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SMS Marketing for Veterinarians and Vet Offices

We love our pets, sometimes as much as we love our other family members (or even more). Because of this passion and love, we want to ensure they receive the best veterinary medical care.

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Veterinarians play an essential part in an animal lover’s life, which helps us get as many years as possible with our furry, feathery, or scaley friends.

SMS marketing for veterinarians and vet offices or clinics helps ensure you’re able to reach as many pet lovers as possible. 

Why text message marketing matters for veterinarians and vet offices

Running a veterinary hospital, medical clinic, or urgent care center is like running any other business. Your considerations include the competition in your area, the cost of operations, profit margins, and marketing needs.

One of the most cost-efficient and highly effective marketing methods doubles as the world’s preferred outlet for communication — text.

SMS business texting provides high open rates and significant cost reductions over other marketing mediums. It also reduces the amount of time needed to market and gives your pet parents a way to stay connected while their pet receives care.

High open rates

SMS business texting features significantly higher open rates than other marketing methods, such as email marketing. More people open a text message, read it, and even engage with it than open, read, or engage with emails.

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This essential knowledge helps you allocate your marketing budget to resources likely to produce the most significant return on investment (ROI). Like most businesses, veterinary clinics, offices, and hospitals need to use marketing dollars wisely.


When you combine high open rates, texting’s popularity, and the low cost of SMS business texting via online platforms such as TextSanity, it equals extremely low marketing operation costs.

This means SMS features significantly lower cost per open rate or engagement than email or postal letters and flyers.

For instance, if you spend $500 to send 3,000 emails, and 150 people open the marketing email, it effectively means you paid $3.33 per open. However, with texting, nearly 2700 recipients open the text at just $0.18 per open, statistically. 

The higher your open rate, the more likely you convert those cold messages into hot leads, paying customers, and new clients. 

Saves time

As a veterinary medical clinic, time and marketing resources, such as an in-house, dedicated marketing team, aren’t always in abundance.

With SMS business texting, your marketing becomes simple, straightforward, highly effective, and takes little time.

TextSanity’s platform offers several tools designed to automate your SMS marketing. Scheduling text messages, creating keyword campaigns and webforms, and utilizing tags to collect and organize customer data are just a few.

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Helps make pet owners feel comfortable

SMS business texting helps with more than just marketing. Transactional texting provides a great way of communicating with your clients and serves a similar purpose. 

Transactional texting involves the exchange of relevant information for your customers and clients. 

Transactional text message examples include sending pictures of pets to their parents after a surgical procedure or reminding pet owners of upcoming appointments. Pet owners may also respond to these messages called two-way messaging

Transactional text messages offer peace of mind to pet owners and give you unprecedented client communication options. 

How to use text message marketing for veterinarians

When you use and harness the powerful potential of SMS text messaging, it sets you apart from the competition. Consider these ways to use SMS text messaging for your veterinary practice.

Appointment reminders

Your appointment calendar stays full. Texting is a simple way to send quick appointment reminders. This saves you time and effort.

Include the date, time, and purpose of the appointment. This ensures clients show up or reschedule to allow others to fill their spots.

Respond to customer questions and concerns

Two-way texting allows your customers to communicate with your practice in real-time. Clients may want updates on their pets, questions answered, or even information about your services

As with any other business, excellent customer service leads to customer loyalty, better reviews on sites like Google, and leads to more referrals.

A man sitting with his dog in his lap having his question answered from his veterinarian on his mobile phone as a text message.

Follow up with pet owners after appointments

Sometimes, when you follow up with pet owners after appointments, it creates a more significant impact than the time they spend at your clinic. 

Follow-ups allow veterinarians to express genuine concern for the wellness of their pets. This shows patients and their parents that they mean more than just a number or name on a list or schedule.

Update pet owners while you care for their pets 

It greatly benefits your customers to receive updates while you care for their pets. As you know, people’s pets mean as much to them as family. Therefore, updates often go a long way in to relieve stress for pet owners whose pets undergo significant treatment.

Promo deals and marketing

As with all medicine, veterinary medicine comes at a high price, especially with few insurance options available. 

Therefore, providing promotional deals via marketing offers customers something of value. It also gives you another chance to collect additional data about your customers, which may lead to higher sales and customer retention.

Delivery updates

Your veterinary practice may also perform animal transportation. When you send delivery updates to your pet owners, it keeps them informed on the location of their pets and helps them better prepare for their arrival. 

A woman sitting on a park bench holding her dog on her phone receiving a delivery text from her veterinarian.

Emergency alerts for drivers

Your transportation drivers may also need alerts about emergencies or other urgent communications. SMS business texting gives you a fast and efficient way to send these messages out quickly and guarantee delivery.

Marketing to clients

To achieve sustained and long-term growth, it’s crucial to make marketing a serious element of your veterinary practice. SMS marketing gives you powerful tools to connect with customers without breaking the bank.

Scheduling updates 

Lastly, with your workload, it’s vital to maximize your time. This means you need simple-to-use, effective automation tools. SMS texting offers tools to schedule texts that get sent automatically. This saves you time and simplifies your business process. 

What to do next  

At TextSanity, we provide businesses from many industries with easy-to-use online tools that make SMS business texting as easy as opening your clinic doors in the morning.

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Our tools and services come with straightforward and affordable pricing. Connect with us today to customize your SMS marketing plan and unlock the power of SMS texting for your veterinary business.