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How to Send a Text Message Without Showing Your Number

Privacy and security are important to most of us. Yet, some people have no regard for the privacy and security of others. In a less technologically advanced time, we learned to protect ourselves from would-be thieves and onlookers. We developed padlocks and pull shades. In the pursuit of violators, we created fingerprint tracing, hidden cameras, and more.

As technology advances, the threat against our privacy and security has spread from our physical lives and property to our online identities. The thieves and onlookers have also gone digital. We know them as hackers. Technology has made our lives more convenient, but with it has come new threats.

It seems the more we do online, the less secure we feel about it. Most Americans worry about their online information. We fear someone will invade our privacy, whether it’s a hacker or a giant corporation.

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When you’ve been texting and realize you’re responding to a scam, the best course of action is to end the conversation. Blocking a phone number doesn’t always keep bad actors at bay.

You may be wondering if it’s possible to send someone a text message without identifying yourself with a phone number. But why would you want to do this? How can you send a text message without showing your phone number? Let’s dive in.

Why you shouldn’t show your phone number when sending a text message

The main reason you may want to hide your phone number is to protect your privacy and personal information. There are other reasons to keep your number hidden when texting. Here are some instances when you would want to protect your phone number.

No-reply text messages

Some messages just don’t require a response, but if you send a message from your personal phone number, chances are you’ll still get responses anyway. You can implement a text marketing strategy that ensures your no-reply text messages don’t get a reply in your text folder.

You can send appointment reminders, coupon codes, broadcast announcements, run a text message drip campaign, and send pickup alerts without revealing your personal phone number if you know how.


Whether it’s work, online dating, or just online socializing, just because you want to communicate with someone doesn’t mean you’re ready to reveal your personal information. Our phone numbers are linked to so much of what we do now that they’ve become pieces of private, personal information themselves.

So, before you reveal too much of yourself, you may want to consider keeping your phone number to yourself.

Business text messages

In order to keep a professional distance and balance your work and personal life, it’s prudent to keep your real phone number to yourself. Since our world has learned to do less in-person, business relations have grown into texting more and more.

This is wonderful because you can still carry on in your personal life while maintaining business relations at the same time. However, when you reveal your personal cell phone number, it can make ending the work day or taking time off very difficult.

Balancing your work and personal life is important for your well-being. Masking your phone number can help you enjoy the mobility of online business relations without tethering you to your work 24/7.

Maintaining your personal space digitally can help you manage your stress and give you a bit of freedom. You just need to know how to send a text message without showing your number, and you need the right service to do it effectively.

How to send a text message without showing your number

There are various ways you can send a text message without showing your number. You can send texts anonymously by email, but it can affect the format of your text and cause others to doubt your intentions. Your odd formatting might make people think you’re the hacker.

You can also send text messages without showing your number via a website or a smartphone app. But many of these are to be used here and there and not on a regular basis. You need a reliable way to text without showing your number that you can easily maintain without looking like a hacker yourself.

A good solution is to use a text marketing platform, but how do you choose a text marketing platform?

Choose a text marketing platform

If you’re looking to keep your number hidden regularly, you need to choose a text marketing platform. The best text marketing platform is TextSanity. It’s easy to use, and keeping your phone number hidden is just one of the many aspects that will serve you.

TextSanity also allows you to send mass texts, schedule text messages in advance, and automate responses to keywords. You’ll find that TextSanity is versatile enough to be used from your smartphone or your computer. You can send and receive text messages from your phone, or you can check them like email instead.

A text marketing platform allows you to operate full-time with anonymity, and that provides some peace of mind and digital protection. It’s also the perfect way to maintain your professional life separately from your personal life.

Use TextSanity to send text messages

You can use TextSanity to send text messages, and your messages will appear under another phone number. To get started, here are a few steps you should follow to begin using TextSanity to send your text messages:

  1. Create a TextSanity account.
  2. Choose a number during set up to send your messages from.
  3. Log into your TextSanity account.
  4. Navigate to Account, then Settings. Set up push notifications to your personal phone number from your TextSanity account.
  5. Send text messages from your TextSanity phone number.

That’s it. You’re all set to use TextSanity to send text messages from your TextSanity phone number instead of your personal number showing.

The takeaway

Privacy and security are so important, and protecting yourself digitally isn’t just about email and anti-virus software anymore. Your phone number can give people access to you as well. When you’re dealing with someone you don’t know or you just want to keep a professional distance and still text, you need a way to communicate without revealing  your phone number.

Keeping your phone number hidden is possible, and nothing makes it easier to do than using TextSanity. You can send and receive text messages on your phone without revealing your personal information and while keeping your phone number hidden. Safe and convenient.