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Text Salon: SMS Marketing for Salons, Spas, and Hairstylists

Running a small business is always a challenge, and salons are no exception. However, you can take action to promote and manage your salon or spa with a text messaging application like TextSanity. TextSanity is a web-based application that features many texting tools that help salons and spas communicate with clientele and employees alike. 

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How TextSanity helps market your spa or salon

Here are some different ways TextSanity helps you market your beauty business

Promote your spa or salon with TextSanity

If you want to gain new customers for your salon or spa, consider a text message keyword campaign. In a text message keyword campaign, customers text a specific keyword to a number to opt-in to receive marketing messages from your company. 

For example, some options include “HAIR,” “STYLE,” “RELAX,” or even the name of your salon or spa. Once customers opt in to your content, send promotions, including specials, giveaways, and contests. 

To set up a text message keyword campaign in TextSanity, click on the “Keywords” tab in your TextSanity account. Next, click the “+ New Campaign” button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. From there, name the campaign, choose a keyword, and choose between single or multiple messages.

After that, create a message. Make it short, sweet, and to the point. Include any links or files you need to include before clicking “Save.” Finally, make sure your campaign is active by using the toggle switch at the top left-hand corner of the page.

Increase engagement with TextSanity

Boost customer engagement with your salon or spa by using TextSanity’s broadcast text messages tool. Mass text messages send to your choice of existing clients. Broadcast text messages communicate important and exciting information with clients. 

For example, send a text reminding customers your booking schedule is open for the next month. Send a text offering 10% off all hair services for a limited time only. Send a text asking for “models” for your social media pages in exchange for a free hair service. 

To set up a text broadcast with TextSanity, click on the “Broadcasts” tab in your TextSanity account. Next, click the “+ New Message” button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen right above the calendar. 

From there, name the message, select recipients, draft the message, and schedule it. Or send it right away! 

Use TextSanity webforms

If you already have an established website for your salon or spa, consider using TextSanity webforms to collect client information. With a TextSanity webform, your customers enter their own information to opt-in to receiving marketing texts from your business. 

To create a webform with TextSanity, click on “More Tools” at the top of your account page before selecting “Webforms.” From there, click on the “+ New Webform” button located at the top right-hand corner of the page. 

Continue by entering the name of your webform, the end of the webform’s URL, and the header message. Upload an image to your webform and choose which details to collect from customers. Save your webform and test it by copying the URL and pasting it into your web browser. 

Collect customer data

Use TextSanity to send out a customer satisfaction survey to your clients after their hair or spa appointment. However, it’s not enough to just conduct the survey, analyze the results. Then, make meaningful changes based on feedback. TextSanity helps you in the process to improve your business. 

How to confirm client appointments with TextSanity

TextSanity goes beyond marketing your salon. Use TextSanity to send appointment reminders for salon services and confirm client appointments. That way, you avoid missed appointments and promote accurate information. 

When writing an appointment confirmation text, include all relevant information. Include the client’s name, date, time, location, and salon service. Provide a way for clients to contact you for more information. 

How to use TextSanity to answer client questions

Use TextSanity for two-way text messaging to communicate directly with clients and promptly answer their questions. 

For example, say a client has a question about how long a service takes. They can reach out to you via text, ask the question, and quickly get an answer.

This approach is faster than email and more convenient than calling

How to use TextSanity for employee scheduling

Use TextSanity to communicate with clients and employees alike. As long as you properly segment your contacts, you’re good to go! Once you appropriately tag your employees in your TextSanity contact database, schedule weekly or monthly availability messages.

After you’ve made the employee schedule, send reminder texts to employees. This ensures employees know when they’re working.

How to import salon and spa contacts into TextSanity from other platforms

If you have an established salon, odds are you already have a contact database stored somewhere. Instead of transferring contacts manually, TextSanity integrates with Zapier so contact transfer is quick and easy.

Schedule a demo with TextSanity

Use TextSanity to take your salon business to the next level with SMS marketing. Text the word DEMO to 50505 for a demo or input your information on our homepage. 

Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions.