RSVPs: Using a Texting Platform to Get Invitation Responses

“Repondez s’il vous plait,” “Reply if you please,” or “Please respond” is a traditional ...
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What to Include in an Appointment Confirmation Text Message

When you take the time to schedule an appointment, whether it’s for a haircut, a doctor’...
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TextSanity’s Alexa Skill for SMS Marketing for Echo and Dot

The TextSanity skill for Amazon Alexa gives TextSanity users the ability to text message...
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How to get Google Reviews using a Text Marketing Platform

Google Reviews are a go-to source for potential customers who are considering your compa...
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Text Messaging Reminders: Send Appointment and Event Reminders

Life moves at a swift pace. Remembering an appointment along with other details in life ...
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How to Send a Text Message Without Showing Your Number

Privacy and security are important to most of us. Yet, some people have no regard for th...
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School Delays Text Alerts and Closing Notifications

School schedule changes affect students, parents, teachers, and staff. This effect rippl...
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Texting Thumb: What is it and How to Avoid it with TextSanity

Many of us own a smartphone or a mobile device of some kind. In fact, approximately 97% ...
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Featured image for how push notifications are used for business marketing.

Push Notifications: How They’re Used for Business Marketing

Think about your day. How many text messages do you receive in a day? Our brains process...
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Featured image for "How Did You hear About Us?" survey questions for customers.

“How Did You Hear About Us” Survey Questions for Customers

“How did you hear about us?” is a common question to customers of all kinds of businesse...
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Featured image for saving text messages and keeping them backed up.

How to Save Text Messages and Keep Them Backed Up

Many of us have been there: That moment when we lose important work on our computer. Whe...
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Featured image for How To Forward A Text Message To Another Phone or Computer?

How to Forward a Text Message to Another Phone or Computer?

With the number of people on the planet who own a mobile device, you can almost literall...
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