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How To Get Your Customers to Sign up for Daily Text Messages

Getting customers to sign up for daily text messages increases brand loyalty, drives sales, and helps fine-tune your collected customer data. With so much competition for customers’ attention, your business is in a crowded market regardless of your industry.

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This article will discuss ways to maximize your potential to get more customers to sign up for daily SMS marketing text messages. When customers sign up, it not only benefits them, but your business too. 

Why Use Daily Text Message Marketing?

Your consistency in innovation, quality products, positive customer experiences, and strategic marketing ensures your business thrives. To remain competitive and successful, businesses must be top of mind for customers. Hence, daily text message marketing. 

In SMS marketing, timing is very important, especially if you send texts daily. Make sure your texts are consistent. Select a time and stick to it. Sending texts at random times may confuse or annoy customers. Consistency is paramount.

People check their mobile phones consistently, but you should treat customer numbers with care. Untimely SMS messages may lead customers to opt-out of your messaging altogether. 

Urgency, however, is the great caveat. Sometimes a message is time-sensitive, urgent, and critical. In that case, SMS marketing gets your message to recipients quickly and efficiently. 

What are the perks of messaging customers daily?

Messaging your customers daily has many perks, including brand recognition and loyalty. Staying in contact with customers provides valuable information about new products and services and allows customers to communicate concerns or issues.

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Additionally, daily messages can be designed to give your company a social image that is relatable and positive.

For instance, if it fits your brand, you could send a motivational message at the beginning or at the end of each day. Your customers will come to appreciate your investment in their mental health and success. 

Competition in today’s market is fierce across all industries. Finding unique and creative ways to stand out through daily SMS marketing gives you an advantage over your competitors. 

What kind of daily messages should you send?

There are various types and kinds of daily text messages you can send to customers. We just mentioned sending positive messages and investing in your customer’s overall mental health, yet numerous others exist. Get creative.

For instance, sending news alerts, even if you’re not a news or media company, could be a great way to stay connected with your customers. 

Since 2016, the news and media have been in the national political spotlight, sometimes causing intense conflicts between opposing political ideologies. 

As a result, customers are hungry for plain and straightforward news. You could, for instance, only send good news to your customers. You could even label and promote it as such. 

Sending good news stories about a firefighter saving a cat, a hero who saved people’s lives, or donating money to a community school could become the cornerstone of your daily text messages

A man sitting down with a phone in his hand receiving a daily text message.

Texting is a great way to accomplish your overall marketing strategy because it’s the preferred method of communication for today’s customers. Giving customers the option to join your texting list while providing a tangible benefit can only lead to success.

How can you get customers to sign up for daily messages? 

You’re not the only company vying for customers to sign up for text alerts and messages. As a result, you must be innovative and creative with how you encourage them to sign up. Let’s look at a few ways you can accomplish this with a high degree of success. 

Online sign-ups

At TextSanity, we think it’s imperative to interconnect your digital touchpoints, including SMS marketing. For instance, your social media platforms should be connected with your ecommerce site and vice versa. On the same note, SMS marketing should also be connected to your digital presence. 

Your website should give customers the option and ability to sign up to receive promotional and transactional text messages through online sign-ups with a text marketing webform. All customers have to do is input their number and the preset messages your created and customized are sent!

SMS promotions

SMS promotions are perhaps the most significant and effective way of encouraging customers to opt-in to receive text messages

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Offering a sign-up bonus discount, such as 20% off their next order, is hard for customers to ignore. Going a step forward and promising random discounts is a great way to keep them engaged.

It’s no secret that customers always hunt for the best deals. Entire companies have been built around this passion. 

However, if you promise continued promotions, it’s vital to deliver on that promise. The worst thing you can do as a company is to damage the public’s perception of your integrity. Once a company loses the public’s trust, it is difficult to regain it. Follow through with your promises.

Use exclusive deals

Another thing customers love is being members of exclusive clubs. Getting the same product as your friend but at a better price kind of feels good. There’s a special allure to something being exclusive.

With that in mind, providing exclusivity to customers who join unique text lists with your company is a great way to enhance your overall marketing strategy. 

Text message keyword campaigns are a resource and tool on TextSanity that help send exclusive offers to these customers automatically and effortlessly. Like everything else on our platform, keyword campaigns are designed to be simple and efficient. They lead customers from opt-in to exclusive deal effortlessly.

Advertise messaging benefits

Capitalize on your marketing investments by promoting and advertising the benefits of your text message campaigns through other mediums. 

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For instance, if you use email marketing, television, radio, newspaper, and postal mailers to market, promote your text message promotions and exclusive benefits on these platforms and mediums. 

If your company has brick-and-mortar physical locations, advertise the benefits of joining your text lists there. At every touchpoint, you should be promoting your SMS marketing. The reason is simple — SMS marketing provides more in-depth and valuable data than any other medium.

Offering text help for FAQs and customer support needs can help encourage customers to opt-in to other marketing efforts with their mobile phone numbers.

You can then use this data to craft and hone your future marketing campaigns, reach more customers, get more engagement, and increase your revenues in ways your other marketing mediums can only dream of. 


One cornerstone trait of humanity is our love and passion for competition. Whether it’s competition between two athletic teams or our partners, we humans love good old-fashioned competition. We also love being lucky, such as participating in free sweepstakes

Spice up your marketing by adding contests and sweepstakes to your SMS business text messages. Your customers will love the chance to compete against each other and may welcome the break from the mundane.

Integrate with WordPress

Our WordPress TextSanity plugin is a massive resource for any business that does text marketing and has a WordPress site. Once you join TextSanity, you can install the plugin and create various widgets that help you to collect customers’ numbers to be added to your contact database while sending text messages you’ve created and customized.

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We use tags at TextSanity to help you organize customers into defined groups. These groups are defined by you and can be tailored to your business’s specific needs.

The bottom line

If you didn’t know it already, you’re likely hooked to your cell phone, and so are your customers. Most of your customers won’t leave their homes without their phones, so you have a direct line of communication with them 24/7. 

TextSanity can be used to increase your revenues and build brand loyalty significantly. SMS marketing with TextSanity helps improve referrals and reviews on Google, giving you a better chance to stand out among the competition. Contact us today and join the texting revolution.