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Why Text Message Marketing is so perfect for MLMs and Network Marketers

Multi-level marketing business (MLM) or network marketing has become a well-practiced business model to promote products. However, the traditional model of promoting products is as follows: companies create products and take them to market via marketing channels.

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Network marketing changes this model. Most importantly, MLM marketing takes the product to market based on the distributor’s personal relationships.

Personal relationships have a pivotal role in network marketing.

How network marketing works

As distributors sign up to work for MLM companies, people sign up under them. And both individuals make money off the people’s direct sales that sign up through their referral. In this way, each distributor makes more money as their downline grows. Businesses within the MLM industry are often also called affiliate marketing or affiliate programs because their business plan is centered around gaining new members and marketing lead generation.

Diagram illustrating your potential downline when using TextSanity.

A network marketing system’s direct selling compensation plan is a great business opportunity for people who work hard to promote a product they believe in. Therefore, the distributors that work hard in MLM businesses to increase lead generation make lots of money. Likewise, the company benefits from the increased product sales because of the personal relationships with the distributors promoting the product.

It’s no secret: personal recommendations from a friend by far create the most likely channel to produce a sale. For example, think about the last time you made a large purchase, who did you go to? The likely answer: a friend whom you trust. Similarly, based on their recommendation, you either purchased the product or didn’t.

A network marketing strategy works just like that. marketing and prospecting through personal relationships, rather than other marketing channels. So, as a distributor, you sell to your friends, and they to theirs, and the cycle of new distributors continues. In this way, not only the customer base grows, but also the network of distributors working for the company to gain MLM leads.

Network marketing companies

Some very successful companies started out as small businesses and made their name through network marketing. Tupperware, Nu Skin, Melaleuca, and Avon, to name just a few. The reason for their success? Their choice to create a sales force of distributors in an MLM marketing system, rather than market their products through other marketing tools.

Tupperware, around for more than 70 years, enjoys close to 2 million distributors working for them. Nu Skin, another very successful network marketing company, boasts over 1.2 million distributors, or brand affiliates. Melaleuca, around since the 80s, enjoys 800,000 customers thanks to its distributors at the latest count. Additionally, Avon, a well-known beauty product company, averages 6 million distributors.

Even newer companies owe their success to network marketing. LuLaRoe, HempWorx, Scentsy, and doTERRA found distributors as the best way to promote and sell their products.

LuLaRoe, a clothing company, grew exponentially in the last few years due to its 80,000 strong distributor workforce. HempWorx set itself up for success since becoming a network marketing company in 2018. Scentsy, a scented candle company, boasts a distributor network of 120,000 consultants. Likewise, doTERRA, one of the most successful network marketing companies ever, boasts 3 million distributors in only 11 years.

A company that markets its products by network marketing allows its individual distributors to thrive. Check out this video about how some Hempworx affiliates set up their text message marketing.

How text message marketing helps network marketers

A distributor in a typical network marketing company creates an individual distributor web page for each distributor. Consequently, the distributor’s credited sales center on this tracking method. Some network marketing companies even create two web pages. One web page for the distributor to sell the company’s products. One web page for the distributor to sign up other distributors for the company.

When a distributor initiates a sale, the distributor gives out their web pages. These web pages, most often, detail a distributor’s specific ID. Typically, it’s the company’s website backslash their specific distributor code.

Multiple potential customers receiving SMS marketing texts from an affiliated network.

Examples of network marketing distributor pages

Here’s a link to a distributors page to sell product: https://www.hempworx.com/DRHempworx

Here’s a link to a distributors page to sign others up: https://www.hempworxbizop.com/DRHempworx

Complications arise when distributors give out their web pages. Unique distributor web pages track the online sales of a specific distributor, but oftentimes it goes wrong. In other words, the chances of typing the web address incorrectly remain pretty high. Plus, typing in a long URL is tedious when trying to navigate to a web page.

How keyword campaigns help network marketers

Instead of typing in a web page to get to their website, distributors say “Text CaseyNails to 702-718-6606.” Hence, the benefits of distributors using this type of keyword campaign in their marketing plan is two-fold.

First, the customer or potential sign-up goes directly to the distributor’s web page. No chance to mess up the URL here. Second, when a person texts a keyword campaign, their phone number automatically stores in the distributor’s TextSanity account. Most importantly, this way the distributor knows who to follow up with. Keep in mind, a real cell number is always captured because it’s someone engaging your keyword campaign.

Keyword Campaign versatility with MLM’s

Another benefit: post keyword campaigns anywhere! Think about Instagram for a minute. Obviously photo-centric, Instagram doesn’t allow a distributor to link to their website in the description. They write it out and hope people copy and paste it to get to their web page. But, a keyword campaign fixes this problem. So, create an Instagram post with a keyword campaign in the image itself or in the description. In short, this captures that person’s information automatically and takes them straight to the distributor’s web page.

Bridging the gap between traditional and digital marketing

Text message keyword campaigns bridge the gap between traditional and digital advertising for network marketing businesses. For example, radio stations hold contests where you text in at the right time to receive a reward. Radio, non-digital, traditional marketing, when combined with keyword campaigns bridges the gap between traditional and digital advertising.

Promoting your network marketing business

Keyword campaigns create an opportunity for distributors to promote a network marketing businesses’ products. Some of the ways to use keyword campaigns in your existing advertising or marketing are listed below.

  • Seminars – large or small

  • Sales meetings or sales parties

  • Radio ads

  • Billboards

  • Door to door marketing

  • Craigslist advertisements

  • Instagram (and other social media)

  • TV commercials

  • Yard signs

  • And much more!

The benefits of using a text message marketing company

Lots of text message marketing companies offer help setting up a keyword campaign for your network marketing business. However, TextSanity offers so much more. Set up mass text messaging, drip campaigns, tags, and even schedule text messages.

Tools text message marketing companies offer

Mass text messaging allows a distributor to message multiple customers or other potential distributors at the same time. Distributors use text message drip campaigns to keep potential customers thinking about the products they’re interested in purchasing. Tracking customers and potential customers ensures the revenue of their network marketing business.

Text message marketing companies, like TextSanity, make this easy with a text marketing list. This delineated list allows distributors to keep track of customers – past, present, and future. With tags, distributors segregate their lists. And finally, scheduling text messages saves distributors time and money when they need to communicate with customers about products.

The perfect match: text message marketing and network marketers

In the end, text message marketing enhances network marketers’ success. The plethora of tools and benefits TextSanity offers is immense yet easy to use. Reaching more people and saving time allows distributors the best chance at being the best MLM they can be—and making the greatest amount of money. So go ahead and try TextSanity today!