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Product Packaging Ideas Using Keyword Campaigns

Updated 11/1/2022

Why product packaging is so important

Product packaging can help make or break a product. There are numerous studies and market research that companies conduct to find the perfect packaging for each of their products.

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There are even companies that track trends of product packaging. Needless to say, product packaging is extremely importance to your business.

A business owner uses her keyword campaign on her packaging to help gather customer data.

What is a keyword campaign?

One way to improve your product packaging and increase your interactions with customers, is by using keyword campaigns. These simple campaigns are simple to add to your existing product packing while improving the market viability of your product. So what exactly is a keyword campaign?

A keyword campaign is when a person texts a keyword to a certain phone number and a software application responds to the person. This application can even engage with them by automatically asking them questions and gathering information. Your company can use one of these campaigns on your packaging or invoices and engage customers with various aspects of your product and company.

For example, you could put the following on a product as simple as potatoes: Text POTATO to 505-465-8101.

How you can use a keyword campaign to promote your product

When people engage with, or text, the keyword to the number, the message flow can give any type of information, an offer, or even survey customers. See the following examples of an informative message flow with an offer at the end versus a survey message flow.

Informative message flow

Survey message flow

It’s also important to note that once a keyword is engaged with, the customer will be asked to opt-in, or consent to receive more messages from your business. This is important as TCPA laws are in place to protect consumers from unwanted calls and text messages. Once opted-in customers will be tagged under a tag that you can specify when you create your message flow. For the potato example, you could tag customers that engage with your keyword as Potato Customers, or the like.

5 reasons you should use keyword campaigns on your product packaging

1. Easy for customers to contact customer service

Keywords are easy for customers to comprehend and engage with. All they need to do is see a keyword to engage with it. Using a keyword to access a company’s customer service is one of the best ways to help retain and please customers. And since the customer is texting on their cell phone with customer service, they don’t need to worry about dropping a call or running out of time to get their customer service issue resolved.

A customer is contacting customer service using the keyword campaign on the product's packaging.

2. Company branding

Once a company starts using keyword campaigns to communicate and engage with customers, the word spreads. Word of mouth and social media are great at getting the word out about your brand. Customers and potential customers alike know that when they purchase your product, they will get a specific outcome. So keyword campaigns essentially become brand recognition.

3. Good marketing strategy

In addition to brand recognition, using keyword campaigns on your product packaging is a great way to up your marketing game. Building and maintaining a list of customers that are interested in receiving text messages from your business can be hard to do. Make your job a little easier.

TextSanity makes it easy to build and maintain a text message marketing list as soon as customers text your keyword and opt-in. Once they do, they are added to your list, under a tag you specify. When this is done, you can text message market to them based on what they are tagged under. This is a great way to market to customers who are interested and ready to receive all of your company’s marketing promotions and offers.

4. Survey customers

Keyword campaigns are a great way to collect company or product reviews from customers. You can use these surveys to improve your company or the products that your company makes. And you know that the survey’s are coming from actual customers – especially if you put the survey keyword on the inner packaging rather than the outside of the box.

To see an example survey for vacations, text SURVEY to 505-465-8101 right now to see how a survey works on the customer’s end.

5. Access product information

Sometimes customers just need a bit of information to understand and use your products better. Maybe a short video would help. Depending on the product you can have a keyword that takes customers to set up instructions, a tutorial, a video example, or even a step-by-step how to. There are an endless number of ways to use keyword campaigns to improve your customer experience. With keyword campaigns, you can even have a customer chat with your customer service while they set the product up, no more misunderstanding the directions!

A customer is checking out the product information via the keyword campaign on the product packaging.

Speaking of which, think about the gym that you go to. Have you ever seen those QR codes that you can scan to get more information about how to use a specific machine? If so, you know that those QR codes are rarely scanned. It would be much easier for the gym patrons and more beneficial to the gym equipment companies to switch to a keyword campaign. This way the company could provide the information that customers are seeking while building a text message marketing list. It’d be that easy!

A company that uses keywords to help customers understand their product better is Summer Infant. This company primarily makes baby items for its customer base. For its Summer Infant My Bath Seat, the company put a keyword that customers can text to see a video tutorial of how to set up the seat in the tub. You can see for yourself. Go ahead and text BATH SEAT to 38344.

Use TextSanity keywords on your product packaging

Not all text message marketing companies are made equal. Some have the capabilities listed above and some don’t. Don’t mess around trying to find one. TextSanity is the easiest and most capable text messaging CRM to use to put keyword campaigns on your product packaging. You’ll be glad you did.