5 Ways a Restaurant Can Use Text Messaging to Get More Business
Text messaging with TextSanity can help your restaurant get more business.

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5 Ways a Restaurant Can Use Text Messaging to Get More Business

Text messaging is ubiquitous in our culture. Everywhere you look, you see people texting. As a restaurant owner, you can tap into the trend of text messaging and use it to your advantage. You can use it to boost your profits. The following are five ways you can use text messaging as a restaurant owner to get more business.

1. Bring in More Customers during a Restaurant Launch

New locations, even a new restaurant launch can benefit from text message marketing. First, before anyone has stepped foot in the restaurant, announce it using text messaging. Do this by advertising a few simple keyword campaigns. Keyword campaigns allow potential customers to receive information about your restaurant by text message.

Create Hype for Your Restaurant

Second, create hype for your restaurant opening by sending out periodic messages about the restaurant opening to pump up potential customers. You want people to be excited to try your restaurant as soon as it opens. The best way to do this is with drip campaigns.

Once a person opts-in to receive your text messages as part of a keyword campaign, add them to a drip campaign which sends them messages on a particular schedule you determine. This keeps the excitement alive for your restaurant launch.

Send Individualized Invitations

Image of a customer at a restaurant getting an invitation from the restaurant on phone

Third, make the restaurant launch exclusive. People love an individualized invitation to an event. Play to this by sending out exclusive invitations to potential customers who’ve signed up for your keyword campaigns and interacted with your drip campaigns.

The best way to know which potential customer to invite is by looking at the person’s individual inbox, offered exclusively through TextSanity. The inbox is the repository for all messages sent and received to an individual phone number. This way you can tell who you should send an individualized invite to.

And don’t forget that keyword campaigns, drip campaigns, and TextSanity inbox are good for more than restaurant launches. They can be used for existing restaurants to bring in more business.

2. Drive Traffic to your Restaurant’s Website

At first you may wonder, what does the internet have to do with text messaging? But a restaurant’s website and its text marketing go hand in hand. Both create opportunities to communicate with customers.

In fact, you can set up your restaurant’s website with webforms that direct customers to receive offers, specials, and so much more via text message. Webforms, with TextSanity, can be posted anywhere on your website. They are extremely customizable and afford loyal customers the opportunity to get more for their loyalty.

3. Incentivize Customer Reviews

Almost every business you can think of has a review. Reviews are a huge part of our culture and identity. They are a way for customers to reach out and help others decide where to go. Think about your own life. Have you ever decided not to go somewhere because of a bad review? Or have you ever decided to go somewhere based on a good review?

Reviews are huge! Restaurants these days live and die by them. And getting people to write reviews is harder than you might think. Ideally you want reviews from customers who love and support your restaurant. However, typically reviews only come from customers who absolutely love or absolutely hate your restaurant.

Reward Customers Who Write Reviews

So, since reviews are so pivotal, help customers write them by incentivizing it. Obviously, you want to be careful of incentivizing only positive reviews as that can create negative repercussions. An easy way to get reviews from customers is by sending them a reminder text message. You can put all of your customers that have signed up for previous keyword campaigns on a mass text message list.

With TextSanity, you can set customers on this list to receive reminders to write a review for your restaurant with a reminder of an incentive if they do. It’s important to remember that mass text messages and group messages are not the same. Links and attachments can be easily added to mass text messages so that you can direct customers to review sites quickly and efficiently.

Finally, when a customer review has been written, you can confirm it by asking to see the confirmation page. Then, reward the customer! It’s that simple. One other important thing to remember is to respond to reviews – both positive and negative on 3rd party sites such as Yelp or Google Reviews. This allows disgruntled and contented customers alike to see that you are responsive to their thoughts and opinions.

4. Share Large and Small Announcements

Text message is a great place to share all the great things your restaurant is up to. From new locations to new menu items to charity work to sustainability. All of these things are worthy of sharing with your customers.

Segment Customers Using Tags

All you need to do is choose whom to send these messages to. Not all of your customers are going to be interested in all of the things you’re doing. That’s why you need to segment your customers using tags. Tags are essential to TextSanity since they are what allows you to choose a group of people to send a message to. Rather than going through each person individually and adding them every time you want to send a message, you add a group of customers under a specific tag.

Obviously, some customers may just be interested in a new location, and some may be interested in your charity work. Hopefully you’ll have a few customers that are interested in all of the things you are doing. Each customer can be tagged with as many tags as you deem necessary.

Set up Keyword Campaigns to Tag Customers

Simply set up separate keyword campaigns to figure out which customers want to hear about from your restaurant. The keyword campaigns can be set up to automatically tag a customer when they engage with a certain keyword campaign.

Screenshot of Rocco's Pizza text message

For example, you can post the following at your restaurant. “If you’d like more information about how we are changing the community around us, text LOCAL to 50505.”  You can have a keyword campaign for each of the areas you share announcements about.

5. Notify Customers of Delivery or Take Out Services

Finally, something that is very poignant, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is making sure customers know when your restaurant is still open. Although your restaurant may be open only for delivery or take out, it’s important to keep customers in the loop. You can send a simple mass text message outlining what your restaurant is doing to every customer on your text marketing list.

Image of free delivery sign in front of a restaurant

This gets customers the information they need quickly. That’s the great thing about text message. It can be used to update customers on your restaurant’s policies as well as a notification system about when their food is ready for pick up or delivery.

It’s all available in one, easy-to-use text messaging platform. Plus, you can use the same platform to market to customers. Offering two-for-one deals or free delivery via mass text messaging is a synch!

Use Text Messaging to Get More Business

In the end, you want your restaurant to succeed. You want to draw as many customers to your restaurant as you possibly can. Text messaging can help you achieve this goal. By creating hype for your initial restaurant launch, driving traffic to your restaurant’s website, incentivizing customer reviews, sharing announcements large and small, and having a viable notification system, text messaging is the simple solution you need.

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