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Text Trucking: SMS Marketing for Transportation Companies

Most items in stores got there through truck transportation — and most items you buy online come in trucks, too. The value and necessity of trucking shows now more than ever in this post-COVID era. 

Even after the pandemic, supply chain issues still affect many companies due in some part to trucking shortages and higher fuel costs. Operators of transportation companies in the third decade of the 21st Century experience a much different workload than just a few years ago.

When you apply and utilize as many cost-saving and effective tools as possible, you take preventative measures for your business in the post-pandemic world.

SMS Marketing

A proven and effective marketing tool, text marketing harnesses the power of mobile technologies and caters to the world’s preference for texting.

Why is text message marketing important for transportation companies?

Truckers don’t text while they’re on the road. However, marketing departments for trucking companies text off the road in pursuit of bigger business gains. Text messaging changes the way we communicate with others and the way businesses collect data on customers and potential customers. 

SMS truck texting offers convenience, cost-effectiveness, proactivity, and a user-friendly experience.


Text messaging helps you communicate conveniently, hence its overwhelming popularity. Convenience explains why many experts believe texting beats writing, talking, and emailing in communication preferences.

A man is leaning up against a truck texting.

From a management and marketing perspective, SMS texting offers trucking companies easy communication with truck drivers, customers, prospects, and potential new trucker recruits.

When you send a text from a phone, you experience the convenience of the format. However, a text may become even more effective and convenient when done from an online platform such as TextSanity. 

Our online platform offers text marketing tools that enhance your marketing and transactional text messages to individuals or groups of recipients — all without the stress that comes when you choose recipients one by one. 

What’s more, you benefit from automation tools and data collection assets at your disposal that amplify your marketing and communication.


Marketing costs a lot, but with SMS business texting, those costs may reduce. With low subscription costs, SMS text marketing gets off the ground in just a few minutes.

At TextSanity, we provide our clients with upfront costs without hidden fees and charges. We work with companies until they find the right plan for their needs and offer assistance when desired and needed.

SMS business texting offers a low-cost marketing strategy to your team that may become more affordable than email marketing, postal marketing, radio and television, and online advertising. 


Proactive: the exact opposite of reactive. When a person or company practices proactivity, it means that they respond to incidents or situations after they occur. Proactivity means you anticipate needs and get ahead of them. 

SMS business texting helps with proactivity and gives you a powerful resource for engagement with your customers before they experience issues and concerns or before major changes occur due to outside and uncontrollable forces

All of us make reactive decisions; the pandemic provides an example of this behavior. The benefit of this experience, however, illustrates the value of proactivity and preparedness. In the pandemic, we see the benefit of proactivity and the issues with reactivity.

A driver sitting in a truck proactively helping someone.


Mobile phone users of all ages, nationalities, races, walks of life, and genders text regularly. For example, many people alive today don’t even remember the landline telephone. Today, we send text messages and rarely use landlines, if ever.

Texting provides a user-friendly form of communication because everyone everywhere already texts. If you send texts, then SMS business texting poses no problems for you and your business.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on our highly user-friendly platform. We make business texting efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective. 

How to use text message marketing for transportation companies 

SMS business texting in your trucking company helps your business and provides a cost-effective path forward. Still, though, you may wonder how text message marketing for your transportation company works.

Data collection

In marketing, data collection reigns supreme. The search for new clients and customers challenges all marketers, and the more data you collect, the easier lead acquisition becomes.

Our platform makes collecting data easy through the use of keyword campaigns and webforms. Delineating your text marketing list based on collected information is simple with tags and subsequent drip campaigns geared toward a subset of contacts. 

The more data you collect, the more you excel when you tailor your marketing message to specific groups and demographics. Data helps you identify the demographics where your marketing campaigns may yield the most results.

Delivery updates

SMS truck text messaging also helps deliver updates to your clients and customers and provides them with better customer experiences and real-time data. Delivery updates may become your edge.

A woman sitting in a truck texting a delivery date on hero mobile phone.

Emergency alerts for drivers

The most important asset your company has is the drivers who deliver the goods. The truckers who leave their families for days, weeks, or even months and get their cargo to your customers keep your company alive.

SMS truck texting lets you send urgent communications to your truckers that help them avoid adverse weather conditions, civil emergencies, fuel shortages, and more.

To market to clients

Your second most valuable asset: the customers who pay for your services. Without them, you lack the money that lets you hire truckers and expand your business.

All business relationships resemble a three-legged stool. One leg represents the customer, the second represents workers who make it happen, and the third leg represents the company itself. Without any one of these legs, the stool falls over.

Your survivability as a company may increase when you constantly seek out new clients and customers. Marketing makes that happen. SMS business texting gives you a wealth of options and abilities that may help you put your company in front of the right people. 

To schedule updates 

One of the best uses of our platform is scheduling text messages. Your campaigns need efficiency and productivity.  A schedule helps with both of those.

A truck driver sitting in his truck on his mobile phone scheduling updates with an SMS marketing platform.

Scheduling text messages means you proactively develop both marketing and transactional messages. These are sent at predetermined times. No need for manual delivery.

Plus, scheduling messages with TextSanity is simple! Follow a few simple steps and you’re ready to go.

What to do next 

SMS business texting offers your company an easy, efficient, and productive solution for your transportation company.

Shoot us a text by texting CONTACT to 50505, chat with us online, or even connect with our team. Business texting is the boost your transportation company needs. Stand apart from the competition today!