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Sales Texting: Using SMS To Help Close the Deal

Texting. We do it every day. Text is used for communication across the globe, and for good reason. A text communicates quickly, efficiently, and with versatility. That’s why businesses choose to use SMS business texting’s capabilities and applications.

SMS business texting helps your business in countless ways. When you use SMS for sales deals, you may increase conversions, sales goals, and provide preferred communication channels for your prospects and customers.

Does SMS help close sales? An overview

Sales depend on connecting with customers through cold calls, networking, and lead generation. SMS business texting provides a powerful resource for leads. 

Of course, leads don’t help without conversions. The conversions become your customers, and those customers lead to even more customers. Online SMS business texting services, such as TextSanity, provide your company with a wealth of analytics tools and help you understand your conversion rates

What are the benefits of SMS to close sales?

You’ll find three key benefits when you use SMS business texting for sales: speed and convenience, personal interaction, and cost-effectiveness. 

Speed and convenience

Speed and convenience make texting paramount amongst mobile phone users. When you text, the speed makes a call seem inconvenient and unnecessary. As a result, many people don’t even own a landline anymore.

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Within a couple of seconds, you send a text to your loved one, friend, boss, a company you conduct business with, or your customers. This occurs without any of the traditional fluff present in human interactions. 

More personal

SMS text messaging creates a more personal communication flow with your customers and leads. Many companies don’t understand text messaging’s potential. Therefore, they stay with the old-school style of communication with customers, such as call centers.

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However, texting adds a personal layer to your interactions, especially with personalized messages. When a prospect says, “Here’s my cell; call or text me anytime,” the deal simplifies for the prospect. This gives the customer immediate and personal access to their sales rep and the company in general. 


SMS business text messaging costs less than other traditional communication methods, such as call centers. For instance, TextSanity offers various subscription options that fit your company’s needs.

Call centers, however, cost a lot for development, maintenance, and operation. The two services’ costs vary dramatically.

How to use SMS to help close the deal

SMS business text messaging puts a powerful tool in your arsenal that helps close deals and convert leads. Let’s learn some of the best practices that maximize conversion.

1. Use SMS texting tools

SMS texting tools offer several benefits not present in traditional formats. Our texting tools give you significant automation abilities and data collection inaccessible via texting from a phone. 

2. Include clear CTAs

When you include clear calls to action (CTAs), it gets customers engaged with your text messages and helps you turn leads into sales.

3. Be brief

Keep texting brief. People prefer to text because of its simplicity and conciseness. Therefore, play to that preference in your business texting.

A woman sitting at a desk with her phone in her hand writing a brief sales text.

4. Embrace proper timing 

Similar to brevity, you also want to choose the proper timing to close deals. You know a group chat equals annoying text notifications; the same principle applies to SMS. Timing turns a lead into a sale or turns them away.

5. See what works and change accordingly

TextSanity’s platform offers several data collection tools, as well as metric analytic tools. Give yourself some slack and take your time as you learn the ropes of the platform. Leave room for trial and error, and make changes if you need them.

As you use texting for your deals, pay attention to what works and does not, especially with all of the tools at your disposal via our online platform. When you see a tool doesn’t work as well as you want, analyze why and adjust as needed.

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6. Ensure your leads opt-in

When customers opt-in for marketing messages from you, you make an important step and build trust with your customers. Opt-ins also matter for legal reasons. Federal laws require explicit permission from customers before a company sends them messages via text.

Additionally, opt-in requests may help build your marketing list. Use the opt-in request as a tool to encourage sign-ups from more potential customers. Offer sales incentives, discounts, and exclusive opportunities also encourage sign-ups. 

How TextSanity’s marketing tools help

Laws exist to govern how you add customers to your marketing lists. However, also pay attention to private industry requirements, such as those mobile providers impose. When you ignore it, this essential step may result in hefty fines and damage public opinion – both of which hurt business.

TextSanity’s marketing tools make opt-ins from customers simple, such as text marketing webforms and text message keyword campaigns

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What to do next  

Try us out. Make a demo request by texting DEMO to 50505 or if you have specific questions text CONTACT to 50505. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Check out our subscription pricing and our pricing for enterprise-level plans. Partner with us as you begin your journey into the limitless world of SMS business texting!