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5 Enterprise-Level SMS Marketing Strategies

SMS marketing tools add value and keep businesses connected with customers. Businesses, politicians, and local governments now reach out to valued customers, constituents, and stakeholders with text message marketing

Maybe that’s why enterprise-level SMS marketing strategies attract plenty of buzz in mobile marketing. Today, discover enterprise-level SMS marketing strategies to help your business communicate and build relationships.

What is enterprise-level SMS marketing? 

SMS stands for short message service. 

In simple terms, enterprise-level SMS marketing means a business sends a promotional or transactional text to your cell phone. This may include offers, updates, or alerts. You send these messages to opted-in contacts on your text marketing list using an SMS marketing platform like TextSanity.

Why use enterprise-level SMS marketing?

As you explore SMS marketing, consider the significant benefits: SMS yields a strong ROI, such as better conversion rates, open rates, and response rates. Convenient for customers, user-friendly, and affordable, SMS marketing prevails over other marketing tools. 

Let’s break down these benefits below.

Better conversion rates, open rates, and response rates 

SMS marketing offers a great deal to marketers. It boasts better conversion rates, open rates, and response rates than other marketing channels, such as email campaigns. 

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Want proof? Data shows a 45% response rate with SMS, with emails at a mere 8%. Open rates for SMS clock in at 82%, while email open rates lag behind at 20%. Those results speak for themselves.

Convenient for customers

Your customers live busy lives, and a quick text update from an organization they recognize takes less time than an email. A text takes little effort, which explains why customers open 90% of text messages within three minutes.

Easy setup

SMS marketing campaigns start with an easy setup process. TextSanity assigns each enterprise account a dedicated account manager. Simply tell them what you want, and they’ll make it happen! 

More affordable 

Text marketing provides an affordable option to reach large groups of customers or subscribers. When you compare it to other marketing channels, texting leads by a long shot. TextSanity customizes each and every enterprise-level plan to cater to your needs and budget.

Five enterprise-level SMS marketing strategies 

1. Two-way conversations with customers 

Texting with customers creates a two-way conversation that simulates an in-person chat over text. 

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As a result, SMS wins as the preferred communication channel by 48% of customers. Only 22% said they prefer email. Two-way conversations with customers more closely resemble live chats but are a bit more personal since you send texts to the customer’s mobile phone number.

Any relationship thrives when built upon trust, and customer relationships resemble any other relationship in this way. SMS marketing falls into the permission-based marketing strategy category. This means you can only message opted-in contacts on your text marketing list.

2. Integrate SMS into a multi-channel approach 

Well-thought-out marketing strategies typically include more than one channel and approach. Multi-channel marketing pulls the right marketing levers at the right time, reaching your target audience faster and more effectively. The best brands use marketing channels that resonate with their audience. 

When you integrate SMS messages into your marketing mix, you adopt a powerful multi-channel approach. Other channels in the mix may include digital marketing channels, such as social media, forums, websites, and even email marketing. 

The use of several channels increases brand awareness. When you maintain consistent messaging across channels, it ensures clarity in communication and builds trust with valued customers and prospective customers. 

3. Streamline your marketing efforts with automation 

Any savvy marketer knows automation creates efficiency in marketing operations and structures workflow. 

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TextSanity’s SMS platform offers a wide variety of SMS marketing automation options. These include text marketing keywords, text message webforms, broadcast, and drip campaigns.

Let’s break down some SMS automation tools that streamline your marketing efforts. 

Appointment reminders

Consider automating appointment reminders with SMS. This tool functions like a personal secretary who pings your customer’s mobile device. 

You may already receive appointment confirmations from a dentist’s office or another type of appointment. Automated text appointment reminders hold mainstream status already. 

No-shows and missed appointments cause a loss of time and revenue. Why not automate your appointment reminders with SMS messaging? 

Drip campaigns

One rule in marketing says the customer responds to a call-to-action (CTA) after they see a message three times. Drip campaigns via SMS marketing work perfectly for this rule. 

SMS drip campaigns help you create a campaign series ahead of time for a segmented subscriber list. You control the timing of the messaging. 

These campaigns drip rhythmically at timed intervals on the calendar. Another campaign model works based on the customer and each action they take. Drip campaigns offer several key benefits: user-friendliness, power, connection with the customer, and a powerful CTA for the customer.

Broadcast campaigns

Broadcast SMS campaigns refer to mass text messaging notifications. Broadcast campaigns cater to various audiences with help from automation. 

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Objectives may include brand awareness, product launch information, an event promotion, or any other purpose for an automated message for a high volume of subscribers. With TextSanity, you also tag contacts, which identify subscribers in various segmented groups. 

For example, you may want to send a broadcast SMS for new customers and another for VIP customers. Or, for e-commerce customers, you may create an entire broadcast SMS campaign to customers with abandoned carts in the purchase process. 

Cart abandonment creates another marketing opportunity for SMS marketing messages. Reaching out at the right time with automated messaging may enhance the customer experience and preserve lost sales — or provide critical feedback. 

Keyword campaigns 

Another tactic for subscriber list growth: the multi-channel approach with digital advertising and a keyword as a call-to-action for an opt-in. For this model, combine coupons or other offers with keyword campaigns. This strategy helps build your subscriber list. 

Once a new subscriber opts in, assign them a contact tag in TextSanity, and include them in mass notifications. 

4. Roll out content marketing campaigns through SMS 

With SMS marketing platforms, promote your content with a text marketing campaign to your SMS subscribers. 

For example, for a new product related to video content, send a link directly to your customers’ smartphones. With a few clicks, your new video reaches the phones of thousands of customers in real-time. 

5. Add personalization and efficiency 

When your favorite brand addresses you by name or sends you a birthday coupon, it builds upon the relationship. 

Poor personalization efforts in marketing may cost brands up to 38% of customers. So, gaining new customers costs more than the retention of current customers. 

Personalization enhances your customer relationships. Collect as much data as possible when customers initially subscribe. From there, personalize the SMS messages they receive. 

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For example, an e-commerce business may personalize order confirmations, shipping updates, and other types of follow-up. From there, integrate personalization with SMS

How TextSanity helps with your enterprise-level SMS marketing 

TextSanity uses SMS marketing best practices, so no matter how much you know about SMS marketing, our team helps you create a customized SMS strategy from zero to launch. 

What next? 

Ready to reach customers quickly? Enterprise SMS Marketing takes your marketing strategy and customer relationships to the next level. 

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