How to utilize business texting for hotel in-room requests and other operations
Text messaging can help hotels market.

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How to utilize business texting for hotel in-room requests and other operations

Business texting allows you to stay in touch with your customers while keeping your hotel guests engaged and satisfied. When a guest visits your hotel, opt them into your messaging platform using a variety of text messaging tools. Once guests opts-in, broadcast, or send mass text messages to them. Market your business to past and current customers; that’s the beauty of broadcasting. 

Setting up an in-room request system for your hotel

Engage and satisfy your current hotel guests by using business texting to fulfill and upsell in-room requests. Business texting with TextSanity makes in-room requests simple. Set up a phone number, a keyword, such as SERVICE, and make your front desk available to answer requests.

Oh, and put up signs. Something like: text SERVICE to 505-465-8101 for any customer service needs or to order room service. That’s all you need!

How keyword campaigns benefit your business texting

When the hotel guests see your advertisements, they text the keyword to your TextSanity phone number. This notifies your front desk personnel. When the front desk receives an in-room request, they promptly answer the guest, from their computer. Then they contact the appropriate department to fulfill the need.

Screenshot of TextSanity keyword campaign asking about candidates for office

Using keyword campaigns for guest check-out

Use business texting for check-out as well. Simply allow guests to text a keyword to the front desk upon departure. They leave their key in the room for housekeeping. And housekeeping simply picks it up when they freshen up the room for the next guest.

Marketing using business texting

Business text marketing includes upselling to current guests, as well as offering specials and hotel updates to previous guests. When a guest uses the business texting number initially, they opt-in to receive text messages from you. Guests may opt-out at any time by simply replying with the word STOP.

Screenshot of opt-out message

TextSanity’s software re-engages your customers in two ways. First, by broadcasting a mass text message. Second, with a drip campaign that sends scheduled messages based on a timeline you set. This makes marketing to opted-in individuals easy. Organize all pertinent customer information such as name and phone number into a convenient contact database. And you can, of course, segment all of your customer data with tags.

Broadcast to opted-in guests

Once a guest opts-in, send mass text messages to them. TextSanity makes this process simple. We help you create mass text messages, or broadcasts, step-by-step. First, choose which current or previous guests you want to send the message to. Do this by choosing the tags that you give guests as they enter the database.

mass text messaging app- tags

Then, choose what you want the message to say. Decide whether you want to add attachments or links; TextSanity hosts these in order to improve download speed. Follow this up by either sending the mass text message right away, or scheduling it for later.

Screenshot of TextSanity's links and attachments page

Using the broadcast calendar to schedule text message marketing

Schedule a mass text message, or broadcast, to send at any future date and time. Use this as a way to pre-plan your marketing messages months, or even years in advance. The cool thing is you start with a few customers and end up with many. Tag guests in your database under the same tag as you go. All scheduled mass text messages automatically populate to your broadcast calendar; edit them at any time before they send.

School mass texting

Broadcasting Legality

All mass text messages sent from an automated system are regulated by the federal government through TCPA laws. In order to include someone in a large text message broadcast, you must obtain their consent. TextSanity only broadcasts to opted-in contacts.

Start using TextSanity for your business texting

Business texting creates a win-win situation for hotels. Make in-room requests convenient for your guests while gaining guests to market to.

Carrie Duford is the editor in chief for TextSanity. As a meat-eating outdoor enthusiast who loves to volunteer in her community, she loves finding time to go on daily runs and hikes. Find her on LinkedIn.