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SMS Marketing for Property Management Businesses

Successful property management businesses ensure proper attention to detail, teamwork, favorable interactions with clients, and consistent follow-ups. 

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Savvy property management businesses integrate traditional and digital marketing strategies with SMS marketing. Text message marketing helps streamline marketing operations with simple, yet effective communication. SMS solutions change the game of property management.

Text message marketing tools revolutionize communication with renters and increase client conversion. The property management industry sees text message marketing as a great communication tool to utilize.

Learn more about property management business text message marketing with TextSanity below.

The importance of customer information collection

Property managers understand the value of customer data. Text message marketing assists in the collection of customer information. Text message data collection gives users a serious edge over their competition by allowing them to collect multiple data points from customers in a simple fashion. 

In fact, a single questionnaire or survey via a keyword campaign can collect all the information you’re looking for. Therefore, ensure the texting platform you choose lets you get the most out of your service by including access to text message keyword campaigns.

A property manager looking at a potential clients information via sms on his mobile phone.

Informational surveys can help you vet prospective tenants, recruit staff, collect maintenance requests, and even garner business reviews. 


Property management businesses don’t need to pay through the nose to implement an effective SMS platform. No matter the size of your business, a plan can be custom-built for you. 

In fact, TextSanity offers enterprise plans that offer dedicated account managers, special invoicing, and custom pricing. Plus, if you want to manage your own account, you can go with a standard plan where you have access to all the same text marketing tools. 

Strong conversion rates

In property management, conversion and close rates count. Conversion rates refer to the percentage of people who take action. Aside from great customer service, timely follow-up with prospects impacts conversion rates the most in the property business. 

When you streamline responses and reduce follow-up time, it saves time. In the end, this equates to lower vacancy rates. 

Generally, the higher the conversion rate, the higher the close rate. Using SMS marketing for your property management business may increase your conversion rates so that you work smarter – not harder. 

Efficiently manage appointments 

Property managers attend many appointments. Typically working around the schedules of renters and prospective clients. At times, this whirlwind of activity encompasses move-ins, move-outs, and a constant stream of other appointments. 

A property manager in a house scheduling an appointment via sms.

If you empower your property management team with SMS appointment reminders, you basically give them a personal assistant! Setting up follow-up texts, such as appointment confirmations is a simple way to use SMS marketing.

Boost your branding efforts

Branding constitutes an important part of any business. When tenants pay top dollar, it sets high expectations for the level of service they expect to receive. 

Businesses must learn what their customers think. If a product feels personal, it elicits a greater response from customers. It doesn’t get much more personal than where you live – renters often want to share opinions about their overall experience with a property management company

Google reviews only tell part of the story. Not everyone takes the time to leave a review. Property management companies need to utilize many marketing channels to elevate their brand reputation and get the feedback they need to address negative brand impact issues.  

SMS marketing helps you create surveys for your renters, which allows you to better evaluate your brand reputation.

How to use text message marketing for property management businesses

Property managers must streamline operations and communications. Next to property management software and a great team, text message marketing becomes the secret weapon to maintain a smooth workflow. 

Managers may apply text message marketing for rent payment alerts, appointment reminders, external communication for tenants and internal staff members, and even property renovation alerts. Explore these uses and more below.

A mobile phone sitting on a counter with a property displayed on the screen.

Alerts for rent payments

When tenants pay rent late, you may experience significant revenue loss relative to the size of the property management business and the number of tenants. Rent payment reminders and invoices sent via email often get lost in the shuffle of our busy lives. 

If you send rent payment reminders via text message, they will get received. Virtually everyone carries their phone on them. Americans check their cell phone 96 times a day, on average, which equates to one time every ten minutes. 

Streamline your invoices with renters when you set up SMS messaging rent reminders and schedule updates and notifications.  

Appointment reminders and scheduling

No-shows often reach heights of 20% in the property management business. If you use text messaging for appointment reminders and scheduling, it allows property management team members to use their time more efficiently. 

This significantly cuts down on appointment no-shows, frees up property management staff to work with other prospects, and ultimately reduces costs and lowers vacancy rates. It’s easy to explore this option when you use push notifications with TextSanity

Internal communication

With abundant staffing shortages nationwide, the retention of top talent critically affects business success. When you build trust, it helps with employee retention — and it starts with top-level internal communication.

A property manager using sms marketing for internal communication while sitting at her desk looking at her mobile phone.

In fact, two common problems with internal communication stem from times when employees feel a lack of transparency and when companies deliver communication at the wrong time. Companies choose text message marketing to promote better internal communication and employee retention. 

Start your journey towards better communication — review how your teams work together and identify the biggest communications challenges. Check out these tips to build an internal communication strategy.  

Property renovation alerts

If renters experience an issue with the HVAC in the building on a holiday weekend, you need to get a message out to tenants – pronto! If you set up SMS notifications, you may choose to simply send a quick communication directly to their phones. Renters appreciate quick, real time updates on information that impacts them. 

Communication with prospective tenants

When prospective tenants communicate by phone with property managers, it feels like a game of tag. When you go back and forth with voicemail, it exhausts both parties, consumes time, and energy.

Sometimes, it takes six or more phone messages to answer one question. In this and many other cases, a single text often suffices instead. 

Quick responses to tenant needs and concerns

Your property management company may get the best reviews in town when you quickly respond to property issues. The same concept applies to customer support concerns or any other complaint people normally leave via phone or email. 

A woman sitting in a new property sending a question to her property manager using her mobile phone.

Not surprisingly, property management companies with the fastest response rate also get the highest reviews from tenants. 

What to do next  

Check out TextSanity today to discuss how we can take your communication to the next level. Improve communication with your current tenants, clients, leads, and employees with text message marketing.