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Collecting Phone Numbers Has Gotten Easier With SMS Marketing

Collected data drives and fuels marketing in the 21st Century. 

Before the invention of the internet and smartphone, marketers based their strategies on location, gender, and age. Advertisers targeted specific geographical markets through mostly television, radio, and print ads.

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However, marketing today involves collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data and customer behavior, which analysts use for tailoring and targeting marketing to specifically defined groups. Data collection is the supreme tool for effective marketing

Why Is Collecting Phone Numbers Crucial for Marketing?

Phone numbers are one crucial data metric for a successful marketing strategy. Collecting these numbers is easier than ever with the advent of digital SMS business texting, such as what’s offered by TextSanity

If you’re developing a marketing strategy designed to reach a specific group of customers based on their likes and dislikes, online shopping and scrolling habits, and other data sets, you need a method of communicating with them. This communication best serves your marketing goals when you collect additional data and observe engagement habits. 

Due to the widespread acceptance of SMS business texting, sending out marketing campaigns via text is a no-brainer guaranteed to yield a positive result.

Collect phone numbers using text message.

However, if you’re sending a promotional text message, you need a list of people to send it to, which means you need their digits.

Building a Contact List Is Easy

Collecting data reigns supreme, and building a contact list for future marketing campaigns is easier than ever, thanks to SMS marketing and business texting. 

Since the nature of business texting requires the usage of phone numbers and users to opt-in to receive text messages, collecting this mobile number data is simple.

5 Ways To Build Contacts With SMS

Let’s look at five methods of building your subscriber count and collecting phone numbers with SMS.

1. Text Message Keyword Campaigns

Text message keyword campaigns are the bread and butter of SMS marketing and business texting. Keyword campaigns encourage user interaction and engagement and automatically respond to user inputs with additional keywords.

These campaigns can ultimately prompt engagement with an external link to direct them to your eCommerce website or some other digital touchpoint. A link like this might also direct the customer to your social media accounts.

2. Text Marketing Webforms

Creating a text marketing webform is another way to collect the all-important opt-in, plus additional data such as name, phone, and email. Webforms can go anywhere a link can go such as on social media or a company website. 

When opened, a webform displays information about your business and asks contacts to opt-in to receive messages from you.

Use text marketing webforms to collect phone numbers.

3. Funnel Contacts From Other Marketing Channels

The best marketing strategy encompasses and capitalizes on all of your available touch points, whether digital or physical. Combining all of your opportunities and ensuring they work cohesively will significantly increase your conversion rates. 

Therefore, funneling contacts from these other touch points, such as Facebook, Instagram, and your website, to your SMS marketing and business texting leverages the potential and power of texting with social media and print advertising. 

4. Offer Exclusive Perks

The most tried and tested method of collecting customer data for SMS marketing and business texting is offering exclusive perks for signing up and opting in. When you offer potential subscribers special discounts and exclusive perks, you encourage opting in for SMS text messages.

Offering these discounts may mean you lose a small profit from each sale you make, but the data you collect has potential uses for future marketing and is worth the sacrifice. What’s more, offering these exclusive perks and gathering this data means you make additional sales and increase your revenues. 

5. Use TextSanity’s WordPress Integration 

TextSanity’s WordPress integration on your website significantly increases your opportunities for collecting customer data and customer mobile phone numbers. Our WordPress integration also makes the process simple and easy for the customer.

Use TextSanity's WordPress integration is a great way to collect phone numbers.

The WordPress plugin offers you several different tools designed to encourage customers to provide additional information. These features include pop-ups, banners, and chatbots which request customers input their data. Try combining these tools with special offers and exclusive perks as rewards for doing so.

What To Remember When Building Your Contact List

Building your text marketing list is an exciting task for you and your team. The bigger your list gets, the more opportunities you have to promote your products and services in front of more people. Just remember these tips when you’re building your list.

Comply With Laws and Regulations

There are various federal laws designed to protect the privacy interests of customers. Understanding these laws and keeping your business practices compliant with them is a must. Consequences for not doing so can be very costly, on top of damaging your brand’s public image.

Here’s an easy-to-follow beginners’ guide to text message laws for marketing available for your review.

Don’t Spam

The worst thing for your company and brand is being a spammer by sending unnecessary texts to customers.

Sending unnecessary texts to phone numbers you've collected is spam.

Customers who see you as a nuisance and an uninvited visitor in your inbox always opt-out of receiving text communications from you. That’s the opposite of the goal you likely have for your overall marketing strategy. 

There are some easy steps to ensure your customers don’t start perceiving your brand and company as spam. We highly encourage reading up on the best practices for SMS marketing, so you avoid accidentally losing customers.

The Bottom Line

Collecting customer data and customer mobile phone numbers greatly enhances your overall marketing strategy. Incorporating SMS marketing and business texting into your marketing strategy yields results you never imagined possible. 

Having the luxury of tailoring your messages as much as you want is priceless. With TextSanity’s digital platform, customizing messages and making them fit your brand’s voice is super easy.

As a cherry on top, you’ll also provide your customers with a method of communication they prefer over voice calls, emails, or even printed mailers.

All of us love texting, so much so that we’ve begun communicating with one another primarily through text messages. Get your company caught up with the times! Bringing your company into the SMS marketing world increases revenues and profits, streamlines your marketing efforts, and makes your strategizing team more efficient than ever before.

Strategizing your messaging after collecting phone numbers is necessary.

Connect with us today, and our team will be happy to discuss all of the various tools our platform offers. We’re here to make getting started with SMS business texting easier than you’ve ever imagined.