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Call to Action (CTA) Examples for an SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing combined with call-to-actions is a proven marketing strategy designed for promoting and encouraging customer engagement and interaction. 

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Effective CTAs encourage a desired action from recipients, such as clicking on a link embedded in the message. Call-to-action messages in text and email marketing may significantly increase your conversion rates, revenues, and profits. 

Therefore, they are a valuable tool in your SMS marketing arsenal. 

Why Are CTAs Important in Digital Marketing?

When customers become active participants in your marketing strategy, they become far more likely buyers than mere bystanders. 

In other words, watching a commercial for a product on television is passive engagement. On the other hand, clicking on a link in a text message to view the product on an eCommerce landing page where customers can purchase it is active engagement.

CTAs are important and effective to a SMS marketing campaign.

This is why CTAs are so important and why they are so effective. 

A customer may forget the name of a product just a few minutes after seeing an advertisement. On the other hand, when engaging with the product via interactive advertising, they’ll remember what they saw.

The world’s economy is driven mainly by consumerism, and as a result, customers get bombarded with advertisements across various mediums. Advertisers even strategically place their products in the movies we watch.

How Do CTAs Work in SMS marketing?

Because of market inundation, it is more important than ever for companies to find ways to make a lasting impression on customers. SMS marketing with CTAs is one reliable way to accomplish this.

So, how does it work? 

Just like Google or Facebook ads, SMS marketing ultimately begins with data collection. Once you’ve created and advertised a text message keyword campaign or a text marketing webform and contact opt-in for SMS messages, the next step is to establish campaigns with a specific intention.

When you establish a marketing campaign be sure to include a specific call-to-action.

CTAs are one such tool in SMS marketing. CTAs involve engagement with links that redirect customers to various landing pages, including your eCommerce site, social media touch points, and special event signup pages. 

Additionally, CTAs sometimes encourage active communication, such as replying to certain questions or prompts or RSVP’ing invitations to sales and price drop events at physical store locations.

What Are the Best Call to Action Examples?

Here are four quick and simple ways to maximize CTA potential. Let’s take a closer look at each.

1. Link to Your Website

CTAs that link to landing pages on your eCommerce website are the oldest and most commonly used of all the CTA options available to you. 

As you may have already concluded, these CTAs provide links to encourage customer interaction — viewing a product, sale, or promotion, for example.

These links often include special incentives, such as discounts or free gifts to reward the engagement. This style of CTA increases your site traffic and your opportunities for converting prospects into sales. 

Linking your website to your SMS marketing creates more opportunities for sales conversions and SMS marketing optimization. It’s worth the effort in nearly every case.

2. Encourage Text Responses

It’s a great day when your customers communicate with you, even when you get a complaint. The reason for this is simple — interaction creates opportunities.

You may utilize CTAs as opportunities by encouraging text responses to prompts. The options for this CTA style are limited only by the scope of your imagination.

For instance, send a text message asking customers for ratings of their online shopping experiences, their satisfaction with your product or service, or the likelihood of them coming back. This type of CTA also works as a transactional message.

Make sure to include a call-to-action in transactional messages to engage customers.

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage, you’ve probably received and responded to a transactional message. Power companies around the country now use the remarkable power of SMS business texting to communicate with customers during outages.

These CTA messages significantly enhance the efficiency of power companies response to outages and restorations, allowing for easy dispatching of their power outage response crews.

3. Link To Other Marketing Channels

An effective marketing strategy capitalizes on more than just one marketing channel or medium and utilizes the best marketing options available to you. 

Social media, online website advertising, television commercials, radio ads, printed mailers, and newspaper ads are all viable and productive marketing strategies you can use in addition to and in conjunction with SMS business texting.

With CTAs, your business directs customers to various marketing channels, further enhancing the customer experience and increasing traffic. CTAs may also increase conversion success rates across all of your touch points. 

For example, you might send a CTA to your customers that links directly to your social media page, where you utilize social media influencers to promote your products.

Like the example above, this is sometimes a better strategy than directing your customer straight to your eCommerce site. Once they see one of their favorite influencers wearing or using your product, they’ll want the product for themselves.

4. Invite Customers to Events or Physical Stores

Lastly, using CTAs to invite customers to events or your physical store locations can also increase your sales. Offering special sales that are only available in-store is one popular approach, and using SMS marketing to inform customers about the special event drives traffic up. 

Tips to Help You Write a Great Clickable CTA

Now that you know what the best CTAs are, let’s look at how to write excellent CTA copy.

Include Action Phrases and CTA Buttons

Including action words encourages a response from your text and email subscribers. An action phrase can be a simple CTA like “Click Here,” “Buy Now,” or “Shop Now,” or as complicated as “Follow this link to be amazed.” 

In either case, the goal is customer engagement. Action verbs are key parts of a good CTA. They often lead a customer to a product page showcasing something new.

Use action verbs as part of a good call-to-action strategy.

Here are a few more CTA examples worth remembering while copywriting for a compelling call to action. Think of these as templates you can modify with specific actions to fit your text and email campaigns.


  • “Don’t Get FOMO, Sign Up Now”
  • “Click here for a limited-time offer”
  • “Check out our homepage”
  • “Visit our web page”
  • “Join our email list”
  • “Watch our webinar”

Generate a Sense of Urgency

Urgency is a proven winner for sales. Include time-sensitive promotions in your different CTAs that discourage customers from putting off the engagement. 

For instance, offer a discount of 20% off that is only good for one day or one week. Urgency will promote engagement. 

Use the First Person for an Effective Call to Action

Utilizing the first-person voice works in multiple ways. You can use pronouns like “I” or “We” when referencing your brand and refer to the customer by their first name. Most companies opt only to use the first person when referring to the customer, however. 

Calling the customer by their first name adds a layer of personalization that goes a long way.

Ensure CTAs Stand Out to Website Visitors

In a crowded room of blue suits, wearing white is the best way to stand out. 

In other words, don’t look like everybody else — do something innovative and new that customers will remember and recognize as unique. 

Using humor or witty messages is one way to accomplish this.

How To Implement Different Types of CTAs With TextSanity

You may use CTAs in text message keyword campaigns, text marketing webforms, text message broadcasts, or drip campaigns

You’re not restricted to just one style of texting or just one tool offered by TextSanity. Having options increases your likelihood of success and creative power.  

Help Your Small Business Grow With Strong CTA Copy

TextSanity offers numerous tools, some of which we mentioned here, that help make texting your customers easy and can increase your revenues and profits with the least amount of investment or resource allocation. 

Contact us today and discover all the ways we can help you grow your business and amplify your marketing strategy.