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Text Message Data Collection: Getting Multiple Data Points From Consumers

Updated 12/07/2022

If you are considering getting a business level text messaging platform, make sure you find one that has the ability to collect multiple points of data from consumers. Because as we know, the more you know, the more you can do.

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Therefore, you need a text messaging platform that provides you the opportunity to collect multiple data points from consumers. Collect as many as you like and need with a keyword campaign text survey.

Use keyword campaigns to collect data from consumers

We make this easy. In TextSanity you can easily design an automated text message campaign, or keyword campaign, that’s triggered when someone texts a keyword to your TextSanity phone number. This process is more intuitive than you’d think. You can effortlessly design a message flow to engage people and gather their responses to a data table. All data from a campaign can be exported as a .CSV file spreadsheet. With our text messaging application, the possibilities of gathering data by text message are endless.

5 ways to use a text message marketing to collect multiple data points

1. Engage consumers in a text survey

Many companies, entrepreneurs, and researchers depend on surveys to accumulate information about a specific segment of the public. A text message survey with TextSanity can be adapted to any type of business or research interest without difficulty. Surveys provide the essential building blocks of research, so let us help you get started.

Want to see a survey in action? Text SURVEY to 505-465-8101 to take a survey live right now. Seriously, do it! You’ll see how seamless this process can be.

2. Gather information for an application

The bane of a company’s HR department is the application process. Setting up an application for a company can take hours and hours of planning. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Plus if you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or start-up company you don’t have the money for an exclusive application platform.

TextSanity can help you gather information for an application by text message.

TextSanity can help you gather application information via text message for a low-cost and effort. Build in as many questions, or data points, as you need. Your application can be as detailed as your industry requires. Applicants can even upload documents straight from their cell phone such as resume and cover letter. Plus, they can attach links to their existing profiles on professional sites such as LinkedIn.

3. Take a customer’s order

One of the easiest ways to use TextSanity to collect multiple data points from consumers by text message is by taking an order. Companies are used to taking orders for their merchandise online, but this process can be done by text message. Simply set up a message flow that does the work and collects the data for you and in one place.

For example, non-profits, such as schools, can use this process when parents order uniforms for sports, or school uniforms. Simply gather details about the purchase order such as color, size, and name. You can build a link into the message flow that takes the parent to a payment page. Then, download the information in a spreadsheet and submit to the company you’re ordering through. No more messy paperwork.

4. Open a customer service ticket

Customer service is often difficult. Make the process easier for both yourself and the customer by using text message. Set up a keyword in TextSanity that your customers can text if they have a customer service issue. Once texted, you can set up your TextSanity account to notify your customer service representatives. They can continue the customer conversation in inbox.

As a plus to using TextSanity for your customer service needs, once the customers text your keyword, and opt-in to receive text messages from you, you can send them mass text messages. These mass text messages can be anything from company updates to product updates, or even customer service ticket updates. The choice is yours.

5. Invite and RSVP customers for events

TextSanity makes events easy! Simply set up a message flow that caters to your specific event with a keyword to text to your TextSanity phone number. You can text message event information, links to the location, as well as any other information your event requires. Plus, when a person texts your campaign, the multiple data points collected by text message are easily accessible in your TextSanity account.

A keyword campaign example of collecting multiple data points from consumers

Here’s a screenshot of a keyword campaign example. Playing off the popular show, The Office, it gives you a good basis for how the collection of multiple data points from consumers by text message works. You can try this one out for yourself by texting the word BEARS to 505-465-8101.

The other screenshot details how a campaign is put together using TextSanity’s keyword campaign tool. See how simple collecting multiple data points from consumers by text message is!

Collect multiple data points with TextSanity

TextSanity provides the opportunities that you need in order to not only collect multiple data points, but the data points that will best serve your purposes. Let TextSanity help you collect the information you need from your consumers. So, go ahead and try us out. Don’t just take our word for it, see what makes us different.