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The Best SMS Tools Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

Marketing is one of the most important elements of your business. 

Ultimately, marketing is what makes your business possible. If you rely completely on people finding your products and services by happenstance, your business won’t last long. Growth moves at a snail’s pace without marketing.

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Developing a marketing strategy and establishing goals are essential aspects of marketing success. These steps give you a clear path forward. SMS tools help you reach your marketing goals — and even surpass them.

What Marketing Goals Can Text Marketing Help You Achieve?

There are several goals that your marketing team views as milestones for growth and success. 

Some of the most common goals include:


  • Higher Returns on Investment (ROI)
  • Greater and more robust interactions
  • Increased revenues, sales, and profits
  • More communication opportunities with customers
  • Enhanced customer service and customer experiences
  • Increased digital traffic on your digital touchpoints
  • Increased traffic and sales at your physical location. 

The Best SMS Marketing Tools for Your Business

TextSanity has the best sms marketing tools to reach your goals.

Some of the SMS marketing tools that help your business achieve its goals include:


  • Text message keyword campaigns
  • Text marketing webforms
  • Mass text message broadcasts
  • Text message drip campaigns
  • Text message marketing tags

SMS Message Keyword Campaigns

Text message keyword campaigns are one of two ways to receive opt-ins from customers. After contacts opt-in, they can receive additional text messages on their mobile phones based on your marketing needs. Keyword campaigns work online and offline, collecting customer data and boosting customer engagement.

Inside your physical locations, printed advertisements strategically placed throughout the store also encourage sign-ups. One of the best places for these ads is near the point of sale area inside your store, especially if you’re offering a special discount or exclusive perk for signing up.

As a template, try a printed or digital ad that reads, “Text SIGNUP to 50505 to receive an additional 15% off your next purchase.” When a customer interacts with the keyword campaign,  they receive a customized auto-reply you’ve set up previously that opts-in the customer and then offers additional information in more messages if necessary.

Keyword campaigns also improve workflows when conducting surveys, requesting information, and creating chatbot flows

Text Marketing Webforms Boost Your Opt-in’s

Webforms help you get opt-ins virtually anywhere you can place a link. As you already know, you can place links on your eCommerce site, your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, or industry-specific forums.

Text marketing webforms help opt-in customers to your text marketing list.

An example may look like this:

“To opt-in to our text marketing list to receive our business newsletter, click the following link: textsanity.com/opt-in/business-name.” 

As you’ll see, all these tools aim to get more people to opt-in to your text message marketing. More opt-ins build your text marketing list.

Mass Text Message Broadcasts: Another Powerful Resource

Mass text message broadcasts efficiently send a text message to all or a select group of your text marketing contacts. With broadcasts, you use one or multiple customizable tags that you and your team define and create. 

As time goes on, you will build up your contact list. And over time, it transforms into a major databank of customer contacts and information — all driven by tags. Once this number grows enough, it is the bread and butter of your text message marketing strategy.

Text Marketing Drip Campaigns

Text marketing drip campaigns are a series of customized text messages that are not time or date sensitive. They’re most similar to email drip campaigns.

Text Message Marketing Tags

Tags may be a familiar term to you since they’re now available in multiple contexts, such as social media, your notes app, file apps, and more. However, what you may not know is how helpful they are when sorting your customers on your text marketing list.

Organize your text marketing list with text message marketing tags.

Tags help you group customers into specifically defined categories based on similarities, shared likes, and shopping habits. Using this data, tags help you match the right autoresponder to the customer. 

These groups make sending SMS text messages to your audience easier and more effective. With tags, you know which audience will be the most receptive to a specific SMS marketing campaign. 

Tags are completely customizable based on your company’s specific needs. By assigning various campaign tags, you can track which customers are interested in what. Creating lists of customers that conform to the parameters set fulfills your marketing needs.

Some examples of tags are:


  • New customers
  • Newsletter customers
  • Motivational messages
  • Existing customers

TextSanity’s WordPress Integration

TextSanity’s WordPress integration is one of the best resources available to your company.

The integration, when integrated with your website, presents a banner, popup, or chatbot that encourages customers to opt-in to your text message service.

Getting opt-ins is the key to your success with text message marketing. Federal consumer protection laws also require it. TextSanity’s WordPress integration makes getting consent one of the easiest parts of the process.

For instance, notifications or pop-ups on your website may request user opt-ins and share their cell phone numbers with you. Since they’re independent of iMessage or third-party apps like WhatsApp, these texts work on iOS and Android devices.

Types of SMS Marketing Campaigns and Their Use Cases

There are several different types of SMS marketing campaigns, and the best one for you depends on your goals and needs.

Lady surprised by how easy it is to create different types of sms marketing campaigns.

For instance, you may choose to conduct a promotional campaign about new products and services, a transactional campaign to provide relevant news and information, seasonal campaigns based on peak sales seasons, or time-sensitive campaigns that involve essential information. 

Promotional Campaigns

Promotional SMS marketing campaigns are essential to all campaigns on an SMS marketing platform. 

These campaigns focus on presenting your products and services to your customers through bulk text messages, getting them to engage with the campaign in user-friendly ways, and ultimately prompting a purchase from your business

Transactional Campaigns

Transactional SMS marketing campaigns offered through most SMS marketing services are all about presenting information relevant to the customer. 

These campaigns focus less on sales and more on providing important information that the customer needs. 

For example, a dentist’s office uses this campaign to remind patients of upcoming appointments. Restaurants use them to notify patrons of their tables becoming available. Likewise, valet service companies use them to notify car owners of issues involving their parked vehicles, such as an alarm going off.

Seasonal Campaigns

There are certain times of the year when your marketing objectives shift based on the time of year. 

For example, a beach supply store experiences its greatest sales during the spring and summer months when people are heading to the coast to soak up the sun. Therefore, their marketing needs change in the summer from their needs in the winter. 

Seasonal SMS marketing campaigns exist separate from your overall marketing strategy and sprint ahead of your other campaigns to address the unique seasonal needs present. 

Time-Sensitive Campaigns

Time-sensitive SMS marketing campaigns created with SMS marketing software focus on presenting marketing objectives with a limited scope and time. 

For example, if your business offers special Black Friday or Cyber Monday pricing, any marketing information relative to those sales is time-sensitive. This is especially true if your special sales and deals are only available for 24 hours. 

Lady using TextSanity to send time sensitive sms campaigns.

Time-sensitive campaigns sometimes also involve transactional bulk text messages. These require a response from customers within a specific and short amount of time. 

Text Message Marketing Tools Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Here’s the bottom line: Text marketing tools help you achieve your marketing goals at an elevated rate compared to other marketing channels. 

We believe that a robust marketing strategy gives your business the greatest path to marketing success. This success translates into increased sales, profits, growth as a company, and sustained long-term success.

Incorporating your various marketing channels into SMS business texting helps your business achieve higher ROIs and enhanced conversion rates. It also helps you build a solid foundation for brand loyalty.

TextSanity’s platform makes accomplishing your SMS marketing goals easier than ever. Sign up for an account today!