churches, law firms, auto dealers, hotels, political campaigns, and more. The best part is our SMS plans start at less than $30 a month and can be used with the hardware you already own.

Text, call, or chat with us today to learn more about our platform and how adding SMS services to your business’ marketing arsenal can propel your growth and profits to the next level. You can also visit our blog and read about TextSanity’s SMS texting platform’s many features.