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How Sending Exclusive Offers via SMS Increases Revenue 

SMS texting allows your business to automate your customer communication and marketing fully. From sending appointment reminders to special and exclusive offers, SMS marketing offers customer access that was once unobtainable. 

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Businesses have known for thousands of years that offering exclusive offers to customers is a guaranteed way to improve sales and increase revenue. With SMS services like we provide at TextSanity, this tried-and-true sales tactic is simpler and more efficient than ever.

What is special offer marketing? 

Special offer marketing, commonly referred to as exclusive offers, is a sales method designed to give your existing and new customers incentives to continue receiving SMS text messages from your business and remain loyal to your brand. 

For existing customers, special offer marketing is designed to promote brand loyalty and reward repeat business. These types of special offers include loyalty programs and perks such as bonus points, getaways, and year-round benefits. 

For new customers, special offer marketing encourages them to sign up for SMS marketing, such as offering special discount codes on their first purchase. The special offers often include limited-time offers, promos, and special coupon codes.

The primary goals are to enhance the customer experience with your business, increase customer data collection for your marketing team, and build brand loyalty. 

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How to use SMS tools to enhance your special offer marketing 

SMS tools available with our platform help make special offer marketing simple. We offer various options for you and your team to utilize designed to maximize your interaction, engagement, and open rates.

Your customers carry their phones with them everywhere, and research has shown that 95 percent of text messages are opened and responded to within three minutes of being received. As far as marketing goes, 90 percent of customers prefer text messaging. 

This is one of the best available rates for opening messages, especially compared with email. With email, those numbers are pretty different. Less than 20% will open a marketing email, and less than 8% will engage with it. 

Our platform is designed to capitalize on the enormous power of SMS texting. Our drip campaigns are specially designed to send your marketing messages at a rhythm and cadence set by you to maximize exposure.

Keyword campaigns allow you and your team to send messages encouraging engagement. Once a response is received, a predetermined series of messages will then begin to flow to the customer.

Our data collection tools allow you to categorize your customers based on shared characteristics. For instance, if you run a restaurant and want to market to your vegetarian and meat-eater customers separately, you can do so easily by using tags.

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How sending exclusive offers via SMS increases revenue 

Your customers appreciate rewards for loyalty. Exclusive offers via SMS marketing excite your customers and encourage them to purchase new products and services. While offering promotional discounts will come at a cost, the increased sales will increase your revenues exponentially. 

Additionally, sending out exclusive offers to your customers at the right time, such as after a few months since their last purchase, drives them back to your store or ecommerce site. This keeps your business on their proverbial radar and allows you to present them with new products. 

For instance, if a customer buys a product from your website and you release new accessories for what they purchased three months later, you could send them an exclusive offer. The benefit of doing so will not only result in them purchasing more products but allows you to reward them for doing business with you.

Other benefits of sending exclusive offers via SMS


  • Customers enjoy exclusive offers
  • Consumers value a consent-driven approach
  • Exclusive offers build brand awareness and loyalty

Customers enjoy exclusive offers

Your customers enjoy exclusive offers. Your company may sell something they need, but when you reward them for being loyal you create a near guarantee that they will always choose you over the competition.

Learn why customers like exclusive offers via sms.

Research shows exclusive offers are the most effective way to convert prospective buyers into loyal customers. When your customer knows that you value their loyalty, they will continue doing business with you and tell their friends and families about their experience. 

Word of mouth marketing has been a safe bet for ages, and when combined with SMS marketing, your revenues will skyrocket. 

Consumers value a consent-driven approach

Using SMS marketing requires your customers to opt-in to receiving messages from you. While this is a legal standard you must adhere to, it is also a great way of demonstrating to your customers that you value their privacy and concerns. 

When combined with exclusive offers, your customers will feel appreciated and respected. The result is creating a unique customer experience that sets you apart from the competition. 

Exclusive offers build brand awareness and loyalty

Name recognition and customer loyalty combine to create a powerful revenue-building force. Sending exclusive offers to your customers keeps your company’s name in mind, which is a critical element of sustainable customer bases.

Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Apple, and Samsung are all company names recognized globally. Why, then, do these companies continue to spend millions of dollars every year on advertising? Why do they offer exclusive offers and rewards for returning customers?

Following their example illustrates that, no matter how successful you are as a business, keeping your customers engaged with your brand and your brand engaged with them is paramount to sustainable and growing revenues. 

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How do you write the perfect exclusive offer text? 

Writing the perfect exclusive offer text doesn’t have to be complicated. The simpler and shorter you make your SMS marketing message, the better. 

Some of the best tips for writing the perfect exclusive offer include the use of humor, witty puns, customer-specific personalization, and visually engaging artwork and graphics.

How do you get customers to take advantage of your exclusive offers

Getting customers to take advantage of your exclusive offers is a combination of good timing, well-written messages, and the necessary tools to ensure the right messages reach the right customers. Our platform offers you the ability to automate this process. 

First, tags lets you categorize your customers into subsets based on defined parameters. 

Second, set the timing of your messages to coincide with purchases or visits to your website. Finally, drive the customer to purchase with an engaging message.

This is just one example of how you can maximize engagement with your SMS marketing and purchase your products utilizing TextSanity

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What to do next  

Sending exclusive offers via SMS marketing and texting will maximize your revenues, increase customer engagement, enhance the customer’s experience with your business, and build brand loyalty and name recognition.

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