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How Curb Appeal and Text Message Marketing Work Together

You already know that one of your most difficult jobs as a realtor is to make sure the properties you list look attractive to potential buyers. Obviously, though, you don’t have the ultimate say.

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Client wishes and resources come in to play. And, unfortunately, not every property is in pristine condition when listed. That’s okay, though. Not every property is going to or even needs to be picture perfect.

However, one thing you do need to be sure about and that is a property’s curb appeal. Curb appeal may sound old-fashioned, but when done well curb appeal can be your greatest asset to selling a home.

Curb appeal, after all, is simply the attractiveness of the exterior of a property when viewed from the exterior. So, even if a home needs some work, you can make the property shine regardless.

Integrating text message marketing and curb appeal

There are a plethora of ways to do this, but some ways are infinitely easier and more cost effective. One of the best ways to showcase a property’s curb appeal is by incorporating curb appeal into your existing text message marketing, or by simply starting text message marketing altogether. This may seem like an unorthodox way to show off a property, but it’s effective.

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of the exterior of a property, whether residential or commercial, as viewed from the street. Simply use photos taken of the property and use them in your ongoing text message marketing.

A good example of integrating curb appeal into marketing is the way that you use Google street view. After looking up a business, don’t you automatically go to the street view to check out what it looks like? Of course you do! And the same rules apply when you are integrating curb appeal into your text message marketing.

Real estate sign texting

Additionally, you can use real estate sign texting to your advantage. This is simply putting a text message keyword on your real estate for sale sign in front of the property. When potential clients drive by the property, they text your keyword to receive information about the property that you choose.

Give potential clients plenty of information to pique their interest. An easy way to accomplish this is simply sending them a link from your website about the property when they respond to the text message keyword. You only need to set this once in the keyword set up and then it’s automatic from then on out.

Text message keywords and images

Ensure your text messages are succinct, to the point, and get the client to act right away. When you use text message marketing to show off a property, whether in a text message keyword or in a mass text message, the photo or photos you share of the property should do just that.

Remember the photo should stand on its own because of the great curb appeal, and get the potential client to act right away.

In other words, you need the client to look at the picture and caption you send via real estate text marketing, and then to access your website with the property listing to see more, and then schedule a showing right away.

Engage potential clients via text message marketing

This kind of fast-paced marketing makes sure your communication is timely and gets clients to act right away. You don’t want them to put down their phone after they see your text message. You want them to keep them glued to their screen! You want them to act.

That is why including picture text messages to your existing text message marketing and setting up real estate sign texting is so important. That is why property curb appeal matters so much.

Use TextSanity as your text message marketing platform of choice

Now, there are a lot of companies that have taken this idea of real estate text marketing to the next level. However, as a realtor, it’s important to note that a lot of these companies don’t cater specifically to real estate.

However, if you want a company that works with and understands your needs, TextSanity is the best. TextSanity auto-engages potential clients through real estate text messaging.

You can set up text message keywords for real estate sign texting. You can use mass text messages to share new listings with existing clients on your contact database. Plus, you can use tags to hyper-target any group of contacts with relevant listings.

Additionally, TextSanity’s servers deliver images, links, and attachments quickly and securely. Don’t ever worry about an image, link or attachment showing up. With TextSanity there’s no need to fret.

Finally, and probably most importantly, you always have access to your very own, up-to-date database of client information. The database can also be downloaded at any time via a CSV file. So what are you waiting for? Use TextSanity to connect with potential and existing clients today. It’s real estate text message marketing at its finest.