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7 Reasons You Need a Robust Text Messaging Application

Updated 12/07/2022

There are many software applications that are made to help businesses stay connected with their customers. Each one promises a list of features that will work for you and your company. However, many of these are not easy to use and require special training.

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What’s more, most of these are centralized around sending emails, but there is a growing trend of applications designed to help organizations stay connected by text message.

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As a business owner, you want to use what’s most likely to reach your target audience. Obviously text messaging. Luckily there is a robust, business-centric text messaging app, that is easy to use, and its name is TextSanity. TextSanity is so much more than a mere text messaging app, it’s a marketing application. Each one of its tools allow a business to go above and beyond what is normally achievable with other text messaging applications.

TextSanity is different, and here’s why:

1. Text message hundreds of thousands at once using our text message marketing platform

There is no cap on the number of individuals you can text. You can seriously text as many people as you need. Hundreds of thousands of people is no object with TextSanity. Our plans are designed with you in mind. When you set your account up, you get to choose how many people to text; we’ll even make a custom plan just for you.

With TextSanity, you can text hundreds of thousands at once using our SMS marketing platform.

Need to text 20,000+ at a time? You will need a shortcode phone number, and yes, we have those.

Here is the difference:

Longcode is simply industry lingo for 10-digit phone numbers. A shortcode, (5-6 digit phone number) once approved by the major carriers, gets more bandwidth from the carriers. This means that massive amounts of messages can be sent faster on the carriers’ networks.

Longcodes still get plenty of bandwidth from the major carriers until you start sending hundreds of thousands of messages at once. So, depending on how many messages you’re going to send depends on which – shortcode or longcode – you need to choose during the set-up process.

2. Market seamlessly with TextSanity tools

With TextSanity you can go from an initial interaction with an individual to continued interactions. We make this possible with keyword campaigns and broadcasts. You see, with keyword campaigns you can market your business to potential customers.

When a customer texts the keyword, the campaign opts them in to your broadcasts which will allow you to include them in your mass text messages. You no longer need to wait for the customer to engage with you, you can engage with them.

3. Text message market legally

There are a lot of rules about text message marketing that you must follow as a business owner. Federal TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) laws govern how and when you can interact with potential and current customers. And the oversight conducted by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) protects text message recipients from unwanted spam. TextSanity follows all these federal laws and guidelines. You never need to worry about sending a text message that could be mistaken for spam.

TextSanity can help you navigate all of the laws regarding SMS marketing.

Our text messaging app has an opt-in tracking system built in. That means you always know who has given their consent for you to mass text message them. And since consent is of the utmost concern, we have a legal opt-in message pre-populated for you. You don’t need to sweat it with TextSanity.

4. Get the information you need

TextSanity allows you to gather multiple points of data about a customer through text message. When you set up a keyword campaign, you have the option to add as many messages as you’d like with a multiple messages campaign. This means that you can collect as many points of data as you’d like.

Additionally, the data points such as name, email, phone number, and birthday are collected in your contact database. Other campaign-specific data points are collected in a downloadable spreadsheet. With this information, you can make sure you are marketing the right thing to the right audience. You never have to wonder again!

5. Keep your customer data organized

After you sign up for our text messaging app, you’ll have access to your very own contact database. This database can be filled with existing customers and new customers, which you can acquire through keyword campaigns and webforms. For existing customers, you need only send a quick, pre-populated opt-in message in order to mass text message them for marketing purposes.

The best part is your database is completely customizable using filters and tags. Filters can be applied in all aspects of your contact list. And with tags, you can not only choose the tags you want a customer under, but name the tag yourself. There are no pre-populated tags. It’s all up to you to decide how you want to organize your database. It couldn’t be easier!

6. Send files from your computer as shortened links in a text message

We support the files you need to include in your text messages. Whether that’s an attachment or a link, we have you covered. You can save space on your servers and increase the download speed of messages by letting us handle your links and attachments. Whether you need to add a link or an attachment with a keyword campaign or broadcast, we have what you need.

7. Direct customers to your landing page while capturing their phone number

Engaging people from the very first interaction is key to a successful business. Typically this is done online through a click funnel. How click funnels work is by putting an ad out, people clicking on the ad, which brings them to a login page where their information is collected. If they bounce from there, you have no way of finding out who they were, which is not terribly effective. Text message, on the other hand, is extremely effective. In fact, it’s the gold standard sales funnels.

You can engage people, opt them in, broadcast to them, and measure bounce rate all in one with TextSanity. For example, a company advertises texting a keyword to a TextSanity phone number. When texted, the message flow asks them to opt-in, which gives their consent to receive further mass text messages from you, then it takes them to your site. Now, you can see how many people were sent to the page versus how many people engaged on the page. From there you can text message customers individually or collectively, answering and fielding questions.

Instagram is a great place for this. Often Instagrammers will put a URL in the comments directing people to their website. However, unless that person is using Instagram ads, the URL can’t be linked or copied by other users. So they are left with trying to type in the URL manually by looking at the URL.

Many people that would click through are being left out in this system. A text message keyword campaign solves this problem. In your Instagram comments simply tell followers to text a keyword to your TextSanity phone number and immediately take them to your website. It’s that straightforward. No more messing around!

Try TextSanity’s text message platform for results you can measure

Don’t just let us talk your ear off about everything we have to offer! Go ahead and try us out. We are confident you will love TextSanity just as much as we do. So go ahead, start spreading the sanity today.