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Outside of the Box Ideas for Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing provides an efficient, simple, and powerful tool for your business. It surpasses other marketing mediums in nearly every category for a much lower cost.

Crafting outside-of-the-box ideas for your text message marketing strategy may increase your prospect conversions, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

Creative marketing ideas from small businesses to real estate agents propel your business’s growth to the next level — and above the competition. 

Why creativity matters in SMS marketing

Creativity matters in text message marketing, just as with any other style or type of marketing. Customers today encounter marketing everywhere they go, from their mobile smartphones and social media sites to television, radio, and billboards. 

Because of this constant inundation of promotions, entrepreneurs and small business owners constantly search for new tactics to make them stand out.

Text messaging’s popularity gives you an instant boost in marketing. Now, combine that boost with creative marketing strategies for a nearly no-fail campaign. This creativity breathes life into both your marketing and your customer growth. 

Outside-the-box ideas for SMS marketing

Not everyone is creative. Although you may learn creative skills, a naturally creative mind makes masterpieces that surpass scholarly technicalities. As you think of creativity as a gift, surround yourself with people who possess it and learn from the successes of others. 

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Below, discover outside-of-the-box ideas for text message marketing that works for many clients. 

Serial texting stories

“Serial” simply implies content that repeats often. Craft creative texting stories and send them to your contact lists regularly. This tactic may engage your audience and create an atmosphere of expectation. 

When you hone your message timing, it helps you build a successful SMS business text messaging strategy. Improper timing often upsets customers with the frequency or quantity of text messages they receive.

Customers may opt out of future messages and leave your business behind if this occurs. However, serial texting stories often produce the reverse effect. In this case, your contact list and customers anticipate the next text — and the next story — and may not experience the SMS fatigue others see.

Creative welcome messages

Creative welcome messages significantly boost your SMS business’s texting relationship with your customers. As a first impression, a welcome message sets the tone for everything that follows.

Create a unique welcome message that excites your customers, makes them feel important, and personalizes their experience. As a result, you get a solid start for future marketing campaigns.

Develop a rapport and continue conversations

Developing a rapport with your customers builds relationships and establishes the tone for future communications. Customers’ chances of opting out of future messages decrease as rapport grows. 

The more opt-ins you have, the more data you collect for marketing campaigns. These campaigns drive customers to your stores and online eCommerce sites for purchases.

Therefore, a solid rapport with your contact list may result in higher revenues and increased sales. The discovery of new customers who opt-in only comprises a small part of your overall strategy. 

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The greatest challenge (with the greatest reward)? Keeping them subscribed so your marketing lists compound and continue their steady growth.

Discounts, deals, and events

You drive customers to your physical and digital locations when you create excitement about new product launches — and when you create excitement about exclusivity. 

Develop creative campaigns that build excitement toward these launches with discounts and deals. As a result, you may increase revenue and ensure successful product and promotional events.

Interactive contests

Interactive contests get your customers engaged with your marketing strategy and company. 

Customers love contests. If you don’t believe us, turn your television on at 7 PM every evening — you may find multiple game shows airing at once. 

Television networks make game shows for a reason. Some of them stay on the air for over 50 years, all because we love competition and games. 

Interactive contests motivate your customers and boost your company’s engagement and marketing campaign. The more engagement you get from your text message marketing, the more products and services you sell. It boils down to basic arithmetic. 

Incentivize UGC

User-generated content (UGC) opens the door for other marketing strategies that may generate excitement about your company and your products. UGC also encourages engagement. 

Companies use UGC to accomplish their marketing goals in many ways, including an approach that incorporates trending social media influencers into their marketing campaigns.

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Another approach to UGC focuses solely on the customers for content creation. For example, you may send a message encouraging customers to submit photos online with a hashtag to win a feature on your profile. 

You may even do a combination of the two. Get influencers on the promotion train; ask them to invite other customers into UGC creation with specific hashtags. Both of these paths may lead to excitement and customer participation. 

The more your customers involve themselves in your marketing, the more successful you may be. Harness the power of SMS texting with social media UGC marketing for an unstoppable marketing force. 

Funnel customers to other marketing channels

A successful marketing strategy requires incorporating all your marketing channels and touchpoints, so they work harmoniously with each other. 

For instance, you probably use several social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. You also use an online eCommerce website and physical locations to conduct business. Your marketing channels may include email, radio, television, billboards, social media, Google, and SMS business texting — or a combination. 

Capitalize on these channels. Seize every funnel opportunity to get customers to your various touchpoints and marketing channels. That way, every system you put in place works to benefit the other.

How TextSanity’s marketing tools help

Our online platform significantly increases the efficiency of SMS marketing and gives you unprecedented automation controls. With our tools, you easily schedule future messages that send automatically, create keyword campaigns and drip campaigns, and utilize tags that organize customers into groups through common traits and similarities. 

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TextSanity takes you far deeper into your customer’s journey and the world of texting than you go by simply texting from a phone — and at an affordable price. 

What next? 

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