6 Ways Lawyers Can Communicate Using Text Message Marketing
Connect with more clients using text message marketing for lawyers.

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6 Ways Lawyers Can Communicate Using Text Message Marketing

At the heart of the law profession is communication. Lawyers constantly interact with clients, other lawyers, and judges. Clear, precise communication is key to your success. That’s why you need a business-level text message platform.

Text message marketing is an easy and effective way to engage potential new clients while working effectively with current clients. TextSanity’s text message marketing platform offers just that. With TextSanity, the power of real communication is yours!

1. Text message keywords​

These are a mainstay for your client recruitment efforts. Potential clients text a keyword to your TextSanity phone number and receive auto responses with links and other requested information. All of the responses are customizable to your specific marketing efforts.

The great part about text message keywords with TextSanity is that the contact information (numbers, names, and emails) of all respondents is collected and stored for your further marketing efforts.

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Plus, all respondents’ responses are stored, so you have access to that information as well. Use the information to personalize text messages that encourage potential clients to use your services.

2. Mass text messaging

In order to reach a large amount of potential and current clients at one time, mass text messaging is the ticket. Unlike group messaging, mass text message is private and secure.

Each individual phone number texted receives the message as if they were the only one messaged. Plus, replies are sent directly to you. No one else sees them.

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In addition, mass text messaging with TextSanity is simple. Send and schedule messages in seconds! It doesn’t matter how small or large the group is, mass text messaging is right for you.

3. Scheduling text messages

Scheduling text messages in advance is critical for lawyers, and with TextSanity it’s easy! Send mass text messages or a single message at just the right moment. This is perfect for personal reminders to yourself, staff, or clients.

TextSanity helps keep you organized with a personalized calendar that automatically updates with your scheduled messages. Timing is everything in communication!

4. Drip campaigns

Text message drip campaigns work great to continually reach out to potential clients. When a potential client initially interacts with a text message keyword, but doesn’t use your services, you can automatically put them on a drip campaign.

This sends them messages at set intervals. Remind prospective clients about why working with you is a great decision. As always, everything is customizable. From the day and time text messages send, to the content of the message. Even include links and attachments to entice clients to use your services even more!

5. Send text messages conveniently

Whether you use our app or our great website, sending text messages with TextSanity is convenient. On top of that, TextSanity offers a robust inbox.

The inbox can be used in many ways, but most importantly to send personalized messages at just the right moment to anyone in your contact database. Use it to attach files, schedule messages, and use templates for all your text messaging needs.

Additionally, if you anticipate a lot of clients texting your office, simply put a staff member in charge of your TextSanity inbox. Then, they monitor and respond to incoming text messages. Plus, staff log into your account from anywhere and even in multiple locations at once!

6. Use webforms to get more opt-in’s

Of course, as part of the legality of text messaging, you have to get the consent of individuals before you begin to include them in mass text message broadcasts. TextSanity makes this easy with a stoplight system that informs you of the opt-in status of each person on your list.

In addition, TextSanity webforms opt potential clients in to your text messaging lists online. Simply put a link to your customized webform on your site and have clients sign up as they navigate your site.

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Final thoughts

Our text messaging platform offers all the text marketing tools you’ll need to recruit new clients and communicate with current clients. This means that you’ll not only keep potential clients coming in, but also keep current clients happy.

With 24/7 support services, an intuitive crm system, simple how-to videos, and affordable pricing for any budget, your text marketing efforts will succeed. Try TextSanity today!

Carrie Duford is the editor in chief for TextSanity. As a meat-eating outdoor enthusiast who loves to volunteer in her community, she loves finding time to go on daily runs and hikes. Find her on LinkedIn.