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How To Use TextSanity as an Influencer Marketing Platform

Updated 11/4/2022

If you are a company looking for a way to build your audience with mass text messaging, this article is the one for you. TextSanity specializes in helping your build a text message audience. How do we do so, you may ask? Well, with our specialized text message marketing tools, of course.

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Text Message Marketing Tools

TextSanity features tools such as keyword campaigns, opt-in webforms, a contact database (similar to a text messaging CRM), a robust text messaging inbox, and broadcast console which you can use to send mass text messages. Each of these tools helps you build and communicate with your audience. Campaigns help you make the initial contact with your audience through keywords and they opt the customers in to your text marketing list. Customizable webforms also add contacts to your text marketing list.

The contact page helps organize your text message audience all in one place. Your inbox helps you communicate one-on-one with your text message audience. And finally, the broadcast console keeps your relationship with customers strong by communicating with them regularly about the things they are interested in.

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As you can see, TextSanity is set-up to help you build your text message audience. Keep reading to learn more about each of our tools that can help you build an audience that even the most seasoned marketer would swoon at.

Build a text message audience with keyword campaigns

Building a text message audience is simple with our campaigns page. Keyword campaigns easily engage potential customers with targeted offers and can deliver information straight to their mobile device. Over the past couple years, these have been steadily growing in popularity as a way to really build a robust text message audience. With your TextSanity account you can have unlimited keyword campaigns.

How keyword campaigns work

When a customer texts a keyword to your TextSanity phone number, your campaign automatically responds with a message flow you’ve set up. The message flow can include links and images throughout. The message flow can also collect all the contact’s responses and populate them all to a spreadsheet. However, the most important part of running campaigns is to build a text message audience by gaining the opted-in contact. Once a contact is opted-in, you can add them to a group that receives your mass text messages.

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For example, if you are a pizzeria, you can have customers, Text ROCCOS1 to 505-465-8101 for freebies and coupons. (You can go ahead and try this one, it won’t actually opt you in, but will show you how it works.)

Build a text message audience with webforms

TextSanity’s easy-to-use webforms allow you to gain opted-in contacts as well. Use our intuitive platform to create a customized webform. Once you do, you can insert its link anywhere. On your homepage, on social media, on industry forums, the possibilities are endless. When customers sign up through your webform, their contact information is added to your contact database and more importantly, they’re opted-in.

TextSanity can help influencers reach their audience, no matter what they're doing or where they are.

Organize your text message audience with our contact database

With your TextSanity contacts page, the text message audience you’ve built is seamlessly organized. It’s the repository for the contact information of those that participate in your keyword campaigns and opt-in using webforms. You can separate your contact database using tags, which can be automatically applied to contacts based on the campaign they responded to.

Additionally, you can download the contact information from your database in a downloadable file.

Organize your text message audience with tags

Tags are the organizational tool of your contact database. And as such it’s imperative to correctly tag each one of your contacts. When you send a mass text message to the audience you’ve built, tags are how you choose who you send your messages to.

TextSanity makes it easy for influencers to build their audience via SMS broadcasts.

Respond to your text message audience using your inbox

As you build your text message audience, being notified of contacts individual messages and replying in real time is a must. Our inbox allows you to see each individual contact that has been messaged as well as their replies. You can reply and even insert links and attachments straight from your computer, which will be delivered as a TextSanity hosted link. You can also schedule messages from the inbox to be sent at a later time. Some people have found this very useful because they can schedule a reminder text to themselves or to someone they know.

Mass text message your audience

Once your text message audience is built up, using TextSanity’s broadcast page to send mass text messages is a great way to keep your audience engaged. It’s a powerful and easy-to-use function of TextSanity. Broadcast messages can be sent on the spot or scheduled for a future time. These messages can include links and attachments as needed. Mass text messages sent through the broadcasts page are not sent as a group message. If someone replies to the mass text message, all the other contacts who were messaged won’t receive the reply.

TextSanity's Inbox helps influencers to easily respond to their text message marketing audience.

Send mass text messages legally

The reason contacts must be opted-in is two-fold. One, you want to be clear with the text message audience you’re building exactly what they’re agreeing too. And two, you have to be federally compliant with the laws that surround text messaging from automated systems, or you could face serious repercussions.

There’s no need to worry with TextSanity. We’ve designed our platform with these laws at the forefront. TextSanity won’t let you include a contact in a mass text message unless they’re opted-in. And we make sure that you can easily gain opted-in contacts through keyword campaigns and simple webforms.

Build a text message audience with TextSanity

TextSanity is the most logical choice for any influencer looking to build a text message audience. Our unique tools, customer service, and flexible plans make it easy to start building today. Once you’re spreading the sanity, you’ll be glad you chose TextSanity. We look forward to helping you build and maintain the best text message audience possible.