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Reach a large audience by mass text message

Page updated 10/19/2022

It’s simple, with TextSanity’s CRM. Our customer relationship management software uses text message marketing to send mass text messages to an audience of any size. The CRM industry is on the rise with a projected worth of 80 billion by 2025. And with 80% of customers researching your product online, you’d better be prepared with a CRM that’s right for you. Plus, 74% of online businesses already use a CRM, don’t be left behind!

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Mass text message tools

Our CRM has built-in tools to not only reach your audience via text message, but also to start a conversation with your audience and organize your communication. In addition, we follow all Telephone Consumer Protection Act laws which are laws that govern the dissemination of automated phone calls and text messaging. In other words, our platform can’t be used by spammers. So, if you’re looking for a way to market to thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of people by mass text message through a simple marketing software, read on.

Our text message marketing customer relationship management software sends mass text messages to an audience of any size.
TextSanity uses SMS marketing to send mass texts to any audience size.


Deliver content with keyword campaigns

The first and most powerful tool that TextSanity features for text message marketing is text message keywords. An SMS keyword campaign is where the rubber really hits the road in text message marketing. These are increasing in popularity as a way to easily engage potential customers with targeted offers or deliver information straight to their mobile device via text marketing. And we should also mention, this is one of the main ways people opt into your SMS service. (More about this below.)

For an example of easily engaging potential customers with a targeted offer, Text ROCCOS1 to 505-465-8101. Try it right now on your phone. (It won’t actually sign you up for offers, but it will give you a good feel for how the process works.)

An SMS keyword campaign is where the rubber really hits the road in text message marketing.
SMS keyword campaigns are an essential tool in text message marketing.

Using text message keyword campaigns

You decide on a keyword you want an internal or external audience to text. Advertise texting this keyword to a specific number. (You choose the number, either a 10-digit phone number—long code—or a shortcode.) When your audience texts the keyword to your number, they receive the information they were seeking, while you collect various contact information. This contact information can be used for future marketing efforts.


Opting-in to receive mass text messages

In addition, keyword campaigns can be used to gain opted-in contacts. People who engage one of your campaigns become an opted-in contact in your TextSanity text marketing list. You can use a mass texting service to send SMS marketing messages to large groups of subscribers easily through the broadcast page.

With a large opted-in text marketing list, you can send out messages to thousands of people in seconds. This can include communication to employees or members of any organization, special offers to patrons of your business, activity updates for conventions or other large events, government broadcasts, school or classroom reminders, and anything else you can think of.

Keep in mind, once a contact has opted-in to receive messages from you, they can choose to opt-out by replying “stop” to any of your messages. At that point, they will still be in your contact database and you will be able to send them individual messages; however, you will not be able to include them in any mass SMS messages.

Using keyword campaigns to gather information

A bulk text messaging campaign in TextSanity can also be used to gather large amounts of information. For example, you could have someone fill out an entire job application through text message. You populate the questions using custom fields into a campaign which will automatically respond to them each time they enter their answer. Their responses are recorded and stored in that campaign’s response database which can be exported in a downloadable file. You could also walk someone through a sales process, get RSVP information, conduct a survey, or give out map directions to a destination of interest.


Mass text messaging, or broadcasting

The second tool that TextSanity features is the broadcast console itself. Mass text messaging is a powerful and easy-to-use function of TextSanity. Mass text messages sent through the broadcasts page are sent only to opted-in contacts. The beauty of sending a broadcast via TextSanity is the message is not sent as a group message. Rather, each individual person receives a text as if they were the only one texted and if they reply to the mass text message, all the other contacts messaged won’t receive the reply.

That’s right—this bulk SMS service allows for two-way SMS text, whether you want to send appointment reminders, emergency alerts, customer support team communications, or more. Your team will be notified of all replies in your TextSanity Inbox and can respond on an individual basis, straight to their mobile phones. You can choose to respond yourself, or set up automation templates for common conversations.

A bulk text messaging campaign in TextSanity can also be used to gather large amounts of information.
Bulk text messaging campaigns can be used to gather large amounts of data.

Use webforms to opt-in

Another tool that TextSanity offers to help you reach your large audience is webforms. Similar to a text message keyword, webforms are a great way to get people to opt-in to your contact database.

You first set up a webform using TextSanity’s easy-to-use software and then place its link anywhere online such as on social media, in a blog post, or even your main website. Webforms make opt-ins easy. Simply direct traffic to your webform’s custom URL, have your audience opt-in, and start mass text messaging.

Webforms make opt-ins easy, with a custom URL that allows your audience to opt-in and start mass text messaging.
With a custom URL, webforms make opting-in easy for customers.

Here’s an example of an active webform (for a fake business).


Use the contacts page to organize your list

We’ve said a lot about reaching a large audience. But what do you do when you’ve reached them? How do you organize their information? TextSanity has a solution for that too. Keep track of who you’re sending your mass text messages to through TextSanity’s contacts page.

Your TextSanity account comes with a fully functional contact database centralized around sending mass text messages. Your communication efforts are streamlined with our contact database which you can download contact information from or automatically collect the contact information from individuals who participate in keyword campaigns or webforms.

In order to filter and search your custom contact database, your contacts are categorized by tags. You decide what the tags are and how the contact information collected is tagged. And you can use tags to decide which audience to mass text message. Any contact in your database can have one or multiple tags making them part of different audiences. TextSanity allows you to schedule messages or send messages in real-time to support your SMS marketing campaigns.

Any contact in your database can have one or multiple tags making them part of different audiences.
Every contact in your database can have one or more tags for different audiences.

How to get started sending mass text messages

TextSanity is a cost-effective operational and collaborative CRM that won’t break the bank. Our site is easy to use, simple, and straightforward. TextSanity puts you in the driver’s seat of reaching a large audience through bulk SMS with flexible pricing and bulk texting that works with a wide variety of service providers.

Whether your target audience has Android phones or iOs, bulk text messages are available to you through our messaging platform. And when you need assistance, our text and video tutorials along with our site customer service are always there to help you with any questions you may have. So, if you’ve been searching for a CRM that can function as a mass text messaging service, opt for the best with TextSanity.