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Using Text Messaging for Customer Service Requests

Updated 11/1/2022

Customer service can make or break a company’s reputation. If customer service is done well, it can benefit a company tremendously. If done poorly, a company can lose customers. Most customer service conversations revolve around convenience and efficiency.

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When a company’s customer service is both easy and responsive, the company is set up for success. TextSanity can help companies with their customer service requests using its robust and responsive text messaging platform.

Is your customer service as convenient as it could be?

Convenience, or how quickly a company can respond and resolve a customer service request, is paramount to good customer service. All too often, customer service is inconvenient for the customer. Most often, online customer service requests are conducted through a website chat. There are some good things about this, but it also presents several problems.

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With some chat platforms, a customer cannot leave the page with the website chat until the problem is resolved. If a customer needs to move on with their life and closes the chat because of time restraints or other factors, some platforms will start an email correspondence between that customer and the company’s customer service department. This can drag out a customers problem and isn’t optimal customer service. We can help you do better.

How to Fix Your Customer Service

To make your customer service better, TextSanity suggests responding by text message. This solves both the problems of convenience and efficiency. A customer can communicate with customer service on their mobile device by text message. This way a customer can take the conversation anywhere they go. No need to time out a website chat. Plus, instead of following up with an email, companies can follow up with a text message, which can even include a link to a survey.

A pleased customer happy with the convenience of contacting customer service.

Use keyword campaigns to engage your customers who need service

Keyword Campaigns are designed to engage with customers. For customer service purposes, a customer can simply text a keyword you choose, to your TextSanity phone number, and it will immediately engage them with a customer service representative. An added bonus to this process is that the customer will be opted-in and can receive mass text messages from your company in the future.

How to use TextSanity’s tools to communicate and organize your customer service interactions

As soon as someone text messages your keyword campaign, you can have TextSanity set up to notify your customer service representatives by email or text message. One, or multiple, customer service representatives can then take the conversation to the TextSanity inbox where they can work directly with the customer by text message. Additionally, multiple message threads with multiple customer service representatives can be working at the same time.

As customers engage your keyword campaign, their contact information goes into your TextSanity contact database. There, customer service representatives can take notes on individual customers, tag them in order to categorize the customer, and add more contact information if necessary.

Try an example of customer service

For example, you own an online shoe company. A customer purchases a pair of shoes, but when they arrive, they are the wrong size. Instead of the customer having to look up your website online, you can add a keyword campaign on the packaging in case they have any trouble with their order. The customer can simply text the keyword to the phone number, and a customer service representative will be notified and can instantly respond to them. It’s that seamless!

Here is a live example for TextSanity’s own customer service department. You can try it right now to see how the process works in real time:

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Use TextSanity as your text messaging platform for customer service

In the end, you want your company’s customer service to stick out for the right reasons. TextSanity’s platform can help make that happen. Save your company time, money, and customer service headaches. TextSanity can help you set up your customer service keyword campaign so you can start managing your customer service better today.