The Gold Standard in Sales Funnels: Text Messaging
Text messaging can improve the success of your sales funnels.

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The Gold Standard in Sales Funnels: Text Messaging

Sales funnel is a term used to describe how a marketing lead turns into a sale. Sales funnels benefit every industry. They help companies nurture contact with potential customers in order to make a sale. However, between the initial contact and the final sale, a lot of complicated things take place. This causes potential sales fall through with a customer dropping out of the sales funnel without buying anything.

Infographic of the top, middle, and bottom of the sales funnel with text messaging

Text message sales funnels ensure minimal potential sales fall through the cracks. Streamlining your advertising and marketing efforts with text messaging makes or breaks your company’s success. The main mechanisms used at the top of the sales funnel: text messaging keyword campaigns and webforms.

The middle of the sales funnel, where you keep a customer engaged, is broadcasting and drip campaigns. The bottom of the sales funnel, where you personally engage, completes the sale. It’s also possible to complete a sale via website sign up. Customers are guided to these by text message broadcasting or drip campaigns.

Top of the Sales Funnel

The top of the sales funnel is perhaps the most important part of the sales funnel. Afterall, all of the eventual sales come from the top. Without the top, no other part of the funnel works. The top of the sales funnel interests perspective customers to the company or product through keyword campaigns and webforms.

Keyword Campaigns

Keyword Campaigns engage potential customers by asking them to text a phone number. An example: “Text SURVEY to 505-465-8101”. (Text this live keyword campaign to see how it works.) When a company sets up a keyword campaign, they look to cast a wide net. The look for anyone and everyone that potentially benefits from their company or product.

Screenshot of TextSanity keyword campaign asking about candidates for office


Custom webforms create another way to get potential customers into your sales funnel. Put a webform almost anywhere online; on your company’s homepage, social media site, blog posts, etcetera. When customers sign up for your company updates through the webform, they consent to receive text messages from you. (This also works for keyword campaigns.)

Webform Example Screenshot

Middle of the Sales Funnel

Keep a potential customer interested and engaged with your product or company in the middle of the sales funnel. Keep customers engaged via text messaging, broadcasting and drip campaigns. If you set the top of your funnel to collect customers’ emails, then the middle of the funnel improves.


Broadcasting is just another way of saying mass text messaging. However, mass text messaging and group text messaging differ a great deal. Both allow sending a text message to multiple people, however, with mass text each person receives the text individually. This system cuts out the drama of a group text while preserving the efficiency of mass text messaging.

Gif of how to send a mass text message

In a sales funnel, broadcast to individuals who sign up, via keyword campaigns or webforms. Segment potential customers with tags so the customer only receives text messages about relevant products. This reduces the number of people opting-out of your messages due to annoyance or irrelevancy.

Screenshot of opt-out message

Drip Campaigns

Much like broadcasts, drip campaigns, take care of the customers one-by-one. However, drip campaigns take it a step further. They engage customers at predetermined intervals starting at the time they initially engage your funnel. For example, a company sets up a series of messages that send when someone opts-in via campaigns and webforms. A predetermined schedule sends messages, such as on day 1, day 3, day 5, and so on.

Bottom of the Sales Funnel

The real magic happens at the bottom of the sales funnel. All a potential customer really needs at this point is personal attention; a little push to buy the product. The bottom of the sales funnel is so fulfilling because you finally see the results of your hard work.

Personal engagement via text message

Personal interaction with potential customers means the difference between making or breaking a sale. At this point, employees trained in sales techniques engage with potential customers close to purchasing a product. These employees converse via text message with the potential customer to address final concerns and questions. Finally, the customer converts into a sale.

Mass Text Messaging


Many, many platforms offer the various services outlined in this post. However, only one text messaging platform offers all of these things: TextSanity. TextSanity’s easy to learn and even easier to use platform creates the perfect solution. No matter what kind of company you own or work for, go ahead and check us out. 

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