How to Export Contacts from iPhone into TextSanity

A few iPhone generations ago, you had to manually transfer all your contacts from your phone into their party programs and devices. This annoying and tedious task took a lot of time and effort.

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Now, we have better tools and technology that you can use to easily export your contacts directly from your iPhone to text message marketing platforms such as TextSanity.

How to export your iPhone contacts into TextSanity?

Use these five steps to export your iPhone contacts directly into TextSanity easily:

  1. Add your contacts to a spreadsheet: Build a spreadsheet list based on names, phone numbers, emails, and any other useful information you may need.
  2. Save the spreadsheet contact list as a .CSV file: Once you have all the information you need in your spreadsheet, save the file as a .CSV file.
  3. Upload the .CSV to your TextSanity account: Log in to your TextSanity account. After logging in, upload the .CSV to your account. You can upload 10,000 contacts at a time.
  4. Ensure the contact information uploaded correctly: Once the data is uploaded, check that the information uploaded correctly.
  5. Opt-in your contacts and start text marketing: Now, you’re ready to start contacting your exported contact list by opting them into your text marketing list and drafting the perfect text message.

Are there other methods of transferring contacts into TextSanity?

There are other methods of transferring contacts that might be more convenient. For example, you can transfer your contacts using iCloud and iTunes.

Transferring your contacts to TextSanity using iCloud

Apple makes transferring contacts easy thanks to its iCloud. iCloud stores everything from photos to files to contacts on a cloud that can be easily backed up and accessed. You can access iCloud from all Apple devices, so there’s no need to download an additional app to make the transfer.

To transfer your contacts using iCloud:

  1. Sign in to the same Apple ID on both devices.
  2. Verify this by going to “Settings” and clicking on your name at the top of the resulting page.
  3. On this page, click “iCloud” and turn on the cloud capabilities for contacts by selecting the toggle.
  4. You will receive a notification asking you to merge your contacts.
  5. Select “Merge” and wait for the contacts to transfer to the new device.
  6. Follow the directions above to transfer the contacts to your TextSanity account.

Turning this feature off won’t delete or update your contacts.

Using iTunes to transfer your contacts to TextSanity

You can also use iTunes to transfer contacts from one Apple device to another. This method is slightly more complicated, but we’ll guide you through the process here:

  1. You’ll need:
  • Both devices,
  • a USB cord,
  • A computer with the most recent version of iTunes.

1. Launch and log in to iTunes.

2. Plug your existing device into the computer using the USB cord.

3. Permit iTunes to access your iPhone.

4. Once iTunes accesses your iPhone:

  • Select the device at the top of the toolbar,
  • Click “Info” on the left sidebar,
  • Click “Sync Contacts” right under the top toolbar.

5. Then, click “Sync” at the bottom right of the page and wait for the contacts to upload into iTunes.

6. Once the sync is complete, unplug your existing iPhone from the computer and connect the new one.

7. You will need to select the new device at the top of the toolbar and navigate to the “Info” section on the left sidebar about halfway down the page.

  • Again, make sure to select “Sync Contacts” under the top toolbar before scrolling down to the “Advanced” section

8. On that page, select “Contacts” under where it says “Replace Information on This iPhone.” Your contacts from the existing device will now be transferred to the new device in just a short time.

9. Follow the directions above to transfer the contacts to your TextSanity account.

Is it possible to export all of my contacts from iPhone?

Yes, it is.

iPhones are smart devices that make it quick and easy to export your contacts to other locations and devices. Depending on your device and destination specifications, you can use a few different methods.

Why is it important to export contacts?

Exporting contacts from your iPhone is an easy way to transfer contacts into TextSanity quickly.

Instead of manually inputting your contacts, they can be automatically transferred. Automatic transfers save you time and are more accurate because you are not manually inputting contacts.

What is a .CSV file?

A comma-separated value or .CSV file is a simple text file where commas separate the information.

When organizing and transferring data between two non-compatible devices or programs, you’ll use this file type. You can easily create a .CSV file in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or another spreadsheet program of your choosing.

When creating your .CSV contacts file, ensure that you have headings for all the information you’re gathering, including first names, last names, addresses, phone numbers, work phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

In TextSanity, the only information you need in order to upload the file is a contacts phone number. You can have additional information, but only if you want it for your marketing purposes.

How do I convert other files into .CSV?

Although you create a .CSV in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets, you must convert the data into a .CSV for easy export.

If you’re using Excel, you can do this by:

  1. Selecting “File” and “Save As.”
  2. Name the file and save it as a “.CSV.”
  3. When you open up the new .CSV file, the information you will see the data is separated by commas.


With TextSanity, it’s easy to export your contact list directly into the tool following the instructions above. Doing so eliminates the need for tedious typing and checking.

This is why TextSanity’s easy-to-use platform is ideal for marketers. TextSanity comes with features like:

Your own text marketing phone number

  • Unlimited text message keywords
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited online opt-in webforms
  • Text message templates
  • Text message scheduling
  • Mass text messaging
  • Unlimited Text Message Drip Campaigns

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