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Text to Win: Setting Up Your Sweepstakes Campaign

Engaging current and potential customers is essential to grow your business. Successful companies look for new and exciting ways to engage and communicate with customers. A great way to engage with your target audience is with a text-to-win sweepstake.

Who doesn’t love an opportunity to win? Text-to-win sweepstakes are a win-win situation for your company and your customers. It’s fun for them and easy for you. Implemented the right way, even setup can be fun and easy!

What is a text to win sweepstakes?

Text to win is a method for operating sweepstakes or contests entirely through a text messaging format. The text-to-win format is popular among customers because mobile devices are already in their hands. Participation is quick and easy. Many customers find the low-effort opportunity to win enticing.

Engagement with customers is higher via text message than through other channels of communication. Gain the attention of your customers quickly and remotely with text messaging. If you’re trying to reach out to your customers and attract more to engage with your business, a text-to-win sweepstake is a great way to do it.

Your company gains many benefits with text-to-win sweepstakes. They’re low-effort and high-reward. You can use text to win to interact with your customers in other ways, too.

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Are text to win campaigns beneficial marketing tools?

Text-to-win campaigns are a great marketing tool. Whether you’re promoting your business or an event, attracting new customers, or driving sales, you need a marketing campaign. Marketing campaigns achieve your marketing goals. One easy way to launch a marketing campaign is with a text-to-win contest.

Every marketing campaign benefits from text messaging. Here are some benefits of a text-to-win campaign.

Grow your subscriber list

We all love to win. Entering a text-to-win sweepstake is easy. It comes without any major risk or commitment. Plus, it’s a great tool to grow your subscriber list.

Additionally, text to win participants opt-in to future promotions via text marketing campaigns.

Engage with your customers

To successfully engage customers, interact and develop a relationship with them. A text-to-win sweepstake is a perfect setting. Initiate a texting relationship with your customers or target audience.

Text messaging is a low-effort form of communication. It allows people to interact easily. It’s also highly engaging. A quick text puts you front and center in your customers’ mind. Create conversations with your customers and build relationships with them.

Build word-of-mouth

People like exchanging information. Your company and its sweepstakes will likely come up in conversation. A simple sweepstakes campaign expands word-of-mouth reach. Word-of-mouth marketing is marketing you can’t buy, but does have an impact.

Successful text-to-win campaigns influence word-of-mouth marketing. Sending out periodic countdowns to an announcement or updates on prizes engages customers. A well-timed text prompts customers to discuss your company with their friends and coworkers.

How can I set up a sweepstakes campaign with TextSanity?

Text message keywords play an important part in a sweepstakes campaign. Afterall, a keyword is simply the word a customer texts to be added to the sweepstakes. A text marketing service, like TextSanity, helps your sweepstakes campaign in a number of ways.

Setting up a text-to-win sweepstakes should be easy. With TextSanity, customize the structure of messages and automate responses.

Set up a text message keyword campaign

To set up a text to win sweepstakes using a text message keyword, choose a relevant word for your contest. When a customer texts the keyword, an automated message flow, that you previously set up, begins.

After choosing your text message keyword, incorporate it and your TextSanity number into your existing marketing channels to promote your contest.

Advertise your campaign

When you choose a text message keyword, make sure it integrates well with your advertising. Using other marketing channels – like in-store signage or social media – makes it easier to promote text-to-win contests.

Establish a start and end date. Be clear in your advertising. Tell customers when to expect a winner announcement. Determine contest parameters. Doing so helps measure the impact of your campaign later.

Collect responses

TextSanity stores information collected, such as customer responses, in your contact database. Download the information in a spreadsheet format to gain valuable insights.

Choose and notify winners using text message

Messages and responses come to your TextSanity inbox. There you easily read through messages and choose winners. To avoid choosing the same winner twice, add tags to your contacts.

Determine how many winners you will choose. When you decide on the winner or winners, notify the winner via text message. Even send this message from your inbox!

Choose how to communicate with customers who didn’t win. Do you want to send a text message telling them they didn’t win? Do you want to notify them of a future contest? If you decide to send a follow-up text message, choose your words carefully.

One route is to text an offer to all participants. It could even be a discount coupon code. It might not be the big prize, but it’s nice to show customers appreciation for their participation. It also might give you some extra business!


Everyone loves to win. When that opportunity comes with minimal effort or risk, most people are more than happy to participate. To put that to use for your business, establish an easy-to-use text to win sweepstakes. Customers get the chance to win. You get to attract new customers.

Setting up a text to win campaign is simple. With the right help text marketing platform, easily set up, gather data, and broaden your reach in a low-effort, low-cost way.